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Postnatal Anxiety Disorder

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tib Mon 20-Jun-11 19:54:29

I wanted to drop in to Mumsnet as it helped me when I was feeling pretty bad. I suffered from Postnatal Anxiety following the birth of my second child. I think it was triggered by the fact that he was a dreadful sleeper and after 4 months of a few hours sleep per night my body and mind had just about had it. It started gradually, feeling uneasy about walking my eldest son to school, going to the shops etc.. It quickly escalated and I found myself not being able to lead a normal life and enjoy all the things I had once enjoyed. Luckily for me I had worked in mental health for 10 years and had a good idea what was happening to me. Having tried homopathic remedies and cranial oestopathy I resorted to seeing my GP who was very nice but sadly had no understanding of my condition as I wasn't displaying any depressive symptoms and just didn't tick the normal postnatal depression box. She gave me good old anti depressants and not much else.
These didn't seem to take effect so I went to see a private psychiatrist who offered different drugs and CBT (thank god for insurance at £250.00 per hr). This may have helped or it may have been just time and better sleep but I did feel marginally better.
I am writing this mainly because I refused to let this god awful condition stop me from enjoying my kids and my life and I found hypnotherapy which to date has changed my life. Two sessions and my fears of carjourneys, planes etc.. seems to have disappeared. I think you do have to get the right practitioner but for £70.00 per session it has transformed my life. It I had let it thiscondition could have so easily have caused depression and god knows what else.
The medical professionals seem to have little to no knowledge of this and to get referred on the NHS you have to be pretty bad and wait forever.
I really hope this helps somebody prevents them suffering for 6 months before finding help.

justtired Tue 21-Jun-11 02:05:08

Thankyou for this post tib.
I have general anxiety order and OCD and have been seeing a consultant for CBT for a while and I have found that a little helpful. Since having my 2nd son I have had postnatal depression, panic attacks and my anxiety has got much worse.
I have been looking into hypnotherapy and have been recommended a good one but I wasnt sure whether to try it, as money is tight for us at the moment but I think im going to give it a try.
Thankyou again x

Dorje Tue 21-Jun-11 02:25:20

Thanks for this tib, and congratulations on your family - it's good you are enjoying life now.

I have used hypnotherapy to great effect for all kinds of things in my life and it really works, and fast.

jabberwocky Tue 21-Jun-11 02:40:37

CBT was a tremendous help for me as well. I am still on an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety med BUT a fully functioning mother and wife (as well as full-time professional). There can be recovery but it takes time and the realization that it does not happen in a vacuum.

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