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Anyone due in may 2014 :) feel free to join in the journey :)

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Mummabear12 Mon 19-Aug-13 19:52:14

Good evening ladies!
As I couldn't find a thread for may next year I thought I'd start one grin obviously its very early days but I suppose we could all share our experiences and offer our support?! I'd be classed as 5 weeks pregnant I think?! smile with #2

McBaby Mon 19-Aug-13 20:07:27

I will join you.

Got me BFP yesterday bit no idea how far along as still breast feeding and no period since nov 2011!

Mummabear12 Mon 19-Aug-13 21:09:06

Oh wow 2011 that is a while lol have you booked your first appointment? I spose you will have to have a dating scan? Have you had any symptoms?

BoobsTooBig Tue 20-Aug-13 02:47:47

Aaah you lucky Ladies having May babies sweet and Taurus too the best combination. (I'm a may baby and I'm a Taurus lol) I'm due (estimated) end of April well the 20th so hopefully a little Tarus too.
I'm 5+2 so Mammabear you sure you then wouldn't be 22nd of April then?

Mummabear12 Tue 20-Aug-13 09:52:08

Haha yeah I realised that last night! My stupid ap calculated it from ovulation and not from the beginning of my last period! So yet that would make me 5 weeks and due April 22nd! Doh!!! Haha

BoobsTooBig Tue 20-Aug-13 10:27:52

Mammabear join us on April 2014.... Thread.
Sadly there has just been a miscarrage amongst one of our girls but we are all very nice and supportive of each other.
Hope to see you on there smile

Aanchismum Tue 03-Sep-13 20:28:47

Hello ladies..I'm due in may 2014 too. It's my first pregnancy and I'm very very excited. I haven't experienced any morning sickness yet. All this feels a bit surreal so really looking forward to the first scan..hopefully then it'll start sinking in a bit more :-)

Booklover81 Tue 17-Sep-13 17:43:31

Hi, im due in may too. Got my bfp thursday 12th, v excited and scared!?

Hopefullyfun Thu 19-Sep-13 09:33:56

Hi all,
I'm new to all this - 1st pregnancy, 1st trimester & new to this forum.
I'm 7 weeks now. Boobs are painfully sensitive & swollen. Every morning there's a piercing pain while waking up.
Like BoobsTooBig, I'm expecting a taurean baby & I too am a taurean.
I've informed my direct family & direct in laws & 1 friend.
When is the time to start on folic acid & others?
How supportive are your DHs?
Has any1 got a bump as yet?
Too many questions - as it's all new to me...sowiee about that.

hobbjobb Thu 19-Sep-13 18:30:08

I'm due in May too, got my BFP yesterday, it will be our first child. I can't believe it!
It doesn't feel real yet

Sonkey Fri 20-Sep-13 20:14:59

Hopefully, you should be taking folic acid now.

clareyfarey Fri 20-Sep-13 20:18:25

Same BFP date as me book!

I am due May 9th, 7 weeks gone, got my booking appt on 30th sept smile

All very exciting, surreal and a bit scary

Cupcake1985 Sat 21-Sep-13 08:55:42

Optimistically joining up. Bfp today various websites counting my due date around 28 May. 1st pregnancy just left the September bus forum. hopefully pretty much one of my only signs is bruised feeling boobs! We are going to try and not tell anyone though everyone knows we're trying. I've taken pre pregnancy vitamins santatogen since Easter. We were actively trying as have been married a year, fell pregnant first month pretty much!

Lostgirl27 Sat 21-Sep-13 11:55:29

Hi can I join in too? I got bfp on Thursday 19th september. wasn't expecting it at all as I MC on 4th August. But over joyed anyway smile

I'm not having much symptoms at all apart from sore boobs. I've calculated my due date as 12th May. And I'm bloody well moving country on Wednesday so can't make a booking appointment as yet! Don't really know what to do? Called my dr surgery on Friday but its the September weekend here so they are closed until Tuesday hmm

Congrats to everyone else grin what an exciting time ahead we have.

Cupcake1985 Sat 21-Sep-13 20:18:39

We're all a bit quiet..... How did everyone tell their DHs etc they were pregnant? Planned excitment or happy surprise? Has anyone started feeling sick or anything yet?

Lostgirl27 Sat 21-Sep-13 22:17:25

My DP has been in holland for the past month so I told him via face time grin

We hadn't expected to conceive for a while as I had a MC in August. Had problems with my periods, haven't had one since may this year so I poas every week or two as that's the first thing I get asked when I go to the dr about it. Actually waiting on a referral to gyn.

So I was doing my usual poas to rule out pg, and 2 lines appeared!!! Immediately tried to get DP on the phone, finally managed to face time him, he was just as shocked as I was but happy shocked, was lovely to see his big smile when I told him grin went out and proceeded to buy quite a few more tests.

I've got CB digi one to do tommorow morning, hoping for a 3+ smile

Hope I haven't sent anyone to sleep with my rambling

Cupcake1985 Sun 22-Sep-13 07:40:57

I love it lost girl, the september bus was so busy im used to reading lots of threads its now worryingly like an addiction. Sounds so great a very happy surprise!

Well i found out i was pregnant two days ago but no one knows as i promised to poas today with dh. I just couldnt wait! Sssoooo lying here wide awake with a clearblue trying not to pee so dh can have a lie in when i know he's going to get a big surprise. Its like christmas!

Hopefullyfun Sun 22-Sep-13 11:22:41

Sonkey - thanks started folic acid now in week 7 - hope its not too late.
Cupcake1985 - it's nice that you had already been taking vitamins. I've been trying for years & would take vits but not getting preg. And so stopped, vits a long time ago.
Yeah - it feels like Christmas except the nausea & throwing up time smile

Hopefullyfun Sun 22-Sep-13 11:34:15

How many of you ladies are working at the moment and are able to focus on work without getting distracted or procrastinating or like me - going on reading info on pregnancy?

Cupcake1985 Sun 22-Sep-13 16:03:10

I work full time in a school so enjoy reading the nursery mags! Lol. Try not to get too distracted then as soon as im home im straight on the ipad! Looking forward to a year off with baby smile

CoffeeGuzzler Sun 22-Sep-13 16:15:49

Hello! Just checking if you girls know of the long running May antenatal club thread? It has the words maybies and rockery in it! Come join us if you like. smile Lots of talk about sore boobs and stuff going on.

hobbjobb Sun 22-Sep-13 21:00:20

Thanks coffee I've settled in on the other thread, see you over there

Buddhaboy Sun 22-Sep-13 21:02:54

Oh I didn't know there was another one, ill go have a look smile

moobaloo Thu 26-Sep-13 18:28:29

Hallo! Due May 25th smile

The other May thread doesn't seem to be running anymore? Is it too full already?

Kri5ty Fri 27-Sep-13 12:47:26

Hi girls :-)

I'm a May date too :-) 27th with baby number 2 (DS is 22 months)

i know we are all still early, but how exciting!

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