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Graduated elderberries - 30+ and looking forward to DC1! (Thread 6)

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HazleNutt Sat 20-Jul-13 16:52:10

Oh, looks like I wrote the last post! So new thread here where we will see more berry babies and hopefully loads more graduates as well.

janey1234 Sun 21-Jul-13 11:42:47

Alex - sounds just like braxton hicks to me! Started getting them (well, noticing them) at around the same stage as you. Exciting! My bump did go a weird shape once but that was at 37 weeks and turns out that was when baby changed to breech - don't think you'd notice that at 20 weeks as they flip around all the time then quite easily? By 37 weeks it's a very noticeable thing... Whenever I had BH my whole bump went rock solid and stuck out in an unusual shape. They were painless until much later on too....

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 21-Jul-13 12:09:54

Good luck Brave! FX for a sneeze birth!
ILs told 4 hours of excruciating helpful advice to follow!
Cavort, don't want to steal your role but happy to help in the which department, I too am sad have a subscription!

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 13:06:16

I'm glad it's not just me Merk. smile I only subscribed to find the best hoover for dog hair and have found myself unable to unsubscribe ever since. I have used it loads when buying baby gear though. Good luck with your 4 hour IL baby talk marathon.

MotherOfCleo Sun 21-Jul-13 14:18:28

Ohh yes please re the orb review cavort / merk , the movix doesnt sound as good as I hoped confused

I've not had any BH yet, when do they usually start?

I have my 25 week check this friday, just wondered what they actually do at the 25 week check, no real idea what to expect or how long it will take?

Alexandra6 Sun 21-Jul-13 14:34:36

janey said she got her BH from around 20 weeks and I'm 21 weeks.

How often do you get BH? Does it happen a lot?

I'm starting baby shopping soon!

Purplemonster Sun 21-Jul-13 14:47:59

Ooh exciting news Bear!

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 15:59:40

Alex I can't remember when the BH started but mine were never painful, they just felt like tightenings mainly when I was walking. I think I got them to some extent most days from mid-20's weeks.

Mother I can't even remember my 25 week appointment so I don't think it involved anything exciting. I think my MW started measuring fundal height at the 28 week appointment.

Mothercare Orb

The Mothercare Orb travel system pushchair has a seat that spins 360 degrees so your baby goes from parent-facing to forward-facing without you having to detach the seat. The seat also transforms into a pram body to give newborn babies a flat surface to sleep on. It seems like a great-value option, but how did it do when we sent it for testing by parents and experts at our pushchairs lab?.

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What is it?
A travel-system pushchair with an unusual spin mechanism for reversing the seat. Instead of detaching the seat to turn it around (as you have to do with most pushchairs), you simply spin it round on the chassis.

It’s suitable from birth to 15kg. You can turn the seat into a lie-flat pram body by undoing two clips under it. You'll need to do this for babies younger than six months old because the way the whole seat tips back to create a lying position leaves their little legs up in the air, instead of creating a completely lie-flat surface.

You can buy adaptors to use the chassis as a travel system with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabrio child car seats - check out our child car seat reviews to find out if we recommend them.

The Orb is very easy to use as a travel system - the seat and car seat are simple to attach and detach (although the car seat adaptors are stiff to use). Changing it back to a pushchair from a pram is more challenging because it takes some strength to pull the clips under the footrest together. You may need to reattach some velcro straps, too.

What’s it great at?
This is a great urban pushchair. It glides on smooth surfaces, has no trouble with uneven surfaces, such as loose gravel, and handles kerbs easily.

Being able to spin the seat round is a nice idea - particularly helpful in cafes without high chairs. Spinning the seat is easy, as long as you pull the handle fully upright first - otherwise it can be tricky to put the handle back down.

The brake is easy to apply and release by pressing your foot down - a great advantage over brakes you have to flick off with your toes, which can tear the toenails of sandal wearers. Coloured indicator windows show whether the brake is on or off.

The hood provides good coverage, is sturdy and windproof and has magnetic clips on the window to make it easy to keep an eye on your little one when they’re facing forwards.

The fabric is taut and you can easily sponge food spills away with minimal stains left behind.

Is the seat comfortable?
The seat is better suited to younger children - the backrest and length of the seat to the footrest are both too short for kids over two.

The padding on the seat unit is fairly thin and, because the leg rest is not adjustable, the hard edge along the front of the seat may create pressure points on the back of little legs. But the pushchair does come with a pram and pushchair liner and footmuff to make it more comfortable.

The five-point harness is well padded. Undoing the buckle is fine once you've mastered the right technique - you need to slide the button down and press fairly hard.

It's effortless to recline the seat to four positions using the lever by the hood, although the handle can get in the way a bit if the seat is facing forwards.

What's it like to push?
The Orb is very comfortable to push, with an adjustable leatherette handle that offers a range of four heights for parents to choose from.

It’s easy to manoeuvre, with a tight turning circle, although you can feel a bit of 'give' in the frame from the spin mechanism.

There are no problems wheeling it up and down a short flight of stairs, although it does feel jerky doing it. It’s also fairly heavy to balance on an escalator - it weighs 12kg, which is reasonable for a travel system.

Is it easy to fold and store?
Although it’s simple to fold, the process is a bit long-winded. You have to remove the seat, reach forwards to operate a button and pull the chassis up. A clip holds the frame closed, but the velcro that holds the handle in comes undone easily (not the self-catching clip).

It's very easy to unfold, though.

It’s straightforward to lift and move when it’s folded because neither the seat nor chassis are particularly heavy.

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Is there anything I should watch out for?
The storage is only designed to hold 2kg of stuff. It’s a reasonable size and easy to access, but one parent warned that 'the oval shape makes it look bigger than it actually is'.

Take care not to hold the handle in the centre if you take the pushchair on an escalator - what looks like a grip is actually the release for the seat spin mechanism - and you don't want to accidentally trigger it as you head down.

Because you spin the seat rather than detach and reattach to change its direction, it only fits on the frame in one direction. Take care to use the rather inconspicuous arrows to make sure you put the seat on in the right direction, because it's tough to get off again if you do it wrong.

Is there anything else I should know?
The back wheels splay out a bit from the central spin hub to beyond the seat, so you'll need to take care down the gangway of a bus, but it's no wider than most pushchairs.

Should I buy it?
Yes. It costs £400 for a sturdy pushchair with convertible pram-to-pushchair seat, seat liners, apron, footmuff and raincover, which we think looks like good value for such an easy-to-use and adaptable pushchair.

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Pros: Lovely pushchair to push, good for public transport, converts from pram to pushchair, travel system compatible, easy to make adjustments

Cons: Small seat, thin seat padding, buckle tricky to undo, necessary to remove seat to fold

BraveLilBear Sun 21-Jul-13 17:25:06

Hello thanks for the luck. Still no sign of baby. Waters confirmed as gone (and still going!) Contractions getting more painful but quite irregular, tho it doesn't help that I keep missing the start and end.

Purple I'm so sorry I ever sniggered at your waters woes... I totally understand now having at one point this morning chambered into the bath as I didn't know what else to do!

Now trying to get things moving cos if junior not here by morning I'll be going on the drip. Eek.

Re Mothercare Orb, we've got that. Will know in a day orthree how wwell it works!

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 17:55:53

Just took a tape measure and Vic is 60 cm tall already. No wonder the newborn and 1 month clothes that come on 50-54 cm won't fit any more.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 18:26:56

Glad things are progressing Brave grin

I have no idea why I am attempting to give you advice after my rubbish body failed miserably to progress itself from latent into established labour, but I found walking up hills moved my contractions much closer together, which is doubtless the last thing you feel like doing but it really did seem to work for me. After about 2 hours of hill walking I had got my contractions from about 12 minutes to 5 minutes apart.

Good luck and I hope baby arrives very soon!

Hazle how long was Victor at birth? Elodie is on the boob for a change but I will measure when she's done.

BraveLilBear Sun 21-Jul-13 18:49:41

Lol thanks Cavort smile half an hour on the ball plus more time wandering around the house definitely increased intensity and liquid loss so will keep wandering.

In amongst everything else, had to bury one of our hamsters earlier. Poor little thing went downhill very quickly yesterday and died last night. Was our fave, too.Still, one less to worry about when our kitty arrives next month. ..

Never a dull moment here!

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 18:56:46

cavort he was 51 cm and google says that babies on average grow 3-4 cm during the first month. So if he has really managed 9 cm in 3 weeks, then either they messed something up at the hospital or he will be extremely tall. Will have an appointment next week to get him properly weighed and measured, but checked again and he really is good 59-60 cm.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 19:48:28

I don't know if they do things differently in France, but the UK uses WHO growth charts where the 99.6th centile for boys at 3 weeks is about 58.5cm so Victor does seem really long. Are you and your DH tall Hazle?

Elodie is a little wiggler but I think she's about 50cm now at 16 days compared to 48cm at birth, which puts her on the 9th centile line for length. She is getting weighed again on Thursday but her last weight put her about the 9th centile as well.

I have got a midget and you have a giant grin

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 21:11:19

I'm average but DH is tall, 6'4''. So not a surprise really that Vic is taller than average, but 99th centile is quite impressive, if we have measured him correctly.

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 06:38:29

How are you getting on Brave? If baby hasn't arrived yet I hope you have managed to get some rest. flowers

Wow Hazle, 6'4" is very tall! It looks like he's taking after his Dad already.

5.15am wake-up call this morning and there's no sign of a sleepy baby yet. sad Thank goodness for caffeine!

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 07:35:11

brave I'm excited for you! Middleton has gone into labour too, you're in good company! wink ooh maybe you're secretly her, we've found out in wasn't hazle!

janey1234 Mon 22-Jul-13 08:00:45

Ooh apparently you get a special coin if you give birth on the same day as kate... Brave - you're our only hope!

Hope you're doing ok x

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 09:37:40

I too think brave is kate in hiding!!!!!!!
I'm at work for the last week - this time definitely! - and it looks like London will hit 34 today grin

MotherOfCleo Mon 22-Jul-13 10:06:30

Ohhh I'm strangely excited by Braves silence!!! Hope bubs is well on it's way!

On another note I've just realised I only have 14 weeks left at work, 13 really as I have a weeks holiday to take too. slightly scary thought....eeeeek!

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 11:02:46

Oh FFS I am sick of the Royal Baby non-news already. How is it possible to drag out so much media coverage on what is currently zero information? If this is a sign of what's to come post-birth I may have to leave the country for a few months. I would not want o be in the DofC's shoes with all this shit going on outside.

I hope you have air-con for your last week at work Lol!

Mother that will absolutely fly by. I remember thinking the same, seems like only 2 minutes ago. smile

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:41:30

lol I hope it's not too baking for you in the office! Last week though woop!

mother I've got 18 weeks to go, suddenly all seems really close (although we're still negotiating the contract for our loft conversion so I'm hoping time slows down while we sort that out! Apparently it will only take 5 weeks to do the work hmmm)

Braxton hicks again this morning in my news. And cavort totally agree, I am not interested in all this boring royal baby news either, not at all <secretly checks online news and waits excitedly for name and gender announcement!> grin I am more excited about bear's news though!

Purplemonster Mon 22-Jul-13 14:02:47

I'm waving my Pom poms excitedly waiting for news from Bear

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 17:06:17

Erm I'm freaking out. I have damp knickers. No pain or nothing else to worry about but def quite damp down there. How do I know if its my waters???? confused

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 17:10:28

lol the people with babies will know better, just thought I'd mention I've been getting a lot of discharge today (wondered if it's the heat), it's the usual milky white but also quite clear at times. How much water/discharge is there? When is your exact due date again?

I came on to ask a question about baby stuff but will save it for when you have some answers to your clearly more urgent question!

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 17:43:11

Lol I don't know because my waters didn't go until they were artificially broken, but I believe they have quite a distinctive sweet smell so if you can stand to have sniff you should be able to tell? FWIW I had damp knickers (requiring a liner) throughout pregnancy but increasingly so in the later stages so it may well just be increased discharge or even sweat in this weather. If you're in any doubt whatsoever phone MAU and go get checked for peace of mind.

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