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Twins due in Novemeber - any others?

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Franykins Thu 23-May-13 09:07:10

Hi all, I found out at my 12 week scan yesterday that I am having twins!! What a shock that was, they aren't in mine or my DP's family so a total curveball!

Needless to say I feel a little all over the place this morning and pg hormones have gone into total overdrive. I am so overjoyed and excited but also shocked and nervous, if not a little scared to be honest.

Just looking to chat with people in the same situation to shares the joys and worries that may be ahead.

I have a big supply of brew and biscuit to share...............................

mumtolilh Thu 23-May-13 20:18:24

Oh wow I'm so jealous! I would love twins! I'm not in the same boat but wow huge congratulations to you! What a blessing ;-)

TulipMrsB Thu 23-May-13 22:23:39

I'm also pregnant with twins and found out at 12 week scan which turned out to be 13+1. Total shock and surprise! Now 15 weeks and getting used to the idea and getting excited. What kind are yours? Mine are MCDA.

Franykins Fri 24-May-13 09:05:45

Hello TulipMrsB how exciting smile and congratulations. I thought I was 12+2 at my scan but they moved my dates by a whole 2 days haha to 12+4. I am soooooooo excited!!! It's gonna be crazy but amazing grin Mine are DCDA so was informed by the sonographer that they are non-identical, have since found out from here that that is not necessarily true. Just have to wait and see I guess. But either way its gonna be great.

Having twins is going to double the number of children in the house though, as DP has 2 boys from a previous relationship that we have week on week off.

Do you have twins in your family?

Thank you mumtolilh

MrsKnocker Sat 01-Jun-13 07:50:29

It's lovely to find this thread! I found out yesterday that I am 13 weeks pregnant with non identical twins. Massive surprise as our intended third baby has turned into our third and fourth! Due 1st December which I am told means mid November as I'll be having another c-section.
Are you ladies getting your heads around it?

Sam1844 Sun 02-Jun-13 21:38:51


We have DCDA twins due in November and can't wait! It's great to have found this forum as I feel completely clueless!

MrsKnocker Mon 03-Jun-13 06:57:42

Me too! I think ours are DCDA too. Is that when they are non identical? It's all a new world to me!

TulipMrsB Mon 03-Jun-13 19:15:36

Congrats all! I'm just getting used to the idea now. PBS confirmed that due date will be around 36/37 weeks, csection most certainlyshock. Just been researching all the things I might need over the past week. I'm soo confused!

TulipMrsB Fri 14-Jun-13 18:50:19

Hope you're all alright. Had our 18 week scan today and both are growing well. Anomaly scan in a couple of weeks.

We're not finding out the sex, keeping that as a surprise.

Off on our last couple hold in the sunshine!

Bibblebo Mon 17-Jun-13 22:06:48

Mee too! DCDA twins and 20week scan 3rd July.
Saw a great doctor. I'm thoroughly encouraged to have a vaginal birth if all is normal - I'm surprised!

Franykins Tue 25-Jun-13 10:13:55

I lost this thread! Silly seen as I started it hehe.

I am now 17+4. We had a private scan on Sunday, hoping to get a pic of them together but she couldn't because of the way they are laying, but we did find out its one of each grin I never wanted to find out when we thought it was just one, but I'm thinking forewarned is fore planned at the moment as we have so much going on. We are not telling everyone though as we are waiting for it to be confirmed at the 20 weeks scan (still waiting for the date of that) They are both about 13cm though and little girl was a bit bigger - however little boy was kicking her in the head! Is this a sign of things to come (confused) haha.

How is everyone feeling? I am fine, other than tired! Have started to feel them move a bit as well grin

Have any of you started your shopping? We are going to Kiddicare on Friday to have a look and hopefully put an order in grin I can't wait, we only have two little pj sets atm.

I would like a vaginal birth if its possible, the thought of a c section and then being left home alone with two babies scares me s***less to be honest. Well the whole c section thing does really. I haven't had anyone talk to me about this yet though and haven't got another midwife app till I'm 21 weeks and not seeing consultant until I'm 24 - is this normal or am I missing out? I thought we were meant to be seen more, or is that just towards the end? I have had all my growth scans booked in - the sonographer booked them when we were at the 12 week scan.

Sorry that was all a bit long winded!

Oh and DCDA can be identical if the egg split within the first 4 days smile

SweetieTime Fri 12-Jul-13 13:05:22

I am a bit behind you at 15+3 but know how i have a million questions. We are going to find out, if we can, what sex we are having. I prefer to be forewarned as I feel there is a lot to prepare for. We are paying for a private 20 week scan on 12th Aug and our NHS one is the following week. I get seen by my local mw every 4 weeks, although I have been less than impressed with her so far. Her opening statement was "I know nothing about twin pregnancies" - what did she miss that topic at midwife school? So far my last pee sample has been lost and my bloods so I have to have them all repeated at my 16 week appointment. We should be listening for the heartbeats at this appointment too but I won't be holding my breath.

We saw the twins consultant at our 12 week scan and then will see them every 4 weeks from our 20 week scan. Not much was discussed at the 12 week scan, although the consultant seemed to be pushing us down a natural birth route. I would prefer a c section myself, it is each to their own on this. She did say a decision wouldn't need to be made until much further down the line. She didn't mention if I should be only suppliments or anything, I will ask again next time I go.

I have been really well so far, very few symptoms, only sick twice. I was more tired about week 10 but now feel back to normal. My bump is starting to show a bit, although I just feel fat. I am sure people would think I have just put weight on. My feet are so hot in this weather, I have taken to sitting with my feet in a bucket of cold water. And I have been getting through ice lollies like nobodies business.

We went to kiddicare a few weeks ago to look at buggies. It was quite overwhelming the amount of choice. We will be going back after our 20 week scan, when we know all is well, to start making a list of thing we want to get. Have you decided on a buggy yet? We found this the most difficult thing as there are different options, not as many as for a single baby but still many options to consider. We also need to get a new car as I only have a fiat 500 so no way a double buggy will be fitting in the boot.

Gosh this post has got a bit long winded too, sort of runs away when I got going.

LLNO Thu 25-Jul-13 08:17:32

Hi All

I;m 25 weeks pregnant with DCDA twins but haven't bought anything yet. I'm not sure if I'm being lazy or a bit paranoid that I don't want to tempt fate as from finding out it's twins I've felt a lot more worried that something might happen during pregnancy. I wasn't this bad with my daughter (now 2.5). Has anyone else been the same?

Thanks xx

millsy44 Sat 03-Aug-13 20:54:41

Just the kind of thread I was hoping for. Just hit 19 weeks, with MCDA, so likely due 1st week December. Also found out at 12 week scan, and v surprised has had been healthiest start I've had in 4 pregnancies. Struggling a bit with SPD, as last 2 times, plus nausea just kicked in, poss indigestion? Definitely more worried about everything turning out alright, esp as this is my smallest gap, 2 1/2 years, so still have dependent toddler. Just really looking to see how other people are holding up & any tips on useful bits of kit

claracluck1978 Sat 03-Aug-13 21:20:32

Hi All
I've just joined the site for exactly this reason! I'm a bit further along as we are currently 28 weeks with MCDA and have just booked our elective C-section for the end of September. I had been really calm ever since finding out that not only were we expecting one baby we had two hiding in there. But now we've picked their birthday I've started panicking so much!
Because we moved during the pregnancy I've had to change midwife and GP which has meant a fair bit of conflicting opinions. Luckily, my consultant hasn't changed with the move although I haven't been able to see him at every scan and appointment.
I have been suffering from high BP throughout (it was borderline before I found out I was pregnant) and this has meant every time we see someone other than my usual consultant, we get booked in for extra BP checks and hospital appointments which - when we attend them - we are told by the hospital we don't need. I've never had so much conflicting opinion about anything!!!
Wondered if anyone else was finding the same thing with conflicting advice from their medical profs?

Franykins Mon 12-Aug-13 09:36:13

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? We have been busy sorting the house out, but I still don't feel we've got anywhere! Just feels like we have so much to do and so little time to do it in.

I am now 24+3 and feeling great though which is good, even with the lack of sleep! I have finally sorted my maternity leave and will be finishing at 34 weeks with a week of annual leave and then mat leave starting at 35 weeks. Although I am doing well and feeling ok I can't wait to finish work.

We thought we had decided on names, but have since found out one has become VERY popular this year which is putting me off slightly. I still love it but as I have grown up with a rather uncommon name I wanted the same for my children. However, my next choice DP isn't so keen on sad its hard work this picking names!

Had my last mw appointment on Friday and she is pleased with how I am doing. BP and urine both ok, just my ankles have started to swell slightly but not enough for her to worry. Unfortunately the special twin antenatal classes that they run in our area had to be cancelled this month due to ill health and we have been told that we will be added into the October ones, if they start back up by then, but I'm worrying it will be cutting it fine for us. I said this to my md and she said that if I haven't heard next month about then starting again she will do me a one on one session just to cover the differences between singleton births and twin births, which I thought was so lovely of her smile As it stands at the moment I am not worried about labour (just as long as our babies arrive healthy and safely) I've always been a believer that if you panic about things then you are more like to have something go wrong. I could be being naïve as these are my first, but my mw said its a very good view to have as the calmer you are the more 'calming hormone' your body produces - sounds good to me! Saying that I would personally rather a natural labour, but I am willing to be ready to adapt to what is best for babies. Sooooooooooo excited I can't wait to meet them smile

I We have been busy buying bits and pieces as we wanted to spread the cost. Saying that I was worried about buying the buggy at 18 weeks, but we got it half price with the carrycots so it was a deal we couldn't walk away from. It is being stored at DP DM's house, bless her. We also went to kiddicare and chose the Mountain Buggy Duet as it is still narrow for a side by side which I really wanted. I am thinking by the time they are two/three they will want to walk a lot so will chop it in for an umbrella fold stroller. Also have a good selection of clothes atm, so now want to concentrate on the cot and bedding. My mum says I'm being far too organised haha but I've just wanted to be a mummy for so long that I can't help myself grin

Sorry that turned into a mammoth post!

SweetieTime Mon 19-Aug-13 21:45:10

Evening all. We have had our 21 week NHS scan and found out we are expecting one of each and both are doing really well. They are both the same size as each other and slightly bigger than a singleton, so all really pleased.

We too have a short list of names for both, we went through the 2012 most popular names and chose the names we liked the most. Fortunately we had a couple of names that matched on both our lists. Of course we may change our minds before they arrive.

We are going to get our buggy, also Mountain Duet too, this weekend too. We are also going to get car seats and bases. We have a 10% voucher from Kiddicare so that is where we are going to get the lot. I am really looking forward to it. We haven't bought much else yet. I am going to start getting a few bits each week. I am only going to get Newborn and Tiny Baby sizes and then see what else we need after that.

I haven't got my mat leave sorted. I have 4 weeks annual leave to take so am thinking of going off from early Nov about 32 weeks with official mat leave kicking in at 36 weeks. We haven't talked about birth options yet but at our next consultant appointment (24 weeks) I am sure we will discuss it. We know T1 is currently breach but I suppose that all could change. I too have been blessed with a really good pregnancy so far, I hope it continues, but I realise as I get bigger things will become more difficult.

We have booked to do the TAMBA Practical Parenting course but nothing else yet. I am toying with NCT but not sure it is worth the £135 just to meet other new Mums. I don't know any other Mums, none with twins, but I am sure there are twins groups that will be good support networks.

We have ordered some forest wall transfers for our nursery as this seemed a neutral decor for mixed sex twins. We are going to get white furniture but haven't seen any yet. We will have a good look around. I like being organised too, I want everything ready and sorted by 30 weeks just in case. I can not imagine I will want to be trailing around shops when I am massive or when the twins come along.

Hope everyone else is doing well too.

ChocChaffinch Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:14

hello twin mummies to be! I am reading with interest as would love twins, am 7+4 and unscanned and very very very who knows

just a note - if you buy baby clothes leave the labels on as people bought me the smaller sizes but needed more of the 0-3 and 3-6 mth sizes, also people buy seasonally inappropriate cloths in sales and the like, get ready to exchange like a diva! grin

congratulations to you all thanks

hetsto Wed 21-Aug-13 09:54:23

Hi all, My twins MCDA aren't due 'til December, but I'm hoping it's ok to join you on the thread anyway. How's everyone feeling now?

We're having two little girls and are so excited! It's been a bit of a bumpy road so far, but I think we're all doing ok now and aside from being rather big and tired I'm feeling well.

What are you all thinking of in terms of 'travel systems'? We took a trip to John Lewis last week and were totally overwhelmed!

SweetieTime Wed 21-Aug-13 10:07:28

Choc I have had very few symptoms, only sick twice at 11 weeks. So you just never know. When are you having a scan? We have loads of excited relatives already buying clothes so I am not sure what we will be getting. I am sort of hoping I will be able to buy my twins something and was thinking of getting things in Tiny Baby and Newborn as hopefully people will only get 0-3month stuff. I know I should be grateful but I was really looking forward to going and getting my own stuff and now feel that has been taken away from me somewhat.

Hesto is your Dec due date for 37 weeks or 40 weeks? My 37 week due date is 10th Dec but I am convinced they will arrive in November. I have nothing to base this on other than they are already measuring big and I am only smallish at 5ft 4. So I just think they will run out of room. Congratulations on the girls. We are having b/g DCDA twins. I am starting to fill out now too, I have posted a 20 week bump photo on my profile if you want a nosy. I am going to have to face reality a get into my maternity clothes I think. So how have you been? Glad the rocky start is behind you.
We are going for a Mountain Duet travel system with carry cots and intend to use the carry cots instead of moses baskets. We went to Kiddicare and were totally overwhelmed by the selection there too. So far we have bought very little but are planning a trip back to Kiddicare this weekend to get the major purchases out of the way. What buggy are you thinking of going for?

hetsto Thu 22-Aug-13 13:05:20

Hi SweetieTime, my Dec due date is for 40 weeks, so 24th November (or even sooner!) is probably more realistic for 37 weeks really... Congratulations on your b/g twins too, so exciting!

I've been feeling pretty well thanks, although, like you said, getting quite big now and running out of things to wear. Commuting to work is getting trickier and I tire quite easily, but I'm not feeling too bad in myself. How about you?

No idea really about buggies, there's an insane part of me that's tempted to just go for two single buggies for taking them out with DP and just use a buggy and sling when I'm on my own. That might be totally mad though! I've been buying a few bits of clothes, but I'm not sure how small to go really - just been buying the tiny baby and new born sizes so far...

SweetieTime Thu 22-Aug-13 15:26:40

hetsto I was told by consultant to consider 37 weeks my due date as they won't let you go longer with twins, although I have heard differently since. They did tell me 50% of twins come before 37 weeks so best be prepared.

Great you have been feeling well, I remember going for a 7 week scan and the nurse saying that all symptoms, sickness & tiredness will be multiplied because it was twins. Well that certainly hasn't been the case for me, I would hardly have known I am pregnant.

I don't envy a commute though I am lucky to be able to work from home as often as I like. That might be why I have found things easier as if I have wanted I have stayed at home in my pjs and taken it easy. I am thinking this will be really even better in coming weeks & months when I no longer fit behind the steering wheel and have nothing large enough to wear.

I am defo going to go for a sling, there is a sling library near me where you can try out and borrow different ones. Might be worth looking into if there is something like this near you. I am not sure I would be brave enough to not have a double buggy somewhere in the mix though. DH has said he will wear a sling too so we can have a twin each if we go somewhere busy, we love a farmers market.

Have you had much movement? I have only started to feel regular kicks in the last few days. It is bizarre as it seems to be the same time each day like they have already got themselves a bit of a routine.

hetsto Thu 22-Aug-13 16:44:15

Hi Sweetietime - yes, I think 37 weeks is much more likely, but I was told I won’t be allowed to go past 38. I definitely need to get prepared, there’s so much to sort out!

Working from home sounds like heaven right not, although I’m not sure I’d get very much done right now! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that once I get a bit further along though and the commute becomes impossible.

A sling library sounds like a great idea, I’ll have a look – thanks! Not having a double buggy may be total folly, but the idea of lugging such a massive thing around just fills me with dread really… We’ll have to do some more looking I think.

I’ve had some movement, but I can’t distinguish who’s who yet, I’m working on it!

SweetieTime Mon 26-Aug-13 16:55:26

hetsto we went to Kiddicare on Saturday and got our buggy, Mountain Duet, and car seats etc. If there is one near you it is worth going as they have loads of different buggies on display and are happy to talk you through each, how it folds and so on. They were really helpful. I know what you mean about the size and weight of them though.

I hadn't had much movement until very recently and even now it is mostly on my right side which is where the girl in on my last scan. I was told I have an anterior placenta so think this must be blocking more the left side where the boy is as I only get the occasional movement from there.

My bump has really come on in the last week or so but DH makes a good point saying that now we are at the proper growing stage the bump will grow twice as quickly as a singleton bump as there are two babies within. I hadn't thought of it like that but he is right so this is when we will really start to get bigger. I am not sure where I read that by 28 week and twin pregnancy will look the same as a 40 week singleton. I know everyone carries differently but I am a bit scared already.

Franykins Tue 27-Aug-13 12:57:07

Hey everyone, pleased to read you are all doing well smile

I have had a week off with DP's sons and three days with DP too so been very busy and not logged on. It's been a great week but my god has it been hard! We did Brighton pier on Monday, Pevensey bay Tuesday, Brighton shopping on Wednesday, London for museums on Thursday and then Friday I spent the day with a friend. I was pooped by the end of it and think I may have done too much. Saturday we DP moved furniture around and I did some more baby clothes washing and ironing, Sunday I did SOD ALL and loved it, then yesterday we went back to Kiddicare and ordered our cot and mattress for home delivery but also got a great deal on car seats (not fussed about them being able to attach to the mountain duet frame as they can't be in them longer than 2 hours recommended and they are not the same but two seats for £70 I wasn't complaining) also got some other bits and pieces so feeling a lot more ready now at 26+4 smile just need some cot sheets and bouncers and some smaller bits.

I can feel bubbas moving a lot now and can tell who is who (unless they have totally swapped sides but they've always been in the same position) Little boy to the right and little girl to the left and VERY low, as she always has been. She has also always been head down so as long as she stays like that hopefully I can have a natural birth as that is what I would prefer. My bump is now rather massive! But I love it, and I love it when people ask when I'm due and watch their jaw drop when I say November. I know what they are thinking, oh god she's big, so then I just casually drop in 'it is twins though' then get all the questions that go along with that.

hetsto I'm so pleased things are going well for you now and two little girls, how exciting smile 37 weeks for me is 9th November but who knows when they will come.

sweetietime I also read that by 28 weeks with twins you look like 40 weeks singleton, and I can vouch for it and I'm 1 1/2 weeks off 28 atm haha. I'm totally embracing my bump though and I love it (remind me I said this as I get even bigger) Although I must admit I wear a bump support but think that is mainly to do with bubba girl being so low down! They have to tip the 'bed' up when I get scanned to check her head!

Well that turned into a mammoth post, sorry.

cake and brew all round (I'm rather obsessed with cake atm hmm)

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