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Pregnancy 6, emergency cervical stitch, please give me hope!

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aMuminwaiting Sun 02-Sep-12 07:41:02

All was going so well this time. I have been on aspirin and clexane daily since I got my BFP and no bleeding at all. Then on Tuesday I went to the loo and there was bright red blood when I wiped. My heart sank. As usual I couldn't get through to me useless midwife but the hospital were great and told me to come straight in. I had two cramps on the way there and feared the worse. A scan showed a shortened cervix with was funelling. When I asked the sonographer if that could correct itself she just said "it doesn't look good". I then saw my consultant in super quick time and the next thing I know I'm being prepped for surgery. It was all so quick (luckily). I had painful contractions every four minutes all night after I came out and it was touch and go to wether they took the stitch straight out again. I stayed in for another night and the contractions eased off. I have about four a day now. I've been told to potter around the house for two weeks and then keep taking it easy (a concise list of dos and don't would be good). I'm so petrified of losing this baby. We've lost five now and the consultant said she's certain an incompetent cervix was why I lost my first baby at almost 22 weeks.
Any success stories would be greatly appreciated. I know things don't always work but for the purposes of this post I need nothing but positivity! I would also like to know what happens to the cervix afterwards? Does it stay shortened and is just held by the band or can it stretch out again?

CaptainHoratioWragge Sun 02-Sep-12 16:45:17

Hello aMuminwaiting I can't believe this message hasn't been answered all day!
I don't have an answer for you but hopefully my reply will bump it into active cons and someone with more experience will be along.

I'm on my 3rd PG & also on Clexane and aspirin, desperately hoping this one will be OK. I lost my first at 20 weeks, so I really feel for you.

I'm a basket case this time around because of my previous 2 losses, I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be to be on PG number 6.

I think you are very, very brave and I pray that the stitch has worked and this one goes to term. X

aMuminwaiting Sun 02-Sep-12 18:48:06

Thanks so much for responding. I've been hoping to have someone to talk to all day. I hope you get your baby too. They will be the most loved babies ever! I am a basket case to be honest. My DH is back to work tomorrow and I'm really frightened to be on my own. It's not just the experience of this time which is playing on my mind but all the others. And to think, red used to be my favourite colour, not anymore! It's that flash of red on the loo paper or feeling the flooding sensation and suddenly I'm in a nightmare all over again. I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and my consultant says I need to get to 27 for a good chance. That's a long way off when every day feels like forever.

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 02-Sep-12 18:56:38

Hi I just read your post and wanted to tell you my friend's story.
She had ivf with no luck (4 courses) and then fell pg. also had low cervix and needed stitches. Operation didn't work and baby was born at 23+4 with only 1lb 6. Nobody thought she would make it. 16 weeks in hospital and she is now a lovely toddler! Completely perfect and cute. Even if you don't manage to hold on to 27 there is still hope!
F x

aMuminwaiting Mon 03-Sep-12 07:18:50

It's amazing she made it. When I lost my first at 21+5 they said even if he'd made it to 24 weeks it was more than likely he would have died. Miracles do happen then.
I can't find any stories of women with successful stitches who had it as an emergency procedure like me, only ones who had it before things started going wrong as a precaution. Is there anyone out there?

ReallyLongWorm Mon 03-Sep-12 07:48:57

Only just seen this and wad on and off mums net all day yesterday so sorry! I had my first baby at 27 weeks, really suddenly, 8 years ago. He now is absolutely fine in every way thankfully.

When he was 5 and it looked like he was going to have no lasting problems from being prem we decided to try again and I went to see the consultant before getting pregnant and he said he thought it was one of those things which prob wouldnt happen again but he would scan my cervix at 20 weeks.

I got pregnant and had a lovely uneventful pregnancy until 20 weeks, baby was fine but cervix was shortening and funnelling and the consultant came in and said I would be have another very prem baby if I didn't have a stitch. Te very next day I had a McDonald suture put in and was put on bed rest. This was 25 June and I had a 6 year old just about to start his 6 weeks summer holidays!! With the help of friends and family I literally rested for the next 8 weeks as I really wanted to get past 27 weeks so I could get past my son's gestation. I did the school run in the car when i had to and walked about the house but I didn't go out properly all summer. By 30 weeks I felt a bit braver and my sister took me shopping for some baby things and we took a wheelchair with us, that was great to finally get out and about again!

I had the stitch out at 36 weeks pregnant, I was so happy to be almost full term and just assumed the baby would be out very soon after as I was very big by now and if my cervix was weak I assumed it wouldnt hold much longer!

It was really painful getting the stitch out, no anaesthetic and he was pulling and tugging as it was so embedded in. It came out, I went home and 3 weeks later I was still pregnant! This was after being completely normal after the stitch removal, walking everywhere, knowing it was fine if the baby came.

my consultant decided to induce me at just before 40 weeks and I ended up having an em c section because my cervix wouldnt dilate! I think I had scar tissue from the stitch being in so long. Anyway my son was born weighing 8lb 8oz and is almost 2 now and is lovely.

I had a few scares during weeks 20-36, tightenings that I went in to be monitored for and when I didn't feel him moving as much but I think I was already so worried that something would go wrong I went to hospital at the slightest thing.

I had routine steroids at 26 weeks too. I can imagine how nervous and worried you are, I really hope the next few weeks are uneventful for you.

I was told not to have baths or go swimming or have sex with the stitch in.

I have to go to work s better get ready but any questions please ask.

Thinking of you x

aMuminwaiting Mon 03-Sep-12 08:07:37

Thanks so much, really boosted my hopes. I was told I could have baths so long as they're not too hot. I wasn't allowed them after I had a D&C for a MMC so was a bit confused. And sex has always been off the cards the moment I get pregnant due to my other losses so that's no change!

I'm a bit concerned that all the cases I find online of women having stitches at 17 weeks they had longer cervical measurements than mine. One woman said her consultant told her 15mm was a worst case scenario and mine was 13mm! Does it stay that length now? Does funnelling go down or also stay there? When I had a scan after the stitch the baby was head down right in the area of funelling and I was scared like mad but no one would explain if that was a bad sign. I only saw the cleaning staff and the lady who changed the water jug on my last day in hospital and was sent home after waiting unsuccessfully for 7 and a half hours to see my consultant. I've got the angelsounds monitor so I check for my babys heartbeat each day and normally feel movement around bedtime so that's reassuring. I had an uncomfortable night last night, the side I was laying on was really tender and uncomfortable and when I got up for the loo it felt really strained down there and hurt to sit down (had that same thing after the D&C too). I'm on clexane, aspirin, just stopped the paracetamol for cramps and my saviour...lactulose!

I can't say I'm looking forward to the stitch coming out but I figure after all the pain I've been through n the past four years I will cope and it's worth it if my baby makes it. In 9 days I'm moving house so will have to tie my hands so I don't do anything. Friends have all rallied round to help my DH so i'm a very lucky girl. Can't wait for everything to be in, shame the only entrance is up a long set of fire escape stairs! Will take it very slowly.

upsylazy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:02:32

Hi aMum, I had a normal full term pregnancy with my first baby. When I went for my 23 week scan with the second, they were doing a research project to assess risk for premature birth. i very nearly didn't bother as first pregnancy was fine but changed my mind at last minute and had an internal scan which showed I was 3 cm dilated and baby's waters were bulging out of my cervix and that I could go into labour at any minute. I agreed to an emergency stitch but was told that there was approx a 10% chance that the waters would break during the op. Anyway, I went ahead and DD was born 12 days late! (she's now 10). With the third pregnancy, they put in a stitch at 12 weeks and all was fine. I was told not to do any heavy lifting and avoid anything too strenuous but, from what I know, the stitch is pretty strong. Really really hope it works out for you, I'll keep everything crossed.

whatinthewhatnow Mon 03-Sep-12 10:26:38

Hi aMum. sutures work, that's why they are used. Have lots of hope that you will hang on to this baby. The stitch you have had seems to lead to an average delivery time of 32 weeks. Which is pretty good going, no?

good luck my darling, you have been through so much, I do hope it all goes well for you.

aMuminwaiting Mon 03-Sep-12 10:41:26

Thanks. I'll try and stop worrying (for now). Thanks for giving me so much hope. xxx

ReallyLongWorm Mon 03-Sep-12 13:17:18

Hi again
To be honest you really won't enjoy the next few weeks of pregnancy, its such a worrying time until viability and I remember it well. Just concentrate on getting through each day and as you get further past 24 weeks you will become more confident. I truly did not expect to have a real live baby in my arms at the end of my pregnancy, sounds morbid but I was trying to protect myself I guess.

I actually had a calendar and every night before bed I ticked off the day, all my appointments were on it and I had one most weeks either the consultant or midwife and more towards the end and this helped me get through the days.

I remember my consultant telling me when I had the stitch in that I may get an infection as its a foreign body and my body may try to reject it and I had to get to hospital ASAP if I had signs of infection. This worried me no end but I never got any signs of infection at all!

I had a scan about 2 weeks after the stitch and my cervix was open up to the stitch but closed beyond it and they didn't give me any more scans, I was worried about this too but my consultant said there was no point, the stitch was doing its job and I would know if it failed!

I am glad I went onto bed rest though, it really felt like I was helping by keeping the pressure off my cervix and I got quite used to doing nothing!

When is your due date? Whereabouts do you live?

I will be thinking of you, please feel free to ask any questions however daft as I may have forgotten some things as it was 2 years ago now!!

It is not a common thing to have done and I struggled to find much information on the net about it so I know how you feel!

Take care

IpodMermaid Mon 03-Sep-12 13:32:22


I had a cervical stitch at 15 weeks following a previous miscarriage. My cervix was shortening and the consultant thought it best (particularly as this was a miraculous IVF pregnancy). The stitch going is was no problem and no problem during the pregnancy. I was really glad I had it - it gave me more confidence in the pregnancy.

The problems started when I had the stitch taken out - or so I was led to believe - that was a bit tender even with gas and air) at 36 weeks. I was induced at 39 weeks and 12 hours in an internal exam revealed that bastard doctor had left half the stitch in! Doctors said I could continue as I was and all that would happen was that my cervix would tear - ouch! It took me 24 hours to get 4cm dilated - which I consider a result given my cervix was still stitched together! After 24 hours and a couple of failed epidurals they decided I had to have surgery to remove the stitch - in the middle of my labour! They removed the stitch but my body had had enough and after 36 hours of this nonsense I demanded a c-section. I duly had an EMCS and a gorgeous DS! I subsequently got an infection after another hospital discovered that even during surgery they had failed to remove all the stitch..

So in short, cervical stitch - very good thing but be really vigilant and check, check and check againthat they taken it all out. And ask for pain relief when they take it out even if they say they don't usually offer it!

All the best for your pregnancy xxxx

ReallyLongWorm Mon 03-Sep-12 13:42:24

Gosh that sounds awful IpodMermaid! I know when I had mine out I was supposed to have gas & air but they didn't give me anything! he kept telling me to "relax" so he could get in and find it but my god it hurt!! He was definitely having trouble getting it all out as it was so embedded in there but after about 20 minutes of rooting around he got it and showed me it. It was intact apart from one cut through it, he'd been pulling it out for ages!

I remember thinking how normal and small it looked yet it had been keeping my baby in!

I too had trouble dilating in labour, couldn't get past 6cm as I had scar tissue so had a C section in the end. Wish I had just had a c section and the stitch out at the same time to be honest!!

Definitely ask for pain relief aMum when they take it out! (in around 18 weeks time hopefully!)


zoeymlucas Mon 03-Sep-12 13:54:44


I have had 2 cervical stitches now and am having my 3rd next week and have 2 lovely children who are perfectly healthy so please dont give up hope!! With DS1 I kwpt being told I was having a Mc until at 22 weeks they did an internal and not only was my cervix was 6 cm dilated - I was stitched within the hour and managed to keep him in till 28 weeks.

With my DS2 they were hoping the first one was a 1 off so scanned me weekly at 21 weeks my cervix was longer than average which was weird then when we went the following week I had started funnalling and shortenly and was even slightly open to 1 cm - I was stitched with 24 hours.
Due to other medical propbelms I had it removed at 33 weeks when I had my c section. When they removed the stitch I was 3 cm through the stitch so wouldnt of gone much further anyway.

Dont panic both my stitches have been after the funnelling and shortening and I have started dilating with DS 1 I was 6cm and my waters were pushing out it took 1 surgeon to push waters in and one to stitch me. With DS1 they didnt get the stitch out in time as they didnt believe I was in labour and thought it was a water infection so I gave birth through the stitch and had surgery the next day to fix things!

Have you been given the pesterys (sorry I cant spell) you put them up you ahhmmmm bum every day and they help your body with the hormones to stop things moving? Also have they suggested steriod injections at about 23 weeks incase to give baby help if needed? My surgeon gave me one lot then managed to do a sneaky to get me another dose with DS2 as NHs guidelines now limit them due to budgets!

Please feel free to inbox me or message anytime - I know how scary it can be going through this x

I am currently 12+5 with DC3 and have my stitch next Wednesday x

aMuminwaiting Mon 03-Sep-12 14:22:33

Wow, what horror stories. I really hope my consultant will take the stitch out, she's the only one I have any real faith in. No pesseries or steroids mentioned. I was just told to keep taking the clexane and aspirin. I wish I had an appointment to aim for, all I have is my normal ante natal and honestly the midwife has been beyond useless. I'm lucky my Aunt is a very good midwife and if I'm really worried i contact her. I wish she lived here!

aMuminwaiting Fri 07-Sep-12 20:49:36

I'm glad it works for others but I went into labour Wednesday night, tore my cervix and had a spinal last night so they could stitch me back up. I don't think I can do this anymore.

ReallyLongWorm Fri 07-Sep-12 21:39:52

Gosh, that's awful. Have they managed to stitch you again and are you staying in hospital now? So sorry to read this, will keep everything crossed that you hang on for at least 6 weeks. Please keep strong, I am willing everything to be ok for you this time xxx

aMuminwaiting Sat 08-Sep-12 07:16:34

I lost the baby in the early hours of Tuesday which is what tore my cervix, they didn't get the stitch out in time. The next day I was examined and told I would be going home but the doctor said there was more placenta inside and pulled it, she then realised as I screamed that it was my torn cervix she was pulling. It was all a complete nightmare. They rushed me into theatre within the next half an hour and as I sat there feeling the needle go in I thought I was going to pass out because I just couldn't take any more. I'm home now. Had a lot of pain where the needle went in. There's a fluid build up which I hope will go down soon. And I have four holes from cannulas, bruises galore, bleeding, soreness from the catheta and of course more importantly no baby to hold. They gave me her in a little basket and i cradles her all day. I had to hide in the loo when it was time for my husband to hand her over, I couldn't see them take her.

aMuminwaiting Mon 10-Sep-12 07:19:27

Can anyone out there tell me they had a failed stitch and then success? Need something to hang on to. I don't know if I can do it again but I know the need to be a Mum is never going to go.

upsylazy Mon 10-Sep-12 10:02:21

aMum, I can't answer your question but just wanted to say that I'm so sorry for your loss, it must be devastating to get so far and lose your baby and I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Do you have support in RL? I've been thinking about you since you first posted. Be kind to yourself and I really really hope that everything works out for you.

zoeymlucas Mon 10-Sep-12 10:09:47

With DS1 I gave birth through my stitch and damaged my cervix and needed surgery to repair it 2 days post birth - I have since managed to have another son at 33 weeks ith a stitch in from 22 weeks and am due for a stitcha t 14 weeks this Wednesday.
It is possible to have a baby after damage and next time they would prob stitch between 12-14 weeks - I am so so sorry for your loss but please dont give up hope x x

ReallyLongWorm Mon 10-Sep-12 15:33:46


I am so sorry for your loss AMIW, I just didn't realise that you had lost the baby, I thought it had been a scare and you had needed stitching more.

I was on the Bliss prem baby website when pregnant with DS2 as I had DS1 so early and there were women on there who had a trans-abdominal stitch (TAC) before they even got pregnant as their cervixes were so weak and I know definitely in one case the lady got to term.

I hope you have lots of support and I am truly sorry to read your news.



aMuminwaiting Tue 11-Sep-12 18:49:52

If the stitch didn't work this time what do you think my chances are for next time?

ReallyLongWorm Tue 11-Sep-12 19:39:16

I think from my limited experience reading all I could when I had my stitch that stitches put in either before pregnancy (TAC) or put in at 12 weeks routinely have a much higher success rate.

I was really worried when I had my stitch as I was 20 weeks and it was done as an emergency and most things I read weren't as good an outcome for emergency stitches sad

Presumably you will meet with your consultant to discuss your next pregnancy and I would hope they will have some suggestions on doing all they can t get you to 32 weeks at least.

My consultant said if I were to get pregnant again he would get me in for a stitch at 12 weeks now I have had 2 instances of my cervix shortening/opening but I am not going to take the risk!

How are you doing? Is your partner OK? Do you have an appointment I'm the future to talk about what happened and why?

Thinking of you xx

ReallyLongWorm Tue 11-Sep-12 19:45:29

If you go onto the bliss website (prem baby website) on the message board there is a pregnancy section and on there a lady had a TAC and had a full term baby after a really premature baby. There is a thread called "Nathan's going to be a big brother" and I think she says about it on there.

The website changed it's layout a few months ago and since then is hard to use so it's very quiet now but there are some stitch stories on there and many pekoe with cervix problems.

Hope this helps.

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