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March 2013 Mk II - anyone for a wotsit?

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tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jul-12 14:16:37

Did it work??

Old thread:


Carikube Thu 19-Jul-12 14:19:15

Thanks tiddly for setting this up. Just marking place for later....

knickyknocks Thu 19-Jul-12 14:21:21

Marking my place too..........Thanks tiddley

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jul-12 14:21:31

<waves> oh it must've worked then, phew. Hope you're feeling a bit more perky carikube? Bloody ms.

Sheldonella Thu 19-Jul-12 14:29:42

<waves> smile

Leftwingharpie Thu 19-Jul-12 14:57:37

V impressed! grin

GummiberryJuice Thu 19-Jul-12 15:05:47

<<<<waves>>>>> grin

Don't think I'm on the stats list yet

posypoo Thu 19-Jul-12 15:10:32

Ooh, new thread, hello everyone.

Eric my DH is a bit like that sometimes. We very occasionally have a blazing row during which he is totally unreasonable, and completely disregards my feelings, even over quite sensitive issues like this one (although 99% of the time he is a lovely husband). To make things worse, he always seems to be able to go straight to sleep after whereas like you I am usually awake and unable to sleep for hours afterwards. Grr.

Well I had my first MW appt today and it was quite exciting, and she seemed unconcerned about my continued bleeding (unlike me!). I feel a bit exhausted now, like it was a bit of an ordeal, probably it just seems a bit real now.

IWantAYeti Thu 19-Jul-12 15:12:23

Just checking in! Love the thread to go raid the cupboard for wotsits!grin

backwardpossom Thu 19-Jul-12 15:14:53


Carikube Thu 19-Jul-12 15:18:22

posy good to hear that your MW is unconcerned about your bleeding. I've become obsessed and have been testing almost daily to see if I'm still pg. Did another CB digital today and it's only at 2-3 wks so am now panicking as I hoped it would be up to 3+ by now. Can't see how I'm going to stay sane until the 12 week scan esp as most symptoms have disappeared (apart from need to wee every 5 mins!).

EricNorthmansFangBanger Thu 19-Jul-12 15:19:24

Thanks ladies. Feeling calmer now. Talked it through with DH and he agrees he was being highly strung and agrees I can have the scan. Getting nervous now at the thought of said scan but not too long to go now. Also got my 12 week scan letter and maternity exemption card today while mil was here do had to be discreet!

Forgot to say good luck to you for your exam JoJo

Thank you for the new thread. Liking the title. Though can't decide whether the thought of cheesy wotsits makes me feel hungry or queesy grin

Chefette Thu 19-Jul-12 15:21:14

Hi just checking in ��

sarahs999 Thu 19-Jul-12 15:26:08

Just bookmarking

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 19-Jul-12 15:45:19

Hi all, new joiner - EDD 19.03.13. I have been lurking on the thread for a while but have decided to join as following you all in the same boat has given me a bit of sanity in the last few weeks.

My baby girl was stillborn in Feb this year. She was our first and we were absolutely devastated as I had an absolutely perfect pregnancy until that point. We have taken the plunge again and I am pretty much terrified every day - I basically feel like I am just waiting for something to go wrong. Hoping that being amongst you all will give me some positive things to focus on!

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jul-12 15:49:23

rainbow you are very welcome - I am so very sad to hear of your little girl. Of course you are fearful about this pregnancy and I really hope we can all offer some support and share concerns - as well as positive energy & distractions!

We're going to make it ladies - I feel it in my bones grin

mandasand Thu 19-Jul-12 16:08:44

Wow, I leave my desk for five hours and there's a shiny new thread - impressed! Thanks, tiddley, and hurray for progress on the house front! yay! even if it is a bit of a cock-up things are moving and so will you be too soon! smile

Thanks for the kind thoughts for this morning's midwife appointment, knickyknocks! It was was great. She is just lovely and she had a student midwife in with her and we spent most of the hour laughing. Not sure about what exactly, come to think of it, but it was a very feel-good session! They are part of a midwife-led unit at the local hospital where they do everything but epidurals (but you can go downstairs for that) and they said they focus on massage, pools, mindfulness meditation and have a lot of good births - even first-timers! - without any intervention. Their belief is that the more drugs etc then the more difficulties can arise. I'm sceptical about my ability to get very far in labour without serious pain relief but it does sound like heaven and I plan to give it a go. Next appt in 4 weeks for my bloods (the only thing they didn't do today) and in the meantime they are referring me to a consultant who needs to check out my medical history re past thyroid problems and the termination-that-didn't-go-well.

glad the midwife isn't too concerned about the bleeding posypoo and you can relax a bit now?

As tiddley and gummi predicted, I did, of course, tell my mate at lunchtime! She's a very good friend and I would have ended up telling her if everything went wrong anyway, so I'm so glad I did. Especially as now I can ask her advice about stuff. smile

I didn't feel pregnant for most of this week either, jojo, but last night cramping started again and this morning I dry retched over the smell of ripe banana in our breakfast smoothies. mind you, I don't like bananas at the best of times (only ever eat them in smoothies!) so that may not necessarily be preg-related!!)

Aw, hitchin / lexi, wot a pain not knowing when you will see the midwife. Are you waiting for them to get in touch?

Eric, sorry to hear of the row with your DH and also the PND (post-natal depression, I'm guessing?) Sometimes I seem to be speaking a different language than my DH. And over the past year or so he's become even more sensitive to stuff and his reactions are more severe (nothing bad, but he'll flounce off and start computer programming as a way of shutting me out, after the slightest hiccup) which is weird because I think I'm getting much better at managing stuff. I guess it's hard to appreciate that this family-building business has a big emotional impact on the men in our lives, because we're the ones doing the pregnancy bit, but it's bound to take it's toll. I know how you feel about the scan - I want an early one too, but DH is very science-head about it: you don't need one till 12 weeks etc. But I explained that if the baby had stopped developing now then I would rather know and get the process over with now and move on than carry it for another seven weeks when I'll be even more emotionally involved etc. He seemed to get that, I think, though essentially he still doesn't think it's necessary. Sounds like you've got a lot going on - ideally you could just focus on your final year and the pregnancy, without the huge stress of the driving test and looking for a job - yikes! It would be great if maybe he could handle the driving side of things and also get lucky with a new job, but these things are easier said than done, I know, especially in the midst of depression. Hope you can see a way through, and that things look brighter this afternoon.

Well, I'd better get some work done - eek!

mandasand Thu 19-Jul-12 16:11:12

hey rainbow and welcome! I think our posts crossed ... I am so sorry to hear about your baby girl. That is possibly the worst thing I can imagine, so well done on getting to the stage when you're ready to try again. It's only natural that you should feel terrified, but just take every day as it comes. Nice to have you with us brew

Leftwingharpie Thu 19-Jul-12 16:33:36

My DH is the same, he can't understand what I'm worried about. I wanted an early scan because I wanted to tell my parents the news while they are in the country and I want to know everything is ok and hopefully have a picture to show them. DH just thinks everything will be fine and told his mum while the test stick was still wet.

Leftwingharpie Thu 19-Jul-12 16:35:45

Oh and of course if it wasn't for that bloody Mumsnet I wouldn't be worrying like this.

Lexiindisguise Thu 19-Jul-12 16:43:25

manda yes, waiting for the midwife unit to write - been a week, not sure if I should chase it up?
Love the new thread title ladies!

KFFOREVER Thu 19-Jul-12 17:27:24

whooop whoop- liking the new thread but not sure on the wotsit

Welcome to the thread Rainbow. Sorry to hear what happened. Don't worry we will hold your hand through this pregnancy.

posy and manda- nice to know your midwife appointments went well- How many weeks are you ladies? I keep forgetting how far people are? When is the usual week to have a midwife appointment.

I told docs to refer me to PRU, in South London after Kings did not accept me due to my postcode not being in the catchment area. Im 6+4 today. So much for woman's choice where she wants to be referred too.

On another note is it normal for me to want to eat my shower cream and moisturising cream? I can't stop thinking about it. Totally confused. confused

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jul-12 17:31:23

Factoid: wotsits (pack thereof) contain a measly 95 calories. Chomp on ladies!

Won't hurt to give them a chase lexi - you'll get everso jealous next week when the appts come thick n fast otherwise grin

manda I knew you'd have a great day. Really chuffed your appt was such a positive experience & that you got to tell your mate over lunch.

We're waiting till 12 weeks for the scan - no chance of talking DH round on that one! Appt came through today for 16/08 which doesn't feel like tooo long. Another mumsnet mate (from sept '11 post natal group) had her 12wk scan today and found they're having twins! Oh heaven help me - let it be one, let it be one... (btw am thrilled for her as she's a much better coper than I!).

Hope you've kissed & made up eric - as others have said, this is not unusual dad to be behaviour!

Happy eve all smile

GummiberryJuice Thu 19-Jul-12 17:33:43

Mandasand I have thyroid problems too, so means I have to go to the metabolic clinic which is a complete nightmare as there is only one a week and so busy day, you can sit for hours

re labour pain, I got through by just telling myself in so many hours I'll have my baby, plus dc3 came that quick I just about got to delivery suite, but seriously stub my toe its the end of the world but if you go with right mind set it can be done

Welcome rainbow

pipsicles Thu 19-Jul-12 17:49:07

Excellent thread title tiddley - well done! I resisted the wotsits at the shops yesterday (actually, DS fell asleep in the trolleyshock so I had to put his needs before mine!), so am still craving them! Cheese and bread went down very well at work today though, so I might be onto something with the wotsits! Speaking of nausea relieving foods, I've recently read that foods containing vitamin B are supposed to help, so marmite is good and so are bananas. Interestingly, I have thrown up both so far! Before my MC, I found eating protein to be a brilliant help and was often snacking on chicken drumsticks at any time of the day! Might have to stock up again!

Welcome Rainbow. I am so sorry to hear about your baby girl. I couldn't possibly imagine what that must have been like for you. I wish you all the very best with this pregnancy and hope we can provide you with the support you will need.

Glad to hear you caved today manda! I did too and told my head of department and a few other colleagues! One person I told because she was feeling sad (we've had an emotional day with some lovely members of staff leaving) and said she didn't know why she was crying. I suggested she might be pregnant (knowing that she wanted to start trying soon as her DS has just turned one and more out of jest than anything!), to which she said that might be it. I said are you, because I am and she caved and said she is, but only 4+1 or 2! I'm the only person who knows other than her DH! I feel very honoured!

Tiddley I can completely understand why you are finding your house move stressful!!! I can't believe that cock up - I hope your solicitors don't kick up a fuss and that they pay up promptly!

I should go and get DS ready for bed and then myself ready to go out for end of term drinks. Not sure I can really be bothered, but should show my face for an hour or so!

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