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Sept 05 baby

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zoezebra Wed 17-Aug-05 21:08:55

I am due sept 8th (37wks tomorrow) and live in SW london, anyone else due around this time? Its my second baby (a boy this time) and a very different pregnancy to my first who was born Nov 02. Experiencing very strong braxton hicks this time every night and am hopeful that it may be early! Probably just wishful thinking.
Would love to hear from anyone else just to share experiences of the last few weeks of pregnancy.

pooka Thu 18-Aug-05 07:16:25

Hi there ZoeZebra. Come and join us on this thread here

There's also a stats thread here

zoezebra Thu 18-Aug-05 08:23:09

Well its my birthday today and going to take it easy today. My toddler has been taken off my hands all week by my hubbys parents, which has been great - first proper child free break in 3 years, so nice
Have been reading your threads since yesterday, sounds like you all know whats going on with each others pregnancys which is really nice. Not sure if its just me but being a londoner have found the pre-natal midwifery care crap! Have not been seen by a midwife since 33wks as they are so busy have had to make my own GP appts every 2 weeks. Midwife was supposed to turn up yesterday on a rare home visit but when I called to find out a time, she told me that they were understaffed and would not be able to make it. I really wanted to be seen by someone as at my last chk the baby had moved out of enaged position and into breech. Feeling quite nervous as my first was always head down. Do they wait to see if it turns with a second as I have heard that second babies don't engage until labour??

KiwiKate Fri 19-Aug-05 01:01:19

Hi ZoeZebra - I'd insist on getting the baby's position checked out (even if you have to do another trip to the gp).

I'm also expecting my second (13 Sept). No problems with no1, but this one has turned posterior (which I know is much less serious that breach). I am still anxious about it, though.

Others with breach babies seem to be given the option of booking in for a c/s around 39 weeks. Obviously, you need to be properly advised so that you can make some choices on this score.

My mw (here in NZ) has been brilliant compared to the one I had last time. For the last 4 weeks of pg she is coming to the house to see me once a week (am expecting her again on Monay, but am sure baby is still posterior as she showed me how to check). If baby is not here by the due date, she says she will be in touch daily by phone or visit to keep an eye on my progress.

I caught up with you on the Sept thread, still chuckling at your "so over being pg" comment.

Is your first a boy or a girl? Our first is a boy, but we don't know what we are having this time.

zoezebra Fri 19-Aug-05 19:59:00

Hi Kiwikate, MW been today, a male one! The Team Leader!! He's been more helpful than any of the female ones and checked the position of the baby. Its now fully engaged 2/5 and head down, so thats great news after all the worry.
The mw said it could come at any point and for baby to be so far engaged in a second pregnancy could mean its coming soon. Aghhhh. Now each contraction pain i feel I am thinking - is this it?
We have a little girl already and are expecting a boy this time, so a perfect family, feel very lucky. I am sure yours will turn the right way, its vey common with second pg for them to not do what they are supposed until labour starts. Catch up with you again on the sept thread.

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