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Some advice please re Jobs!!

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sarahlou1 Wed 03-Aug-05 10:39:22

Not sure if this is the best section to put this in but here we go!! I found out yesterday am expecting baby no. 2 - have just moved house because of DH job & have been looking for part time work. Have got an interview tomorrow & am wondering what to do - we really need the money - if I tell them I'm pg in the interview this is sure to put them off, do I keep quiet & if get the job tell them then or start the job & keep quiet until 12 weeks & hope they are o.k. about it. Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 10:42:31

I wouldn't mention the pregnancy to them yet, wait until you get the job.
I don't think you would be entitled to maternity pay from them as you need to be there for a certain amount of time.

acnebride Wed 03-Aug-05 10:43:57

I'd say probably keep quiet and tell them as late as you can. My favourite site for employment rights info is hTH

throckenholt Wed 03-Aug-05 10:48:10

don't say anything. Plenty of people don't know they are pregnant until later on anyway. Hope you get the job.

sarahlou1 Wed 03-Aug-05 11:05:54

Thanks for that - has put my mind at rest - still feel really guilty though!! Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

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