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Antenatal Classes - Muswell Hill or nearby

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SkiNut Wed 21-Apr-10 21:20:35

I'm due in September and looking for a local (preferably evening) antenatal class. Unfortunately NCT don't have any suitable ones, so if anyone knows of any good alternatives any info would be greatly appreciated! Could happily go to surrounding areas such as Crouch End, East Finchley, etc.

Many thanks! Also would be lovely to know if there's anyone local who is due around Sept too. This is number one for me

azazello Thu 22-Apr-10 15:43:11

Have a search on here for mars lady who is a doula who does great ante-natal classes and (i've heard) makes a brilliant lemon drizzle cake. You could also look at the Active Birth Centre on Bickerton Road b yArchway tube.

good luck smile

alexk145 Thu 29-Aug-13 21:12:41

I know this post is a bit dated but just wanted to let people know about our fantastic antenatal classes in Highgate / East Finchley and Muswell Hill. Please see our website for info

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