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jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 17:31:39

Well here we are... the start of July!

Jess isnt 1 til the 24th but im sure some of you girlies have your little ones birthdays soon.....

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 19:55:33

bump x

spacecadet Fri 01-Jul-05 20:21:20

nooooooooooooo, it cant be true, my darling cant be one on 20th july..sob..sob..
my other july baby is 14 today, happy bithday bex!!!!! love you lots.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 23:08:57

bump again x

lockets Fri 01-Jul-05 23:13:20

Message withdrawn

moondog Fri 01-Jul-05 23:13:43

I'm making a cake tomorrow for my July baby's birthday on Sunday (no men to do that for me jabm!)It will just be me,the children and my parents (dh abroad).
Cake,smoked salmon sandwiches,lashings of Champagne and a forest of balloons!

Where has the time gone?

spacecadet Sat 02-Jul-05 13:20:34

i will remember that lockets

teeavee Sat 02-Jul-05 14:10:24

my ds will be one on July 18th - he learnt to stand up on his own while we were away in stockholm, and is now getting up to serious mischief! He seems to have come along really quickly in the last month - I believe it might be because all his vaccinations are finally over - he's had one a month for what seems like ages, and I think that was probably tiring his little body.
I can't believe he's a year old either -will have a little party here, and another in Wales end of July.

littlerach Sat 02-Jul-05 14:48:53

Well, I have to wait until Aug but happy bday to all you July babies, hasn't it gone so quick and aren't they just the cutest ever?!

spacecadet Sat 02-Jul-05 15:11:27

its gone too quickly littlerach.

Eshay Thu 07-Jul-05 21:14:50

Tomorrow!!! But we're actually won't celebrate till Saturday so that both sets of grandparents are present.
Someone else had her baby on the 8th so happy birthday to her baby but I can't remember her name now.
I still have to go and buy Thomas a helium balloon as he loves them.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 21:16:16

they are all cute when they want to be! Had a bad day today, but did buy jess the Big Cook Little Cook DVD and the Fimbles DVD as well as a book and a few tops - i really shouldnt have, but hey, what the hell, she's only 1 once!!!!

Roll on 24th....... cant wait for stuff to start coming in the post for her!!!

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