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FREE doula bournemouth, poole (dorset) areas

(7 Posts)
loveabledoula Tue 01-Dec-09 20:11:11

Im a recently trained doula (birth supporter) and mum of two boys. im offering my services for FREE. To complete my training i need to assist in 4 births and 4 post natal jobs that i will be assessed on through feed back given to my assessor. please contact me for more info

Chulita Sat 02-Jan-10 20:20:59

Hello! I'm not due til July but I live in Bovington which isn't too far away [hopeful emoticon]. DH and I are definitely looking at getting a doula for this one if all goes well since DD was a bit of a mission and we'd prefer not to repeat it!
If you've not found your 4 births/post natal jobs by then I'd be interested in meeting you (even if you have I'd still be interested since we'll be trying to find a doula in this area anyway )

josheehy Wed 09-Jun-10 17:33:09

Hi there

I am not due until october (5th) but I'd love to help you if you can help me with number 2!!

Please let me know if you're interested - I'm in poole



alisabeynon Wed 23-Jun-10 11:37:09

Hi my name is Lisa. We live in Poole and have a 5 year old-twins of 19months and expecting our 4th baby on the 28th September. We would love you to come if you haven't already committed. Please ring me on 07827012467 or landline number is 01202 701179

Radka1987 Thu 11-Jul-13 18:18:30

Hiya. I'm looking for a doula free of charge. I'm nearly 20 weeks far. If you are interested, get in touch.
My email address is radkareg@hotmail.co.uk
I live in Kinson

carolinek250 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:19:15

Hi there, sent a message a while ago, but about to have a home waterbirth and would love a doula if you still need to do some for free! I'm 39 weeks today so on high alert for action!! Let me know... XCaroline

carolinek250 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:20:19

Unless the dates on the post are the dates these messages were posted, in which case a long time ago - a friend sent me the link to this thread so assumed it was current but perhaps not!

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