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babies due now

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fingbusymum Mon 09-Nov-09 21:31:28

Would anyone due this month (in London) be willing to be observed with their new baby once a week, for an hour, by me? Am studying Infant Observation at the Tavistock (with a view to becoming a child psychotherapist) and need an infant to observe. Have 3 DCs myself, would be non-intrusive and understanding, and you'd have all my notes at the end which would be an amazing record of those crucial but exhausting early years. I need to find someone asap - live in Hackney but can travel. Let me know and good luck with it all!

twirlypen Wed 11-Nov-09 20:09:02

Not sure if you have anyone yet but I am due this Friday and would be happy for you to observe NB... I am in SE London though.

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