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which toy garage? elc whizz around or little people for my 1 year old

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tinkisthrillerthrillernight Sun 08-Nov-09 18:39:28

hi for my dd2s 1st bday want to get her a toy garage

should i get elc whizz around or fisher price garage?

which one would u get?

have u had experiences with either?

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Sun 08-Nov-09 18:43:54

ELC definitely. My DS played with that one constantly - we had a fisher price one but it's been ignored for a year (he's almost 2) so it's going on ebay.

tinkisthrillerthrillernight Sun 08-Nov-09 18:48:11

cheers i luv the look of elc one better.
really wanted to get dd2 pink one is out of stock. shall i wait or go for multi coloured one?

JaMmRocks Sun 08-Nov-09 18:49:40

DS1 had the ELC one for his 1st birthday - it's his 4th birthday this week and he still likes it.

AmazingBouncingFerret Sun 08-Nov-09 18:55:39

Id just get the multicoloured one.
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tinkisthrillerthrillernight Sun 08-Nov-09 18:57:16


GhoulsAreLoud Sun 08-Nov-09 19:00:05

We got the little people one as DD already has tons of little people stuff and it's only £20 in tesco atm so is half the price of the ELC one.

the ELC one does look good though. I don't think DD (1) would differentiate between two types of v similar toys anyway.

whichwitchisthis Sun 08-Nov-09 19:13:14

we got ds the ElC one for his first birthday in Sept and he loves it grin

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