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Devon Babies at Exeter RD&E

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Ladyemmalou83 Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:22

Found out Im expecting baby number 1 and thought Id start a thread for us Devon yummy mummies to be smile

Middledaughter Fri 23-Oct-09 12:36:45

ooooh when are you due? I got my BFP on Monday in the loos at work in Exeter! Nearly fainted....

Is number one for me as well. xx

Ladyemmalou83 Fri 23-Oct-09 13:59:43

Im due 19th June. Its only just started to really set in for DH and I. We have spent since tueday in and out the RD&E with some early complications, but seems to be better now. Got to go back next friday for some scans. If it werent for having to stay in hospital this week I'd probably be still in shock about it all, its very excting and nerve racking all in the same time smile xx

Middledaughter Fri 23-Oct-09 14:15:30

Hi sorry to hear about the complications but pleased to hear things are better now. I know what you mean about exciting and nerve racking. I'm bursting to tell my sisters and my Mum but think its too soon think I'm about 5 weeks.

I havne't seen the doctor yet and as I live in middevon not sure whether I'll go to Exeter or Taunton. how are you getting on with the hospital in Exeter?

good luck


Ladyemmalou83 Fri 23-Oct-09 14:24:12

Genrally speaking they are very good, the staff are so lovely, but they seem a little understaffed, but thats probably true of most hospitals. The facilities at exeter seem really good, new, clean etc. Im Exwick area so not too far from the hospital, I just hope I dont need to move to the hospital during rush hours.

I told my parents at at 4+3 when I found out, and very glad I did because they had to come with me to hospital as DH was abroad when the problems started. I could understand why some people would want to keep it their secret for a while though.

Ohhhh forgot to say: Congratulations on your Wedding. I got married June 19th, which was also my birthday and now also my EDD. Potentially a very busy day for me and DH now grin xx

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