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first timer with twins due 2010, Anyone else out there?

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nothingbyhalves Wed 16-Sep-09 17:47:20

First timer with loads of unanswered questions..... like how common is it for twins to go full term? why do my hips feel sore? how big should i be at 14 weeks? Why am i suddenly so clumsy and falling over? When will it fully sink in that i'm having 2 not 1 baby?

londonlottie Wed 16-Sep-09 17:51:21

Message withdrawn

poorbuthappy Wed 16-Sep-09 18:03:34

Rightio then

1) does depend on whether id or non id...but it is a lot more common than you think...
2) I think because of the higher levels of hormones your ligaments etc are softening early on than they would normally...I had this too...
3) Well, I was wearing bobbles on my trousers at 13 weeks and was in maternity trousers by 15/16 weeks.
4)Emmm not sure about this one...again hormones could be to blame, perhaps someone else can help?
5) Never...

Get over to the multiples board and get reading!!
Personally I found the TAMBA message boards very very scary, mostly because they talk about twin to twin transfusion alot...although any website with information for mums of multiples is to be welcomed!

Oh and Congratulations...grin

nothingbyhalves Sat 19-Sep-09 11:44:50

We joined Tamba, but apart from actually registering with them, we haven't really bothered with them. I've tried to contact the NCT but they never return my calls.

I seem to be getting rather big, considering I'm only 15 weeks, I look about 6 months! But reassure myself it means our babies are growing!

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