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Due in Nov 05 - Part IIII!

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rodeo1 Sat 04-Jun-05 14:11:27

Here we go -

Hpoefully in this one we'll all get to feel those kicks and turns if we haven't already, some of us will go for our 20 week scans, and we might get to look preg instead of looking like we've eaten too many cream cakes!

No more scares in this one though please!

x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x

HellKat Sat 04-Jun-05 14:40:09

Thanks for the suport Rodeo!
Am starting to wonder if this is the biggest ante-natal thread yet?

Enthusia Sat 04-Jun-05 16:51:30

Hiya all

New thread - wow.

Have just got back from Spain and a lovely break. Had a scare on Thursday though as I started bleeding, it was old blood very brown, but I fell to pieces. Family were great and took me to a medical centre straight away, within an hour I was having an ultrasound. The scan showed that I have a low lying placenta, it is now completely across the cervix, but there is one 'flap' of it going down the mouth of the cervix. Baby was completely heathy and waving, bouncing away. I had my fingers crossed so tight whilst I was on the bed, the marks were still there hours after!

Have been told to take things very easy, the gyno I saw was really worried about me returning to work, esp teachhing so I have contacted the midwife and taken time off (I hope no one has replied to my emails) until I know differently. I am not allowed to lift anything and def no SEX, and no pleasure for me whatsoever in this department as any spasms would cause more bleeding.

Gyno said that he thought the placenta may move upwards as I grow, but he was quite worried, has anyone else got any experince on this? I have searched Mumsnet and found a couple of pages but the advice ranges from, 'carry on aas normal' to 'I was taken into hospital from 20 weeks until full term' really not sure where I stand!!!! Do you think I am right taking the time off work, or do you think I am being a bit over cautious? As I am feeling fine I feel abit guilty about work. Mind you when I started bleeding I just couldn't get a grip, don't want that happening again!

Have read some of the messages I have missed, am just going back to read the rest.

JenJam, have a great time away, hope it is not too tiring for you!

ChaCha - hope headaches have stopped

Will post other messgaes once I have caught up with the rest of yours!!!!

twinkle1 Sat 04-Jun-05 17:32:06

hi enthusia, glad u had a nice holiday. i personaly dont have experience on low lying placenta however i used to come across it often at work. hopefully as the lower segment of you uterus forms and grows your placenta will be pulled upover away from your cervix. low lying placentas are regularly monitored with scans and are graded from 1-4 in severity. if it continued to cover you r cervix in later pregnancy you would be brought in for bed rest as the risk of bleeding is great. It can also mean that you have to have a c/section. But please dont worry most move out of the way and mums go on to deliver normaly. However you are right to take it easy at the min dont feel guilty you are doing the best for u and your baby
love twinkle

Enthusia Sat 04-Jun-05 17:45:28

sorry didn't mean 'now completely across the cervix' meant NOT completely across ther cervix, oops.

Thanks for the advice!!!!

twinkle1 Sat 04-Jun-05 17:57:29

ahhhh, its good its not completley across your cervix

mummygow Sat 04-Jun-05 20:55:59

Hi guys just thought I would jump onto this thread early - I dont get a 20 week scan (I live in Scotland) we only get one at 12-14weeks so I am so {envy] of all of you, but def looking forward to next mw appt to hear heartbeat.

Hi Hellkat how are you keeping?

Enthusia dont feel guilty just do whats best for you and your baby because if you did go to work you and anything happened you would feel terrible!!So take it easy and I hope all goes well.

Had to come to bed at 8.30 tonight as have felt crap all day - I think it is wind.. so just brought laptop upstairs to check on everyone.

HellKat Sun 05-Jun-05 05:31:35

Welcome back Enthusia.
Mummy-Feeling ok. Thanks and you?
Can't believe ds2 thought at 4.45am it was playtime grrrr . Have popped him in with dp in the hope he'll sleep a bit longer. Otherwise there'll be a little demon running around today (whiny, whingy, weepy etc I'm sure you all know that one).
Have a good day all!

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:03:02

Hello everyone! it sure is quiet on here without Beks, Chacha and Jenjam! Hope they're all having lovely times!

Just waiting on a v. late Sunday dinner (Chicken BTW) so thought I'd sneak on! Been sunning myself in my dad's garden (why are parent's gardens so much nicer than ours?), so had a lazy day today!

There's a boy/girl questionnaire thing on the "Chinese Chart??" post on pregnancy I 've just done, just a bit of fun - I thought I'd let you all know about it so you could do it too! \link{}

I'm hoping that link will work for you??!!!!

18+4 x x x

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:05:35


I'll try again

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:07:09

Woooppeeee!!!! Can't believe I just managed that!!

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:07:11

Woooppeeee!!!! Can't believe I just managed that!!

sarahsausage Sun 05-Jun-05 19:08:30

Hiya, just like me to post in wrong place, posted following on members list thread

New to MN so hope im getting this right

AGE:19 (20 at edd)
dp: 20
occupation: full time mum
Location: lancashire
Baby No.2
Siblings:1 dd dob 20/11/03
EDD: 29/11/05
1st scan: 07/07/05 19ish weeks
Birth plan; previous c section, hoping not this time

aww and im the baby of the group

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:15:34

Hi Sarah Sausage! Welcome! Yes you ate the baby of our group! Hope everything is going well so far. It's a bit quiet on here at the weekend, it's busier in the week!

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:16:37

LOL!!! No you didn't eat a baby! You are the baby of the group. Sorry!!!!

sarahsausage Sun 05-Jun-05 19:22:54

Hehe, theres definately a baby there but i dont think i ate it =p

rodeo1 Sun 05-Jun-05 19:43:06

Sarahsausage, do have you any inklings as to what you're having this time? I've got one of each but I'm not sure, keep imagining it to be a girl though! Do the daft quiz on the link below!

ChaCha Sun 05-Jun-05 19:55:08

Evening everyone Dare i speak to soon but i'm feeling sooooo much better! Whoopeee dooo! No sickness or headaches all weekend, just a little tired (and very hungry)! Feel like my old self again

Enthusia - How are you feeling now? Please don't worry. You mustn't feel guilty about work - you and the baby have to come first whether you like it or not! Did mum come back with you? Plenty of rest Enthusia and are you seeing midwife/gyno this week for more info? Take it easy please, you MUST relax and rest. Teaching is a stressful job - why do you think i had to go p/t? Thankfully there are only a matter of weeks to go, so don't feel bad. Pls keep in touch.

Hope everyone else is well. Will log on later to catch up with you all.

Chacha 15wks

Bains Mon 06-Jun-05 09:33:49

Just checking in to see how everyones weekend went....seems eventful.

Welcome Sarahsausage...I am fairly new to this group but everyone is really nice and its great to share experiences.

Mummygow - Feel bad for you not having the week20 scan...but I have to say hearing the baby's heart beat is amazing so you won't feel so bad after you have heard it

Enthusia - sorry to hear about the issue you are be honest I dont know of anyone who has had this but at the end of the day its best you do what is good for you and the baby and if that means staying off work then so be least you have peace of mind you are doing the best you can. cravings still ...went to see my mum for some morale support on the weekend ....have been very weepy this weekend. My hubby is getting scared of me bursting into tears at every opportunity. Mum and Dad in Law came over on the weekend and kept asking about the sex of the baby and that seemed to really get on my nerves...not sure I am 100% at the mo! Guess its just a phase (at least I hope so). Wearing my new maternity clothes today (I am sure these make you look pregnant even if you are not!). Btw - I have to say I have searched high and low for decent maternity clothes and been to every shop and I am convinced that Dorothy Perkins has the best range and is good value...

Anyway I must go as I seem to be competing with Busyalexmummy for longest email postings .....

Enthusia Mon 06-Jun-05 09:44:32

Morning all

Welcome sarahsausage, good to have another member to talk to.

ChaCha - so glad you are feeling better, here's to it lasting for the next 5 months!!!!!

Bains - Am also really emotional at mo, just wake up sometimes and feel really p*ssed off for no reason, DH seems to be coming to terms with that through. Well I suppose he has to doesn't he?

Dr called at 8am this morning and was really lovely. She thinks I should take the rest of the week off at least and have another ultrasound in that time. Everyone keeps asking if I work full time, so I reckon they may advise me to go part time, though not sure if that will be possible. Have just got to wait now for her to ring back with an appointment time. Had a little more bleeding yesterday, but it is all old blood, no new red so I am taking that as a good sign.

mummygow Mon 06-Jun-05 09:57:53

Hi ChaCha so glad you are feeling better - did you have a nice weekend?

Sarahsausage hope you enjoy your mumsnet support as much as I do

Bains and Enthusia I feel like that sometimes then end up feeling guilty for snapping at dh and dd, at least dh can deal with it but dd is only 2!!

Enthusia that was nice of your doctor to call you - see that would make me cry, someone being nice too

Hellkat I'm not too bad, what age is your wee one I know you prob said but I cant remember.

I have no reall craving just now but I have started eating chocolate again so I have to stop today and try and eat a little healthier, although I am really enjoying sandwiches with cheese and tomamtoe!!

dd is away to nursery this morning so dont pick her back up until lunchtime and dh is away for the week to work so I am being very lazy this morning and you wont get rid of me all week!!

Enthusia Mon 06-Jun-05 10:14:59

Mummygow, no you won't get rid of me either - DH is here today as he has an interview this afternoon but after that he is at work and I am off, so will be chatting alot.

ChaCha - my mum stayed out in Spain so am looking after everything now. But I found a great shop 'cook' that does healthy ready meals that you can cook straight from the freezer, so we will be indulging on them!!!

I think I am feeling the baby for the first time at the mo, but it is only when I lean forward, such as typing, but it is like a fluttering, so I am hopeful.

tex111 Mon 06-Jun-05 11:23:54

Hi gals

Had a very relaxed weekend though we had a surprise viewing of the house on Sunday. We had laundry, paperwork everywhere and dirty dishes from a big lunch still out but we let them come in. They had come a long way and we didn't want to miss the opportunity. I was still in my PJs so they definitely saw us at our worst. Oh well, they'll either buy the house or they won't. I just can't worry about it anymore.

Enthusia, I had a friend with a low-lying placenta. I'm assuming that's your concern too, but I haven't read back down the thread. In my friend's case it did grow up and out of the way as her uterus stretched. From what I've heard that's often what happens but I agree that taking the time off work is the best thing to do. Try not to worry about being off too much and enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. In a few more months things will be very different!

Hi Sarahsausage, welcome to the group!

Hi Chacha, glad you're feeling better. It can be so miserable. I finally got over the morning sickness and now I've got really low blood pressure that is making me feel dizzy all the time. Apparently completely normal but it can be a pain, especially out in public. I have to stop and lean over until my head clears and I'm already so big that people seem to think I'm going into labour!

Anyone else really big already? I'm still waiting for a midwife appt so I'm not sure what my actual fundal height is but my stomach is huge. Can you believe I haven't heard a thing from a midwife yet?! I went to my GP last week and asked when my antenatal care would start and was told it should've been two weeks ago. Now I'm just waiting to hear something. So annoying.

Well, better go do the Mommy thing. I hear the theme to Toy Story 2 so it must be ending. Hope you guys are doing well!

Tex111 - 18 weeks today and having a girl

MizZan Mon 06-Jun-05 11:24:11

Hi all - I posted stats on the members' list a while back but hadn't posted on here yet, so - hello!

I may be the old lady of this group, as I'll be 39 (!) when baby arrives.
Me: MizZan, age 38
DH: 41
DS1: 3 1/2, cutie-pie
1 miscarriage in Jan 05
EDD for this one: 26 Nov 05
Working part-time, and moving to a new city in mid-July, but then taking super-early maternity leave starting from Sept. so I can help DS1 settle into his new school and get ready for the new little one.
I was wondering whether anyone else on here is going to have an amnio? or has had one, in the past? I'm considering it, but am worried about miscarriage risk..thanks, ladies.

SharonTW1 Mon 06-Jun-05 12:54:51

Hi everyone, been off work for a while full of cold feeling great now though happier than in a long time, welcome to all the new ladies.
Busier than ever at work and getting a little bump now, still in my own clothes but only just
my first baby
due on 18th Nov.

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