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'Just' Positive and feeling dreadful - anyone with me on this?

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Miranda5 Fri 03-Jun-05 14:51:50

Got my positive on tuesday and today being friday I am tetchy and tired. feels like worst case scenario PMT and I am not even sure I have skipped a period yet.....

i have done numerous tests which are dark and strong looking now so I hope so but after m/c a few months ago feeling a little trepidation.

Any one else FIERCE at this stage? My poor kids....

teuch Mon 06-Jun-05 14:54:09

Hi Miranda - I'm with you on the 'trepidation' as I also had a m/c (missed) in Feb and am now in the early weeks (about 7 weeks).

I have been exhausted since even before I got my BFP and I swing from happy to sad to aggressive so fast it could qualify me for a russian circus! The nausea kicked in quite early and today I was very near to actually vomiting...this actually reassures me that everything is going ok as I had no ms with my m/c!

C'mon over to the antenatal threads - I am currently straddling Jan and Feb as my due date is January but I like the company of other early pg's in Feb!

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