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Due in June 16!! - the before we all graduate!!

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katzguk Tue 31-May-05 09:23:04

one new thread as requested!

hoepfully this will get those babies to start appearing again!!

Still nothing here!

have tried everything:
raspberry leaf tea
Clary sage/Rose/Jasmine oils!!
White trousers


well today might try everything all in one go!

katzguk Tue 31-May-05 09:24:59

title should read - the one before we all graduate!! not sure where the 'one' went!

Cooperoo Tue 31-May-05 10:06:22

Hello all,
A brand new thread how exciting. Thanks Kat. Hopefully to be filled soon by lovely new babies!
Good Luck Lua and do get some rest.
DH is marginally back in my good books today but only due to your lovely posts agreeing that DH's can be hopeless as much as we love them. It is obviously a man thing and I know that I am not very easy to live with at the mo either.
I hate to say this but don't the pineapple and curries work because they give you an upset stomach and the strain on your back passage/stomach/intestines etc can trigger contractions...if your body is ready. White trousers sound like a sure thing though so I am shocked they haven't worked yet Tea. They would any other time guaranteed!!!
I am building up to the sex thing after this week is out of the way and I know for sure about the clinic dates and DH will have his rugby all done (don't think I could persuade him before anyway lol). Who was it who said their DH had to keep his hands off the bump. That made me LOL as this is somewhat how I feel too. Poor DH isn't bothered at all (and never was by leaking boobs etc either) but I really was.....
Uki - Sorry more probs. Keep your chin up.
Bubb - Glad headache gone.
Mrs W - Great news for your team. I thought of you too as it was actually on the TV here so we watched the game too.
Franni - Have a good day, hope you feel rested.
Well I have been suffering from constipation for the first time this pregnancy which has been very annoying. I wonder if it is because the baby is low now and blocking things off.... I hit the Fybogel equivalent though so I am hoping for a result soon. Sorry if TMI. If I went into labour yesterday I was going to ask for the dreaded enema . Hopefully won't come to that. All my good vibes about this baby coming early have gone and I am now resigned to at least another two weeks with this bump. On that lovely note I will leave you. Have great days.
Oh Uki - We move back to the UK in January so a while to go yet.

bubbaloo Tue 31-May-05 10:15:46

thanks for the new thread katz-much easier to post now.havent heard about the oils before.what are you meant to do with them?.

omg coop,if thats the reasoning behind the curries and pineapple i better stop now.i suffer quite badly from ibs and(touch wood)its actually been better throughout the pregnancy so dont want to start it off again!!
by the it still really hot out there? my boss is going to cyprus on friday and wondered how hot it was.

Cooperoo Tue 31-May-05 10:33:07

Hi Bubb,
I think that is the theory anyway....
Yes it is hot. Whereabouts is he going to? We are on a peninsular so one of the cooler areas without being in the mountains and it is 26 degrees today.
Glad your IBS has been a bit more controlled while you have been pregnant. I used to suffer from recurring Cystitis dreadfully but very strangely I have not had one bout of it since I fell pregnant with DD (ie first pregnancy). Very strange as UTI's are supposed to get worse. Perhaps I just started looking after myself better, drinking more water etc, who knows.

LipstickMum Tue 31-May-05 11:45:22

Hi everyone

Just checking in, as I'm not at home I can't keep up.

You all seem fed up, I am only fed up with the baby stopping me doing as much as I would like

Living at MIL's is like being on holiday, it's so relaxing! My dp is being ok, not expecting too much, thank god.

Going for a lovely Italian meal tonight to say thanks to MIL for letting us crash for 2 weeks! Can't wait, their pasta is al dente and perfect!!!!

Good wishes to all those with their little bubba's. Welshie so glas you're in heaven

MrsWednesday Tue 31-May-05 12:11:55

Afternoon ladies,

Just been to M&S to buy some new flip flops for my weary hot feet so am feeling quite rejuvenated now

Thanks for starting the new thread. Perhaps it will entice a few more June babies out of their hiding places.

Lua, have been meaning to say since last week that you are in agreement with my DS about your gender prediction. He is adamant he is going to have a sister (now he's given up on the monkey idea). Hope he isn't too disappointed if it isn't!

When are you going back home Lippy?

welshmum Tue 31-May-05 12:58:01

Dear all - sorry you're feeling fed up - really sympathise, it is such a relief not to be pg anymore - a delight which is just around the corner for you too!
I've just been out choosing a present for our consultant - am so grateful to her - would buy her a yacht if that's what I thought she'd like!
It felt so wierd to be out - like I'd broken out of a protective cocoon around us and the baby. Nice though to wander about with him and dh.
Ds is doing great - sleeps well and feeds well now - although I'm having to be pretty strict about how he latches on - I won't give you a description of what he'd like to do with my nipples if he had his way! He's put himself in a kind of routine which is good of him as I wasn't going to try this time and he's a very contented little chap according to the MIL.
I've got over the caeserean ridiculously quickly although it's not a particularly attractive site at the moment - and I'm back in jeans too (the ones I bought a size bigger than normal when I started showing a bit - but still jeans!)Forgotten how efficient bf can be at getting your tummy back down to something like a normal size. Dd is very happy that I don't have a big tummy anymore, it was starting to annoy her.
Anyway hope you don't mind me popping back - still feel this is my home thread and want to try to keep up with how you're all doing too.
Lots of love

katzguk Tue 31-May-05 13:36:40

bubb - i have some info on aromatherapy, email me

katzguk @

will send it too you

Jezebel Tue 31-May-05 15:25:16

Hello, Jezebel here. You may rmember me as the strange lurer (!!) that pops up occasionally. I am the one that has 1 baby already and had a load of mcs and so was nervous about joining. Anyway, all remains well with me. I am expecting a girl in 3 weeks and she is very big - on the 97th centile. Was tested for diabestes but don't have that. I have just come off all the medication I was taking to thin my blood since thick blood (caused by Factor V Leiden) was probably behind the mcs. Needless to say, the doctors don't want my blood too thin when I give birth. Can't wait for this to be over. I enjoy pgncy but fel baby safer outside of me now. I was sp pleased to see that Sweetheart and Sophmum are expecting and was thrilled to hear the good news from Berolina, Cobweb, Uwila, Lummox and Welshmum. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. Have now given up work so have more time for important things. Best wishes to all. By the way Pink, what is an Arjna and how di you come up with t he name?

Cooperoo Tue 31-May-05 15:55:32

Hello Jezebel - I wasn't around when you were but I am thrilled for you that everything has gone so well with your pregnancy and you are on the home straight now. Hope you will join us all on a post natal thread if any of us have the energy to post.
Welshie - I don't intend to move off this thread until all the babies are born and then only to a post natal one. Glad all is going so well and you are back in jeans .
Lippy - Glad you have had such a break from everything. It sounds ideal. Enjoy your meal tonight.
Mrs W - So the prediction is a girl. Can't wait to find out. DD said I was having Tigger at the weekend. She finally believes there is something in there at least.
DH has been a total sweetie today so some of my hints must have worked. He had the extra day off work (Queens birthday) and spent loads of time playing with dd and helping with the washing (does it ever end!) and even went training while dd was in bed at lunch time so I have had a good break. He has gone back to the rugby now but I had a nap at lunch time and feel so much better.
In addition my bag, the babies bag and dd's bag are all packed !!! Hooray!! That is a guarantee I will go overdue now. Bye for now.

bubbaloo Tue 31-May-05 18:25:28

coop-my boss is going to a place called kyrenia if that helps.not sure if thats anywhere near to where you are.glad to hear all the bags are packed.

lippy-hope you enjoy your italian tonight.we've just ordered a chinese.

welshie-nice to hear from really impressed with the jeans-dont think i'll be back in mine quite as quick.

nice to hear from you too jezebel.not long to go now!

thanks katz-i'll email you.

lua-good luck for tomorrow.i'll be thinking of you and waiting for your birth announcement.xx

Cooperoo Tue 31-May-05 18:43:17

Hi Bubb, Kyrenia is in the North so opposite side of the island to me. I think it will be even hotter there. I hope they have a good time.

tribpot Tue 31-May-05 18:54:06

Evening ladies, hope we're all keeping well.

Lua, all the best for tomorrow!

Coop, well done on getting your bags packed, I have got as far as drawing up a list but depressed by how much I still have to get done before the baby comes - and with limited resource as neither dh nor I are up to much in the way of getting rid of clutter, trips to the tip etc. Oh for the healthy husband

Nice to hear from you again Jezebel!

Welshie, have I missed the announcement of Welshbaby's name? Do you have a more exact weight? Mr Welshie claimed "4 kg" but I was guessing he probably rounded that somewhat

karen01 Tue 31-May-05 19:25:44

Cooperoo- Well we must have missed each other at the Rugby. We are now back in Ay Nik and I am shattered. Dh team (Stags) are out off the tournement now but are in for the plate. They lost the last match in the final minute bless them. Hope you DH team is doing better. We may have crossed each other though on the field. We had a big black and white dog with us. (my puppy Storm)you were more likley to see her than us to be honest.

Hope everyone is OK .

Sending labour vibes to everyone on this thread.

charleypops Tue 31-May-05 19:46:14

Afternoon! Oh I DO like a clean new thread. This one's really scary though, don't you think???? thanks Katz!

Lynny/KVG - wheeere are yoooouuuu??

Hope everyone's had the opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather we've been having (unusually) for our bank holiday! I must say (hope I don't p anyone off too much here ) but I feel great - that "clear out" I had a few days ago seems to have done me the world of good - lost a couple of pounds, and now I seem to have loads of energy

Coop/bubbs - i know what you mean about your dhs - mine's great usually, but when I was poorly, even though he went through the motions - fetching me stuff, feeding me etc, it seemed to wind him up a bit and I ended up being very grumpy with him. He's not great when I'm "needy" and not used to it. Of course it's a totally different story when he's out of sorts! So maybe because you're so pg and slowing down it's kind of bothering him a bit - hence his lack of initiative. I've noticed lately that mine doesn't have much of that either - maybe we just notice that particular trait more than usual when we can't simply do stuff ourselves

Coop - hope that Fybogel stuff does the trick for you. I have never found it very effective though and ended up with Lactulose (or Gag-ulose as I fondly refer to it as it's so sickly). Wow - do you really get a proper bank hol because of the Queen's birthday??

MrsW - pleased to hear you enjoyed your footy trip - I know I'm feeling pretty well at the moment, but my goodness, not that well! Poor you having to sleep on the sofa too Lol at you not feeling grown up enough to have a baby when you had your first - that's exactly how I feel! Sadly, I've given up trying to get anything done with the "nursery" or kitchen for now - we've simply left it too late. I'm going to make a concerted effort though this week to at least paint the bathroom - I filled in all the little screw holes and stuff yesterday and already have the paint, so that shouldn't be too difficult. I think it'll be quite nice to potter round getting things done while Pod's tiny - he'll certainly give me the motivation I need for the nursery anyway! Blimey - that just made me ask myself exactly how much motivation I must need! For instance we desperately need a couple of good chests of drawers, but I'm refusing to panic buy and will wait until the right ones come along - I'm keeping my eye out for lovely, dark wood antique ones. Ah well, he'll be in our room for at least 2 or 3 months (or longer) anyway so I still consider that I have some breathing space....(I can hear knowing cyber sniggers can't I? )

Lua - come on girl! get bouncing - get that pelvis open!

Uki - what we like with our blood pressures scaring the bjeezus out of us? Oh well, I suppose it's best to be monitored.

Bero - had a read of your bf thread - lots of great support and advice on there - good for you! I just know you're going to do well - then you can encourage me!

Tea - are you doing the ball bounces? (not the ones with dh - the gym ball variety? ) He he at you starting a white trouser trend on here - I've got mine on right now!

Jezebel - Hi!

Lippy - Wow have you been at MIL's for 2 weeks! Not bad for an Italian meal! Oh no, I really want a lovely fresh pasta dinner now, but we're going for a curry. Yawn. (oo I'm an ungrateful beeatch aren't ! ) Why is everybody I know (kind of) doing that darned Atkins diet. Hurumph.

Speaking of dieting, my friend's friend's friend is on a brand new one and has apparently lost a stone in 2 weeks under the supervision of her doc! And she wasn't massive at all - probably something like 9 stone (she's a short ass like me though) - she had to beg him to let her try it - it's a brand new trial thingy. Anyway, I'm going to find out what I can tonight from my friend (who's friend's friend it is) and will post back, assuming any of you are interested - certainly think I will be....

Welshie - I can't believe how quickly you're out and about with ds and how soon you're back in your jeans! Well done!! I cannot belive I used to fit into my jeans at all and actually believe I never will again Lol at your dd being annoyed with your bump - charming! Just how silly was that of you by the way asking if we mind you popping back? You are one of us, and we you. (peace and love etc )

Trib - you should see the tip pile we have behind our shed. It's shocking. I've been trying to get dp to do it for blinking months and he's supposedly in good health!

bubbaloo Tue 31-May-05 20:24:22

thanks coop! she hates really hot weather so that should be interesting.

charley-really pleased your'e feeling like your old self again.dont know where you've got your energy from though-im constantly exhausted and need a sleep in the afternoon otherwisw i cant function.

teabelly Tue 31-May-05 21:53:02

Evening all,

Got a chance to post quickly now that ds has gone to bed and dh is watching the footie...

Charley, he he he at the ball bouncing...well I've done one of them and that's not worked yet so I may have to go out and buy a gym ball soon!!! So glad to hear you're feeling better, and yes please I want to know about your friends friends friend?? and her new diet...I'm a diet junkie (although could never do the atkins - not much cop if you're a veggie, he he he!)

Mrs W - forgot to say - fab news re the football

Jezebel, welcome back - never too late to join in the posting again - do you have a potential name for dd-to-be??

Welshie - wow jeans again so soon - very . Glad to here what a dream ds is being - gives me hope this one will be better than ds was in the early days!

Lippy - oohhhh your Italian sounds lovely...wish I hadn't just had baked spud for tea now!

Never managed to get my reflexology today, all fully booked but I have an appointment for thursday so if nothing else I will have a lovely hour long pamper session then . Bless even ds has become fed up waiting and has resorted to shouting 'come out Amber' to my bump every moment he remembers!

Actually lol speak of ds he was so very very funny this morning and to all of those with little boys who have or will go through this, this was our conversation... 'Luke do you need a wee wee?'
ds 'No mummy'
me 'why are you pulling down your pants then?'
ds' It's winky mummy - it's not right...'
me 'oh...'
ds' it's growing mummy, it doesn't feel right...I think it's broken can daddy buy me a new one from the shops?'

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and he was so serious, and very very concerned...if only he knew this is the start of a life time of funny feelings!!!

JonahB Tue 31-May-05 22:17:57

Evening All,
Hopefully, this should be the final pre-birth thread for some of us- how exciting!!!

Bubb, is that true about the core of the pineapple being the important bit? I thought that’s the bit that you are supposed to throw away. Is this where I'm going wrong

Coop, it was me whose DH keeps his hands off my bump. We tried again this morning (bless DH for mustering up enthusiasm) but nothing. I am beginning to believe that its a myth created by a misoginist bloke who wants to see us prgt women suffer more than we already do!!!

Welshie, glad everything is going well for you. You sound really happy, which is lovely

Tea, lol at your lovely little boy and his concern for the most important parts of his anatomy!!! At times like that, how on earth do you keep a straight face?

Lua, any news???

charleypops Tue 31-May-05 22:36:54

Evening all!

Just got back from the Indian. mmm. Unfortunately, because a couple of friends turned up I hadn't seen in ages turned up, I completely forgot to ask about that amazing diet. doh. I'll call dp now as he's nipped back to their house for a bit...

Ah ha ha Tea! Your poor old ds with his winkie Have any of his curls grown back yet?

Hi Jonah! Well done for trying this morning! I suggested it to dp earlier - and he laughed! How're your aches and pains these days?

Has anyone tried to cat Lynny at all?

MrsWednesday Tue 31-May-05 23:09:59

Ahh, Tea, that really made me laugh. Bless him! DH actually took DS to the doctors because he kept saying 'my willy hurts' but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong. It took a while for us to work out that he only said it when it got hard

Jezebel, good to see you again. Are your doctors intending to induce you if you've got such a big baby on the way? Hopefully you'll have a bit more time to post if you aren't working?

Lua, hope the castor oil doesn't taste too disgusting and that it has done the trick. All the very best of luck for tomorrow.

Welshie, you sound so cheerful and happy! Hope I'm like that after this one arrives (instead of hormonal and sobbing a lot like last time).

JonahB, I'm in awe that you can be bothered! And you too Katz. In fact, it seems like there is a lot of it about on this thread Not in this house though.

Cooperoo, I've found that drinking my raspberry leaf tea and eating loads of apples keeps me regular - if I don't I also get badly constipated. I want to save all my pushing energy for the baby, nothing else. Bless your DD, hoping for Tigger! Do you think you're going to have a boy?

Trib, is there any chance you could get someone else to come in and give you a hand to shift stuff for an afternoon? Have you finished work yet, or are you still working from home?

Charleypops, the nursery in this house is currently full of bags of clothes, random toys etc, nothing sorted out at all and I keep thinking 'ah well, the baby will be in our room for a while so we've got plenty of time' so you're not the only one.

Bubbaloo, I had a nap this afternoon and it was absolutely heavenly (and probably the reason why I'm still up past 11pm tonight!).

Right, I really should go to bed I suppose. Hope things start moving for everyone who wants it to overnight. Is there a full moon coming up soon? Isn't that supposed to make women go into labour?

Cooperoo Wed 01-Jun-05 05:56:32

Morning all, Just a quickie while dd eats her breakfast.
Bubb - I think your boss might melt, or spend a lot of time inside or in the pool. It is not as hot as it gets but my mum hasn't come out this half term as she is hopeless in the heat and knew she would be more hindrance than help.
Charley - Lol about ball bounces!! The Fybogel equivalent has sorted me out after just two doses so I am very pleased with that. I hadn't stopped exactly, just slowed down and didn't want to be pushing anything along but this baby as Mrs W says. Was worried about piles too. Sorry if TMI. .
Mrs W - Yes, I think I am having a boy
Jonah - Well done on persuading DH again!! Sorry it isn't having the desired result though...
Tea - Bless your little boy. I only found out very recently that little boys get hard willies. I always thought it was a puberty thing. I will have some reading to do if I have a boy I can see.
Karen - DH's team have lost every game. Hopeless. I did keep an eye out for you but to be honest was only down there for about two hours as dd was NOT in the mood at all and my feet were like footballs! Your dog sounds gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed the waterpark. Is this one better than the Napa one?
Trib - Hope you get everything done you want. Grab some friends to help you in exchange for a pizza or something.
If it is any consolation Trib and Charlie our baby doesn't even have a room at the moment! Half its stuff is in with dd and half in the 'spare' room. I am intending to give dbump a room in November once we have had all our guests out. Having said that though we will be packing all our stuff in Dec for our move in Jan....
I had another vivid dream that our baby was here last night. It is SO disappointing to wake up and realise that it isn't and that I do still have the labour to get through.
We have the hospital tour this morning. DH has managed to get some time off to come with me which is great as we will also have dd in tow. It is quite cloudy here today but I am not complaining as it is quite refreshing compared with yesterday. Weather forecast has said highs of 27 degrees. Hmmm won't be staying cool then.
Bye for now all.

uwila Wed 01-Jun-05 07:25:42

Mornin' everyone. Good luck, Lua! The first official Junie.

I've started ap ost-natal thread for the Junies (and I know I totally don't qualify to be in this thread now with a a 19 May birhday, but you just can't rid of me... )

uwila Wed 01-Jun-05 07:27:17

Oh duh... The link would be useful.

June 2005 post-natal thread

tribpot Wed 01-Jun-05 10:24:32

Morning ladies! Looking forward to the day when I can post on the post-natal thread!

Thanks for the good wishes. Unfortunately we don't know anyone locally except the MIL and asking her for help is generally more stressful for dh than anything else I think we'll just have to do what we can. MrsW, I am still working from home! Last day on Friday though. Among other things, I really want to get on with cooking and freezing some meals, as nipping out to get takeaways won't be an option for us after the baby arrives.

Lua, all the best for today.

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