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Any new mums-to-be in SE16 or nearby?

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Miia Mon 24-Aug-09 14:02:24

Hi there,

thought I'd post here as well in case this catches somebody's eyes better. I am expecting my first child, due in January 2010 and would love to meet other mums-to-be for a chat/whinge and laugh - it would be good to share experiences as this is all new and a bit scary/weird/exciting.

I am 29 years old, currently 18 weeks pregnant and live in Rotherhithe, in SE London.

It'd be great to get a little group going.

Flumpity Fri 16-Oct-09 16:22:43

hi miia, just seen this. i'm also in rotherhithe although have a 2 year old already and expecting twins in about 3 weeks. there's a good yahoo group of over 100 local mums which you could join. if you go to yahoo groups and search for "southwark Babes" you should be able to join it... good luck with your baby.

Initio Mon 02-Nov-09 15:57:27

Hi Miia, I'm in Rotherhithe too, first baby due Feb 2010. Happy to meet up for a moan and a cup of tea.

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