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please can someone answer pref a midwife??

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jan1976 Wed 19-Aug-09 17:34:36

had my booking in bloods on 7/8/09 and the hiv and hep one still not back and im starting to really worry!!would they have rushed the results through if anything was positive?its been 12 days now

londonmidwife Tue 22-Sep-09 12:34:32

Hopefully this answer is redundant and you already have your results.

It can take weeks to get the results of routine virology tests such as HIV and Hepatitis if you are not considered at high risk of infection. This is because the virology lab may do its low risk tests in big batches every one or two weeks for efficient use of resources.

If you still haven't got your result, chase it up with whoever is taking the lead in your care as occasionally samples get lost or broken.

Hope this is helpful.

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