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5 mnth 6 mnth old and pregnant again!!!! help x

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conniesmum24 Wed 19-Aug-09 14:21:59

hi guys,
my daughter was born in march so shes just 5 an half mnths old and i find myself pregnant again!
ive struggled with what to do and here i am wrighting for some help!
i dont know how far along i am but pretty sure the new baby will be here around my daughters 1st bday!

surely organisation and prep is the key!
but i dont wanna be the kind of mum who is stuck at home with 2 screaming kids.
i want to be out doing stuff with them so does anyone no of places etc around rainham?
and has anyone any advice for me???????
thanks guys x

flyingcloud Wed 19-Aug-09 15:40:48

Hi there,

You might try posting this on the Pregnancy thread as you will get a better response I think.

Good luck!

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