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Due January 06 - Thread 2

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hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 12:46:48

Thanks girls, for letting me start this thread - bloody MACs (obviously could be user error!)

Went to the docs yesterday and he thinks may be a Feb 1st baby - but 2nd babies are often early - hope they are as dd was 9 days late - hence I am in the Oct rather than Sept post-natal thread!

Hope to hear from the midwife soon as I will want to book a CVS as I am now 38 - had one with dd last year.

Has anyone got a closer age difference that I will hopefully have - there will only be nearly 16 months between dd and dd2/ds - eeeek!

Welcome to all the other newies

hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 13:01:42

Midwife just rung to make appt - she agrees with me that edd is Jan 29th - therefore I can stay on this thread - hurrah!

teuch Fri 27-May-05 13:09:48

Thought I would venture in here...

STATS - me 27, DH 27, pg#2 after m/m/c in Feb 05. EDD 26th Jan although cycle dates put it at 30th so 4/5 weeks.

My automatic response to the BFP was total terror and the irrational belief that acknowledging it would somehow jinx it...starting to let it sink in now although I am definitely taking it one step at a time! If no change by start of next week then I'll be informing the MW.

Can't believe some people are able to get scans at 6 weeks!! they don't give you early scans here at all!!

hunkermunker Fri 27-May-05 13:12:26

Have C&P my first post from the last thread since I only made it this morning! Just made it onto the first thread then! Hi HM - fab initials
Hi ladies

Feel I ought to join you since I got a BFP last Friday.

Not sure how far on I am - by dates, I should be seven weeks tomorrow and due on 14th January, but by cycle length it might be less than that. I've been doing comedy retching since a week last Tuesday though, which might indicate further on - wow, this has turned into a stream of consciousness!)

My stats:

Me - 30 next month
DH - 33
DS - 13mo
TTC - not long at all! DS was conceived on my first cycle of Clomid - I have endometriosis and PCOS so am amazed to have fallen pg naturally!
Due - see above

GeorgieM Fri 27-May-05 13:21:04

Hi Hunkermunker, we're due on the same day! BTW,great name. One of my fave characters from Beatrix Potter. DD loves 'sandy whiskered gentleman' from Jemmima Puddleduck!

Wish I could get a scan at 6 weeks.

And wish I could get flipping emotions under control. Either weeping like a fool or totally paranoid that no-one likes me!

Hey ho, at least I haven't puked today!

hunkermunker Fri 27-May-05 13:25:35

I always say "Keep away from the ashpit and Sally Henny-Penny" to DH when he goes out - well, I say always, occasionally. Don't want people thinking I'm a lunatic (any more than they already do...!)!

Should really be HuncaMunca, but I prefer it with "k"s

Know what you mean re emotions - want to cry at the most ridiculous things atm! Don't remember being this emotional with DS!

GeorgieM Fri 27-May-05 13:31:17

You a June babe too? And a gemini? Am 35 on 16th and have had to scrap plans for big boozy party - doh!

hunkermunker Fri 27-May-05 13:39:06

I am a June babe, but a Cancerian - am 30 on 30th! Hadn't planned anything majorly boozy, so no scrapping of plans required

GeorgieM Fri 27-May-05 13:42:33

Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine in leafy SW London! Me, my book and some chocolate I think!

Be back later. Have a good afternoon everyone.

teuch Fri 27-May-05 14:24:45

hullo fellow geminis - me too (13th)! Do you think it was in our stars or something? hmmmmm....

v jealous you are getting sun down south - still raining in Scotch-land but I am assured that it will stop tomorrow evening, yay!

How far on are you GeorgieM?

Chuffed Fri 27-May-05 15:01:16

Virgo here.
It is simply gorgeous in London today have just spent my lunch hour sitting in a little park behind work very jealous of my daughter who will be playing outside all day today.

Eshay Fri 27-May-05 15:11:06

Sun here in Farnborough too. I keep going outside to tan my legs but then I just can't stand the sun and go inside - only to get cold... Ah, the marvels of being pregnant!

DS is in bed now so I will stop here and make the most of the opportunity and have a wee nap myself.

GeorgieM Fri 27-May-05 15:44:07

Hi Tuech, am 7 weeks today edd of 14 Jan. Top button gettig harder and harder to do up!

What about you?

Just woken up from a nap myself. God bless nursery! Lovely to have a day off. Am half women half duvet at the moment.

And craving apples and melons for some reason....

horseshoe Fri 27-May-05 16:47:33

Chuffed same here, Stuck in stuffy London office and DD has just called me to say she is out in the garden collecting spiders [nice]

Rachey1969 Fri 27-May-05 17:02:27

Hi there, just realised you were all over here! Hi Teuch and welcome, all I can say is thank god for scans at all, without them I'd have this fear that I'd reach the labour ward and be turned away for having a phantom pregnancy! I'm not due one till 18 wks in my area but hopefully I will get a dating scan before 14 wks as I'm not sure when I ovulated (no real cycles to speak of - long story (been on the mirena coil). It's gorgeous here, I'm just outside Swansea, on the edge of the Gower. Planning to have (disposable) bbq on a quiet spot on the beach tomorrow with dp like a pair of young lovers thankfully he is a chef so hopefully burgers will be properly cooked! Have a great weekend everyone!

Rachey1969 Fri 27-May-05 17:03:34

Ps I'm an emotional cancerian too, will be 36 on July 4th.

TeriS Fri 27-May-05 17:08:05

Hi, glad to hear your all doing well (or as best as can be with all the sickness and tieredness!).

Just wanted to ask your opinions... I fell down the stairs on Monday (top to bottom, bruises all down one side!). I haven't had any bleeding, though stomach pains on and off since then... I spoke to midwife (who said they weren't interested until I'm 9 weeks! which is on Sun), and doctor said should all be OK, and unless I bled, no need to get checked out...

I'm really worried, and would like a scan to confirm all OK, but doctor said they won't do it... Not very happy about it - should I push them for an early scan? Or am I just being paranoid? I hit my hip/bum quite bad, it's still a bit painful when I walk...

Well, here's my stats:

Me: 31
DH: 27 (toyboy!)
DS: 2.5

lyra41 Fri 27-May-05 17:10:20


We're going to New Quay in Cardigan bay for our holiday : me, dh, ds, dd and my mum in a 6 berth mobile home. Hoping for good weather, sunny beaches, and lots of r & r. Won't be posting for a while as we're not back till Friday 3rd June.

Rachey1969 Fri 27-May-05 17:16:53

Poor u Teri, I think your babe is well cushioned especially at this stage floating in their own little cushion but if you get any bleeding at all, I would push.

Lyra - Newquay is lovely, have a great time the forecast is good - wave to me from the M4 as you pass if you're going that way - although perhaps not from Manchester!

hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 17:45:42

Hi girls, I'm a stroppy aries - so don't mess O.K.

I'm 38 am I the oldest on here?

My area is very good re scans etc, can have dating scans, nuchal scans and other tests like CVS at no charge - but this may be because of my age?

Seeing the midwife on the 18th June when I will be nearly 7 weeks, hopefully will have my dating scan the week after and probably get booked in for a CVS mid July - assuming and hoping everything goes O.K until then [fingers crossed icon]

milosmum Fri 27-May-05 17:56:00

hi- well im really disheartened now- doctors test has come back "negligable"- ie they cant say whether im pregnant or not!

however i did another test and it said +. so far i ve used 2 from ebay, a Predictor and one form the chemist and they are all faint lines but are +. The predictor still has the Dot 2 days later. What do i do?

i have to take another to the doctors on Tuesday.....

hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 18:01:16

Hey mm, don't get disheartened. It may just be that the HCG level is low for pregnancy to be detected - I'd take heart that the line is still there.

I did two clearblue digital tests - last Saturday and Tuesday and they were both negative. I did a normal clearblue one on Wednesday and it was positive and still is!

milosmum Fri 27-May-05 18:21:41

thanks hotmama- just done another test and it is +- even asked my 4 yr old how many lines were there as confirmation!!!

chezie Fri 27-May-05 18:23:34

Hello everyone.
I am thinking about making my "booking in" appt with MW but keep putting it off just in case owt goes wrong. what week in pregnancy do the MWs in your area come and do booking appointments, I think its between 10 & 12 here

chezie Fri 27-May-05 18:26:43

Do you keep looking at your pregnancy tests just to check that they were p+sitive?
I do, sometimes I still dont believe it so I check my tests, how sad am I ha ha

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