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Due Sept 05 - Thread 8

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franch Wed 25-May-05 08:32:53

Here it is.

Kiwifruit Wed 25-May-05 09:36:07

Gosh Franch, you're up and about bright and early this morning!

Baby has suddenly got a LOT more active in the last day or so - it was having a major party in my belly last night, and DH finally got to feel it move

Work have told me that I will probably have to go to Phoenix in the next couple of weeks for 4 days or so. Not looking forward to the flight (although might be able to wangle an upgrade maybe - no chance of work paying for one ), however am looking forward to having another go at Gap Maternity - bought a couple of bits from there at Easter, but didn't have a bump then, and my imagination was finding it all a bit hard to cope with. Bump is definitely present this time !!

Can't stop thinking about poor Sarah and her baby - so devastating for her and her family .

andif Wed 25-May-05 10:17:38

Totally exhausted today!
Having moaned about the lack of supply work this year, got phone call at 8.30 Mon morning asking me to work at Ds2's school all week if poss! Teachers dropping like flies with tummy bug. Decided couldn't poss cope with all day everyday as too much organisation involved, and some commitments, but in part of most days. Trouble is, I'm just not used to it - teaching means on feet all day, bending over tiny desks with v limited loo breaks!! Not ideal!! I've really enjoyed it - the adrenaline of thinking on my feet has kept me going, but as soon as I sit down, I fall asleep! The house is a tip - if I did this full time I would have to have a cleaner etc, but can't justify it when at home mostly. Feel like it's going to take weeks for me and the house to recover! Glad it's half term next week!
Franch - are you planning on visiting Kingston? - let me know
Keep thinking about VF. Had my 24wk check today and tried to quiz clueless GP about Strep B. Think midwife will be more use at next apt.

franch Wed 25-May-05 10:29:44

Hi andif - just a quickie before DD wrecks the room - we're just waiting for DH to be (hopefully) shortlisted for the job, then he'll be arranging meetings in Kingston prior to the interview and I'll tag along with DD. Should be soon - I'll let you know. Would be great to meet you.

moschops Wed 25-May-05 11:25:30

morning everyone.....well i'm doing my one day a week at work and feel bad because realistically i'm not going to be able to do many more. i'm just not up to it physically or emotionally. i am getting increasingly annoyed at my inability to get around. i can't even go into town to do a simple food shop as a) my belly really hurts if i do and b) dp is being very protective of me.

also had to make the very hard decision to re-home the dog with the in-laws as he simply will not tolerate the kitten and this has brought other behaviour issues to a head. i can cope with these at the moment but not with a baby in the house. all i've done is cry since last night when dp and i finally said out loud that it was the only option. i think i feel worse because the cat gets to stay.......feel like i'm abandoning my dog

Kiwifruit Wed 25-May-05 11:31:00

Moschops - do your PIL live nearby so that you can visit the dog lots? Is it not an option to re-home the kitten instead? It's a tough decision, but think you're right about it being too much to deal with when you add a new baby into the mix as well. On the bright side, at least you know the dog will be going to a good home...

moschops Wed 25-May-05 13:05:44

PIL live five/ten minutes down the road.....surrounded by fields, we quite often walk him down there and he is very familiar with it all.

i can't imagine a house without a pet and the other problem is i would just re-home the kitten with them now and have problems come sept if the dog/baby is an unworkable situation because they can't have him and the cat.

the dog is very boisterous and having visitors is difficult, he barks a lot which would not be good around a (hopefully) sleeping baby. i really don't want him to go but i have to step back from the situation and assess it properly. the best option is for the dog to go...........and in the future we could swap i suppose if we think he'll be more manageable with a toddler. he is absolutely brilliant around children, its just other aspects of his behaviour which will make life difficult.

Boompi Wed 25-May-05 13:58:09

Am off work today with nausea and diarrhoea. Think I have the tummy bug that doing the rounds. Feel completely whacked. We were at a 2nd birthday party on sunday and think I may have picked it up from there.

Finding work increasingly difficult evry day too. Cant believe Ive got at least 8 weeks to go. Very jealous of you LadyL!

Was given loads of things, clothes, toys etc from a friend with a 16month old boy. If its a boy we are sorted for clothes!

I feel so sad for VF, very tearful.

Piccalilli Wed 25-May-05 13:58:56

About to leave work to go to my 23 week scan and feeling very scared all of a sudden.

Terrible news about Sarah's baby. I can't imagine how dreadful she must be feeling.

pooka Wed 25-May-05 14:16:59

I'm also v sad for vf. Terrible...
Also feeling really rather knackered, immobile, teary and tetchy with dd who has suddenly decided now is the ideal time to test how quickly I can chase after her. Honestly, everytime my back is turned she sprints off laughing or lies down on the floor passively resisting while I try and squat to pick her up. Feel bad because she is still my lovely baby and generally so good that my stressed out reaction is completely disproportionate. Ho hum...
Really glad to have given up work now though am trying to pace myself so that we have something to do everyday, to get out of the house. Otherwise we just end up lounging in bed together, which is lovely, but perhaps not ideal all the time.
Anyway - time to tidy up. Again.......

Kiwifruit Wed 25-May-05 15:08:35

You lucky people who have finished work, or at least gone down to part time ! I feel like I'm never going to finish - have about 13 weeks left to go . Would love to finish earlier, or go part time, but if we are going to meet our house deposit saving target, that's not going to be possible. Am hoping that any extra weeks I put in now will be recouped at the other end, when I don't have to go back to work too early as we've got a smaller mortgage due to bigger house deposit [wishful thinking face]...

My work motivation is so low at the moment - have been handed a new project and am struggling to stay on task - have the attention span of a 2 year old!

Right, had better go and type a couple more words in my document. Sigh....

elasticated Wed 25-May-05 15:56:30

kiwifruit - am in the same boat, feels very weird that everyone is already talking about not being at work, i'm still umming and ahing about whether to take 2 or 3 weeks of before my due date! So have got at least 13 weeks to go. Not feeling too uncomfortable yet though so fingers crossed! Went to ante-natal yoga last night which is the first excercise i've done since got pg so bit of a shock to the system but felt nice to be doing all the stretches - my main moan at the moment is ligament pains but bizarrely they seem to be eased if i get up and have a walk around.

mummyhill Wed 25-May-05 18:31:46

Wow here is me struggling to do ot as i need to make up the hours i lost last month please stop making me jealous. I feel really knackered. If one more person asks if i am sure there is only one in here or if i am expecting an elephant i think i am going to cry!!!!!!! Been feeling sad for VF all day so sorry she has has such a bad experience with the staff who should of been there to help and support her. Going in to work now see you all later!!

franch Wed 25-May-05 19:01:47

pooka, I totally sympathise about you and your DD. Mine has had a virus for the past week and seems to be over it now but still getting tired very easily which is making her VERY grumpy and difficult, especially at mealtimes. Actually found myself snapping with her yesterday and made her cry Tonight I put her to bed at 6.45!!!

Katts, it was great to meet you at pregnancy yoga on Monday! Do keep us updated on how you get on with getting the antenatal care you want. I'm meeting the head of midwifery tomorrow to discuss the same thing - wish me luck! I'm going to try the yoga class tomorrow night too and see which one I prefer - DH reckons I can sign up for 6 classes and with any luck he should be home in time to let me escape. I must say it was fantastic to do some exercise - it's slightly more 'active' than the yoga at the Active Birth Centre, which I like - but I did have a very achey hip that night so will have to watch that.

andif Wed 25-May-05 20:02:06

Jealous of all you doing yoga. Tried to find a local pg yoga class but only one started at 6.45 - must be aimed at first time mums! Don't think I have self-discipline to do DVD at home, and dog will want to join in..... Finding my daily walk through Richmond Park is getting harder and harder - feels like I go at snails pace now, my legs feel like lead! Feeling less flabby though, so maybe the added weight to carry is helping!! 16 more weeks of this, with hotter weather too....
Off to Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow, dh working at home, so no rush to get back - luxury..

Kiwicath Wed 25-May-05 20:38:27

The flu bug is knocking everyone for a six over my way as well. We've all had it and even though I've stopped throwing up and pebble dashing the loo , it's left me feeling completely shattered. The 42C isn't helping either!!! We can only really go out early morning until 12.30 as onwards it just too dam hot. Still, we have access to loads of hotel pools so enjoying getting abit of swimming in before heading back to the NZ winter. Not long to go now until the BIIIG move. Leaving Sharm on the 5th and Cairo on the 8th. Managed to sell preddy much everything but will still be taking 250+kgs back with us. Having to start over with all the furniture and housy stuff is all a bit daunting ... but exciting at same time. I went into a major decline when I discovered NZ'ers weren't into Ebay but have since found "" is the NZ equivalent. Should be able to get a few bargins that way.

LadyLazarus Thu 26-May-05 08:58:50

I'm lucky I've avoided whatever bugs seem to be doing the rounds (perhaps working with ill people makes you immune to a lot of the nasties!!), but am having quite bad hay fever, which I don't normally get. Only two more shifts left at work, last day is Saturday A few of the doctors at work have said 'what, you're leaving work at 24 weeks?!' but I don't care! If it's quiet at work and I can sit down more then it's not too bad, but mostly it's constant bed washing and making, bending over people to do bloods, trying to prevent psychiatric patients or confused elderly people from absconding, and taking lots of cheek from irritating patients!! Definitely time to leave methinks

My bead-filled V-shaped pillow came this week and it's lovely, even for just sitting on the sofa

PiccadillyCircus Thu 26-May-05 09:07:51

I'm stopping work 8 weeks tomorrow, when I'll be 32 weeks. I will be taking some extra holiday though so actual maternity leave will start sometime around mid August.

DS will be going to nursery two days a week, so I am looking forward to some me time before I have no me time (at least not for the next couple of years I should think )

Has anyone heard from Sallie at all? I think our due dates are the same, and I don't think she's posted since before her 20 week scan. Was hoping all was OK with her.

We're going away on 7th June to France, staying in a Keycamp place in the Loire. DS now has a passport .

I am managing to be off for nearly three weeks then, due to the days I normally work and taking a couple of extra days as well. So I think I have 22 days left at work (including today) which feels quite good.

Have bought a Silver Cross pram on ebay. DS and I are going to pick it up on Saturday. I suddenly felt that an old fashioned pram would be rather nice and so small one will be able to be pushed round happily in it. Still need a double buggy of course as well....

zubb Thu 26-May-05 10:15:19

I have no motivation for work at the moment - but thats my usual state rather than pregnancy related!

I'm making ds2 (18 months) walk so much more at the moment so that we can avoid a double buggy. He's quite into running away giggling, but is doing well. It's better when ds1 (3) is there as I can make them race to the next lampost / bench etc which stops him trying to get me to pick him up. Having to remember to allow double the time I think we need to get anywhere .

Piccalilli Thu 26-May-05 10:45:54

Hello all - 23 week scan yesterday and the sonographer said I've got impaired blood flow through the placenta. She didn't seem unduly worried by it but I can't find any info - does anyone know anything about this?

I've got another 13 weeks at work and I cannot WAIT to stop.

milward Thu 26-May-05 12:56:04

Piccalilli - I'd ask to see your doc about this. Don't know anything on this but if it was me know that I'd worry and want some answers. Saw that you're going on holiday so could be an excuse to get a quick appointment. Best wishes.

milward Thu 26-May-05 12:57:50

Posted this question on the pregnancy board - but there may be someone here in the same boat!
"I'm 22 weeks & have vericous veins in my left leg on the shin, behiind the knee & on the thigh - lovely!!! Saw my doc yesterday & she says to wear support tights. But not sure what brand to go for and also how to manage wearing them throughout the hot summer. Any advice please - thanks. "

beatie Thu 26-May-05 13:09:15

Hi everyone

We're off to Copenhagen for 5 days from Monday and I am really anxious about it. Back in January it seemed like a good idea to book a city break over a beach holdiay (where we would get bored ) Oh boy! I'd take boredom right now. I'm worried I won't be able to keep up the pace of walking all day and we might not see as much as we want to.

I've ordered a maternity support belt to see if that helps. Copenhagen is supposed to be good for cycling around. Will cycling be better for me than walking? i.e. less strain on my back

It will be really nice to get away, and despite my fears, I am excited to be having a break.

Sorry Picalili ~ I don't know anything about that but if your midwife says not to worry then it is probably something minor.

zubb Thu 26-May-05 13:16:00

beatie - are you staying close to the centre? Its not that big really and you can stop for lots of coffee and cakes as you walk around. I really liked Copenhagen.
I did a city break to Brussels at about the same stage of pregnancy with ds2 and it was great - did a bit less walking than normal but sat in lots more bars and cafes!

beatie Thu 26-May-05 13:19:03

We are staying close to the centre. We'll have DD with us. I like the idea of lots of coffee and cake and breaks

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