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Promethazine hydrochloride AKA Phenergan - is it really safe in pg?

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Pops78 Thu 23-Jul-09 18:13:32

Hi All,

I know I am being a paro 1st timer but am concerned about how safe Promethazine Hydrichloride (AKA Phenergan) is for my baby. I am 11 weeks pg and have been very very sick. I told the doctor and he gave me these tablets to take before I go to bed at night.

Took on Tues night and really noticed difference, felt so much better next day. However, now I am freaking out and scared to take anymore because having looked it up on-line it is rated C class which means basically there is no proof it is safe in pg and it even says that tests on animals have proved it dangeroous to fetus.

Has anyone used and know morw, any docs out there who can assure me or not about using it. If I didn't feel like death I wouldn't even consider of course. Any feedback much appreciated.

fairylights Thu 23-Jul-09 18:27:43

i was given phenergan when hospitalised with hypermesis in my first pregnancy - to be honest it did bugger all but if its working for you then thats good! But they obviously thought it was safe from experience.
The thing with taking pretty much any meds in pregnancy is that there very likely won't have been any clinical trials to show what happens in pg - its just unethical to do trials of drugs on unborn babies (obviously!).. so i think most doctors go on experience (although feel free to correct me doctors) but many meds that might be helpful etc will say that you shouldn't take in pg.
I am at the end of my pg with dc2 and was again very sick for the first 5 months or so but my GP prescribed Avomine (thats its brand name) which you can usually buy over the counter for travel sickness.. again this says that you shouldn't take it in pregnancy and i was sceptical that it would have any effect as i was being very very sick again, but actually it really helped. I was still sick but was able to eat which helped a lot - i totally understand your anxiety, i also read stuff that sounded scary about Avomine but having become incredibly ill and physically wrecked in my first pg i knew that i needed to basically survive, esp with a toddler to look after full time. I took it til 22 weeks and am so glad i did.
Hope someone more scientific can come along and reassure you too smile

Pops78 Fri 24-Jul-09 12:17:45

Thanks fairylights, I am feeling awful but think I am going to try really hard to hold back from the pills until 12 weeks. So sorry u have had such awful MS.

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