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I'm moving to Berkhamsted. Where should I have my baby?

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EllaJane Thu 23-Jul-09 15:02:14

Just hoping for some advice. I'm moving to Berkhamsted mid August, and am due to have my first baby at the beginning of November. I'm currently linked with Barnet Hopsital, and planning on using Edgware Birth Centre to give birth. Barnet comes out badly in surveys etc. but I've been fairly happy, and the birth centre is great (as long as there are enough midwives to let you in!!) and I could stay there. I would rather go somewhere nearer though. Was considering the Alexandra Birth Centre, but have read terrible things about Watford's maternity services and could well end up in the hospital . . . . so wondering if anyone has any feedback, advice, suggestions etc. about hospitals in the area.
Many thanks,

Crocus1 Thu 23-Jul-09 22:55:57

hi there - Stoke mandeville maternity unit is just outside aylesbury... it might be worth looking into, i understand it has good facilities. hope this helps.

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