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The Wagon rolls on, complete with whinging, winding and teething and ever more chocolate brownies!

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Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 17:35:05

Over here ladies - will post the list in a second...

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 17:36:54

Kay - 12th December - 6:49pm - Dylan George - 10lbs 5ozs
Teuch- - - boy
Pop - 23rd December - twin boys, Hugo & Henry
Nat - 27th December - 8:36pm - Mikey Bradley - 6lb 10.5oz
Gin - 16th Jan- Girl - 7.25am- details tbc
Tink- 19th Jan - Girl - 1.51pm - Bracken Hope Willow - 8lbs 7oz
Astarte - 16th Feb - Girl - 8lb 12oz
Glask - 20th Feb - Girl - 7.47pm - Ruby Marie 4lb (8wks prem)
LardyBump - 21st Feb- Boy - 8lb 12oz
HappyNappies- 27th Feb- Boy - 12.01am 9lb13 Edward James Roy
Playing - 4th March - boy - 5 lb 12 oz - Edward Lewis Stainer
Starshinetiger - 15th March - girl - 7lb 1 oz - Charlotte Carys Rose
GYo - 22nd March 9.55am- girl - 10 lbs 12 oz -
Cosmo - 2nd April - girl - April Victoria - 8.51am - 6lb 9
Gruff - 15th April - boy - 8lb 2 oz - 6.02am Zachary John Graham
Ses - 9th May - boy - 8lb 9oz - 10.17am Owen Edward
MINM- .......
Diege - 13th June, boy, 9lb 8ozs Jacob Llewellyn

Weeks list:
LBOT - 38 weeks, 2 left to go BOY! (24th July)
KookyKid - 32 weeks, 8 weeks to go (2nd Sept) BOY!
Idreamofbeanie - 29 weeks (due 27th Sept) GIRL!
Sparklytwinkletoes - 28 weeks (due 6th Oct)
BB - 18 weeks (EDD 30th oct)
Moosy - 19 weeks (EDD 6th Dec)

Girls = 8
Boys= 9 (2 more still insitu)
Surprise = 10
Unknowns (yet) = 3

Scan list:
Moosy - 20 week scan 22nd July
STT - 38 week scan 17th Sept

MW apps list:
BB- 17th july MW, Antenatal clinic 15th june
LBOT - 40 week appointment, 20 July
IDOB- 31 week apt 30th July

Mat leave countdown:
LBOT - last day 17 July 3 days to go
IDOB - 4th September, 8 weeks to go.

Babys Age
Kayz's Dylan - 26 weeks
Tinks Bracken - 25 weeks
Glaskham's Ruby - 16 weeks
Gyo's small giraffe - 10 weeks
Cosmo baby - 8 weeks
Ses's Owen - 8 weeks
Diege's Jacob - 12 days
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GYo Wed 15-Jul-09 18:11:41

Hi all

Thanks for the new thread grin

Sorry not done a full catch up but would like your thoughts on DD.

She is now 16wks and for the last few days been really grumpy, getting bored really easily, crying a lot, seemingly frustrated. When I visit friends (in last week) I usually end up leaving as she just cries all the time we are there, unless im feeding her! We’ve had thrush and im hoping its starting to clear, but it didn’t affect her feeding that I noticed. I've probably been feeding her a bit more but not loads and she has been quite sicky.

Are we in a 16wk growth spurt? I’ve just given her an extra feed to see if it helps. She is now gurgling on play mat happily, but it wont last long!

How can you tell if crying a lot is due to illness or just growing?

Thanks guys…. Better run and keep her occupied!

Kayzr Wed 15-Jul-09 18:22:37

Just a quick post so that I am on here.

STT, hope you start to feel a bit better soon. I do really think your DH should be helping you. Especially with tidying up. I know that keeping our house even remotely tidy is a 2 man job.

Hope everyone is well. Going to Meadowhall tomorrow and I am ridiculously excited!! MIL ased why we can't just go to Scarboroughhmm

Cosmogirl Wed 15-Jul-09 18:22:37

Hi GYo,

DD is 15 wks this Thurs and last few days has also been feeding more, more clingy, crying a bit more than normal. I was wondering if as they get closer to weaning age they are getting more hungry and so want to feed all the time.....Not sure though. Would be interested to hear what other more experienced mums have to say.

Starshinetiger Wed 15-Jul-09 18:24:05

Very quickly - you've just described DD to a tee GYo last week. She went 5 days and nights like this - I fed more (was feeding up to every 2 hours at night as well) and eventually on the 6th night it improved and on 6th day was better. I put it down to a growth spurt (not til afterwards) and she was 16 weeks too. Hope it ends soon for you!

Starshinetiger Wed 15-Jul-09 18:26:10

Cosmo - cross-posted. Our spell like that has calmed down, so hope it isn't like this all the way to weaning, but I think once your milk supply has adjusted to increased demand and they have had their developmental spurt it should calm down for a bit at least! Am sure someone more experienced will be along soon to comment!

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 18:33:12

Well, IM (Limited) Exp - DS certainly didn't 'need weaning' other than that he'd been fed milk for six months and he needed to start eating food to a) get used to it and b) build up iron stocks.

IIRC, 16 weeks is a growth spurt, so just feed, feed, feed - they won't over eat!

I also had a period that I called 'the witching hour' which I've since read about on here, which started about the same time. From 5 till 7 pm EVERY day was a ruddy nightmare, with lots of grumps from DS and me climbing the wall by the time DH got home. At least this time around I'll know it doesn't last long.... comparitively! grin

I didn't have any routine - I was DS led for everything, mainly as I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but DS let me know, and it made life less stressful. So if he cried, and I thought there was a possibility of hunger, he got the boob. My sister (when I phoned saying "but he can't still be hungry / be hungry again"...) if he cries, shove a boob in, if he eats, he's hungry, if he doesn't, he's not. It was always for the food!

I'll do the same again this time, DS permitting of course!

So, rambling aside, I think its just a growth spurt and would feed on demand (if you do GF routines, 'fraid you'll have to wait for Diege as I have no clue how that works). And it will settle down, and won't last all the way to 6 months! hmm don't quote me on that will you grin

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 18:37:05

Oh goodness, just re-read the first paragraph and it sounds really odd!

Well, IM (Limited) Exp - DS certainly didn't 'need weaning' other than that he'd been fed milk for six months and he needed to start eating food to a) get used to it and b) build up iron stocks

What I mean is, he didn't get grumpy because he needed weaning - things like getting bored etc just didn't seem to relate to that.

Sorry, will read more carefully next time - is a bit tricky as supervising DS with 'pink milk' on the sofa next to me!

glaskham Wed 15-Jul-09 19:11:38

popping myself on the new thread so i dont loose you.

DD1 is being VVVVVV clingy and is feeding every 1-1.5hrly atm so have no time at all to stop and chat, but promise i will ASAP!!- i'm getting really terrible at keeping up recently!!

GruffaloSoldier Wed 15-Jul-09 19:31:04

evening all

new photos on FB wagon of GC and SG

Gyo - hope SG cheers up soon. I think I would just stick with what youre doing! I know she cried yesterday but I thought you dealt with it pretty swiftly and she soon cheered up!Its only natural that you worry but Im sure it is just growth spurt. If you need to get out and are worried though just come over to my house!I am used to crying babies and hardly notice. In fact when I had NCT ladies round the other week, 1 of them had to point out that GC had woken up and was crying blush I was oblivious oops.<<bad mum emoticon>>

sorry for all you grumpy ladies! Im feeling grumpy too but not sure why. you will soon have your babies!and it will all be worth it!

tink/diege - sorry for 'problems'

kayz/glask/others hi!

Diege you made me laugh with the teeth comment re Kayz ds looking like this grinat end of day!hee hee had visions of teeth sprouting before her eyes grin

Kayzr Wed 15-Jul-09 19:39:05

Ahh bliss!

Just put DS1 to bed, he hasn't napped today and he has just been really grumpy since about half 3. Nice to have a little peace and quiet!!

Kayzr Wed 15-Jul-09 19:44:07

Diege and Sorky and any others with older dcs. What do you do when they start to drop their naps? I am hoping it was a 1 off for now. But any time he doesn't he is really grumpy and has loads of tantrums.

Diege Wed 15-Jul-09 20:23:40

Thanks for new thread SKK! Interesting about 16 week growth spurts. My memory is rusty, but no doubt I interpreted it as a need to wean! I remember with dd1 the recommendation was weaning at 12 weeks, though she wasn't really ready, and remember alternating between the boob and petit filou yougurts grin.
KAYZ, the earliest my lot dropped the day time nap was 18 months, and that's generally quite early. I'm sure it was just a one off!
Well girls I need a raindance of mega proportions please. Dd2's 'postponed sports day has been rescheduled for 9.20am tomorrow, which will be so difficult to get up to (ie. not usually able to get dressed by that time). The only option may be to stay in my clothes tonight and just stand up and walk out the door hmm grin

Diege Wed 15-Jul-09 20:25:24

Oh MOOS that's reassuring about the cut-glass pooing, though how you manage to squat on the toilet is beyond me - do you mean standing then squatting on the seat??!!!!

essenceofSES Wed 15-Jul-09 21:29:49

Thanks for the new thread STT

Just really checking in as not had chance to properly catch up. Have been really tired the last couple of days and am determined to get to bed by 10pm tonight.

Will try and catch up a bit tomorrow.

Moosy Wed 15-Jul-09 21:49:28

Oh Diege, you're so unimaginative! I don't know how to get to squatting on a toilet, you just sort of do! Sit down, then bring one leg up at at time and tuck it underneath you then lift up a bit so you're crouching? I think... I don't know... don't make me go and try and write down each step!

bumpsnowjustplump Wed 15-Jul-09 21:56:31

Moosy PMSL at squatting on a toilet....

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 22:05:52

Moosy - am so close to trying it out, but think I would probably either;

a) pull the loo roll holder off the wall
b) break the loo seat
c) break my neck

so am going to leave it until I have a bottom situation that demands such extreme measures grin

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 15-Jul-09 22:06:34

Would the phrase 'LMAO' be appropriate at this point grin

Diege Wed 15-Jul-09 22:29:47

grin Surely that's impossible?? Have I missed it that you are :
a) a contortionist
b) an olympic gymnast???
As STT says, pulling loo roll holder off wall springs to mind, as does broken neck and foot in toilet bowl. I am seriously tempted to give it a try though...will report back tomorrow.
Night all!

Moosy Thu 16-Jul-09 09:13:59

If you go to Asia, everyone does it! There were foot prints on all the seats in the airport in Singapore, some seats there even have wide bits for putting your feet on!

Moosy Thu 16-Jul-09 09:14:07

If you go to Asia, everyone does it! There were foot prints on all the seats in the airport in Singapore, some seats there even have wide bits for putting your feet on!

Moosy Thu 16-Jul-09 09:16:01

Oops, it's so exciting I had to tell you twice!

lastboxoftampons Thu 16-Jul-09 10:09:41

LOL - we were talking about the standing on toilet seats at work on Monday. We were in a Hare and Tortoise (chain noodle shop) and my colleague said there were footprints on the seat in the toilet!

Thanks for new thread STT!

Am waiting for the delivery of our stainless steel splashback today, but order sounds decidedly dodgy. Spoke with the manufacturer yesterday who said Oh, yes it despatched last night hmm Nice of him to tell me!!!

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