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is there life outside these 4 walls?!?

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happyface01 Tue 14-Jul-09 11:03:02

hi im due my first baby mid august and i really dont know what to do with my time now i have finished work do all pregnant mums just wash iron and tidy or do we all meet up for fun and chats? please help!! lol

fruitymum Tue 14-Jul-09 11:29:23

I can lend you a 3 year old to keep you amused! Seriously - enjoy this time - meet up with friends , read books, chill . Is this your first baby? I am due 2nd one second week in Aug - and don't have the free time I had first time round !

happyface01 Tue 14-Jul-09 12:00:35

yeah my first, problem is I'm not from around here i come from reading and its a fair old trek to go back and see mates plus they all work!!!

thanks for the offer of your 3 yr old im a nursery manager so im glad to be away from children at the mo just miss adult interaction my phone bills gonna be massive next month!! lol hows this pregnancy been for you? i have really enjoyed mine up till now and all the pains have now started you are one brave lady doing it again with a toddler i have to say i admire you.

fruitymum Tue 14-Jul-09 17:29:22

So far so good - now on holiday from work then start mat leave next week . To be honest glad to be finished work ,DH at home at the mo - building wardrobes from scratch in our room, making a mess and messing up my kitchen as soon as I tidy it!
All the baby stuff is still in the loft - so will need to get a move on next week...
Your friends will probably be jealous of you having some time off to yourself! How about going for a swim every day, buying a daily paper and going somewhere nice for a cup of tea - I always end up with someone chatting to me if I do this. Sussing out baby friendly places, groups etc is another option. But most of all enjoy! I worked up to the week before DD was due last time - no way this time round.

happyface01 Thu 16-Jul-09 15:46:56

great ideas thanks i booked myself at a new gym with a pool so im off this afternoon and i meet a local lady on here that lives in my area so we are meeting for lunch next week, also hubby has been off for 2 days so we have been busy cleaning carpets and stuff.

thanks again.

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