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August- number 4!

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jellybrain Tue 17-May-05 11:05:17

Thought I'd start a new thread as No 3 is pretty long now! If anyone knows how to link between the 2 threads can you put one in - I'm not called Jellybrain by accident you know .

Had a job interview yesterday but, haven't heard anything back yet . I don't think my preparation was all that good and was pretty busy over the weekend with birthday party preparations and was consequently shattered.

Azure Tue 17-May-05 11:09:38

Just signing in to the new thread. Jellybrain best of luck with the job. I've been conducting interviews to find my temporary replacement and would hate to be the one having to answer the questions (not that I ask anything particularly challenging). Out of interest, did they know you were pregnant before you turned up? What was their reaction if not?

jellybrain Tue 17-May-05 12:29:17

Hi Azure yes they knew. I asked the HR person to let them know beforehand. I had also explained before I sent off the application and was informed that they couldn't not give me a job just because I'm pregnant (would be difficult to prove otherwise though). What was odd though was there was absolutely no reference to it ie due dates plans for leave etc. However if I don't get the job its probably more likely to be my poor prepartaion that has let me down! Also I understand that the jobs were temporary posts which have now become permenant so I was up against a number of candidates who have been doing the job for almost a year.
O well I had acouple of nice trips into Oxford to look around the shops!

Cheers everyone,JB

beachyhead Tue 17-May-05 13:34:32

feeling a bit happier and calmer today - I think I'll go and get some relexology to get me through the next 5 weeks or so. I have started to lie down at weekends for a couple of hours and I am trying to cut back my hours and not burn the midnight oil at work, so I think I'll cope.

My 4D picture is still amazing me - I've shown everyone, whether they are interested or not!!!!

I'm so sorry for you guys who have committments two or three weeks before - its such a hard decision to make. I've written off any arrangements from July 11th and managed to p**s off lots of overseas friends who were hoping for cheap accommodation for their holidays in London - not this summer, matey!!!!!

kate100 Tue 17-May-05 14:36:39

I've had an accident, I put one foot out of the conservatory door on Sunday and them slipped on the paper and my other leg ahot out behind me. Ouch, my poor pelvis is now completely buggered, it all hurts now, not just at the back. Saw the midwife yesterday and when she felt for the baby I had to get her to stop as it hurt so much. Still my baby is doing fine and apart from my pelvis I am too, so I can't complain too much.

Beachyhead, I was like Colinsmommy too, with sugar and protein and I was fine, so I hope that you are too. You lucky thing with that 4-d scan.

Went to aquanatal yesterday and I can honestly say it was the best laugh I've had in ages, 20 pregnant women dancing around to cheesy music and 2 midwives who were hilarious. At one point the one demonstrating on the side said, 'I'm too hot' and kicked off her trainers and jumped in!! Fortuanately she was in a swimsuit. Anyway, I spoke to one of the midwives and she thinks it may have been DS's size that has caused that problem, so here's hoping for a smaller baby this time.

Hope everyone else is well and much sympathy for those who have commitments around their due dates. DH's brother got married 4 days after DS was born, missed the whole thing, was breastfeeding in a toilet!!

Nome Tue 17-May-05 14:46:20

Ooh |Kate, you poor thing. That sounds agony. [twitches in sympathy] I skidded getting out of the shower last week and searing pain shot up my pelvis and down my left leg. I am now mincing like a penguin and the m/w has muttered about spd and refered me to an Only 12 weeks to go...

Link to thread 3 .

Icky glucose challenge next week. Anyone else suffering through one of these?

Miaou Tue 17-May-05 15:12:38

Hi folks, just signing in to the new thread. We've had problems with our internet connection over the last week so I've not been looking in that much.

I went swimming today, really didn't feel like going but was glad I did as I feel all glowing and healthy now! Makes a change - I'm usually knackered when I get back.

This baby can KICK - I got woken up twice last night, and the night before, with the baby kicking so hard that it hurt!

KMS Tue 17-May-05 16:22:38

Checking in to the new thread. Well done Jellybrain

Kate100 you poor thing slipping has been my worst fear! do take it easy! Be carefull with the aquanatal as well. Don't do the legs apart exercises!!!

Nome hope you get sorted out with a physio soon. SPD can improve with the correct help.

My spd has improved by no walking around!! just staying indoors as much as poss, and using the crutches when I have to go out. Did have a bit of a scare the other day though. DS1 (7) gave his icecream to DD (22 mths) and she ran off into the lounge (no food allowed in there!) so I had to "manhandle" her out as she wouldn't budge! suddenly I couldn't move! I couldn't transfer my weight onto one leg to move the other without cripling pain in my pelvis. DH got a chair for me to sit on and 2 co-codamol and then i crawled to the sofa for the rest of the evening. Had to go upstairs backwards on my bum. I was really scared that it would stay like that but luckily had improved by the morning. Just reminding me not to overdo things!!

Rochwen Tue 17-May-05 19:54:49

Eeeek you poor things ! That spd sounds horrific. I'm so glad I don't suffer from that. Kate, I hope you feel better soon !

Oh and I saw a foot bulging out for the first time yesterday, very strange but nice, there's definitely a little person inside.

colinsmommy Tue 17-May-05 20:54:55

Kate, be more careful!!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Just got back from my friend's house with the new baby. I'm feeling much less confident with this one now. I thought that since it has only been 2 years since I will have had a newborn, getting used to a baby again would be easy. I was holding her baby, and all of a sudden I really panicked, because I was afraid I would drop her or break her because she was so tiny. Colin looked like a giant compared to her, I guess he never was that small to begin with, but she was only 2 pounds less than he was when born. Hopefully I'll get over that by the time this one is born.

beachyhead Wed 18-May-05 11:17:25

start reflexology tonight. am v. excited.....I need calmness for 4-5 weeks, then I don't care!!!

K7 Wed 18-May-05 12:09:27

We went to have a look at the hospital last night - not the most successful visit! Firstly the person showing us round was new, so didn't know many answers to the barrage of questions she was asked - but she was very sweet, though... Then we weren't allowed into the delivery suites as all six were in use. I think it suddenly hit us all that there were only six rooms, and if they're all in use when you turn up on the day, the hospital transfers you to another hospital, but they couldn't say which. Then we were led to the neo-natal unit, but weren't allowed in as there was a 'crisis with a baby' in there. So in the end, we had a good look at the corridor and the lift, managed to peep into one of the wards and that was that! Ah well...

fatbirdtoo Wed 18-May-05 12:20:57

Hi all, well done for the new thread! Sorry I haven't been on for ages but internet was buggered for weeks, ended up paying a computer fix-it man extortionate amounts of money to fix it as missed u all!!!! Its taken me ages to read through and catch up on yr news!
Have I got the biggest gap between babies?- DS is 13yrs on saturday!
Am 29 wks now, tired, emotional, working extra shifts due to illness at work, and moving house on saturday! I haven't packed a single box as the contract exchange had been put back so many times that have lost enthusiasm!!! oh and its my birthday today, but think the world has forgotten.....still day not over yet..maybe there's a surprise in store for me later (not!) sorry, just having a down day. I'm usually made of tougher stuff! Think I would be better if seeing other mums-to-be, but no antenatal classes about- midwives don't run them round here-too busy apparantly! met all my friends through classes for DS where I lived before so really disappointed. Antenatal swim classes sounds great fun, all them fat birds jumping about together!!

kate100 Wed 18-May-05 13:09:29

Fatbirdtoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Hope that you have a lovely day!

Kms, you poor thing, I know exactly how you feel, DS is 22 months and the urge to run after hiom to stop him getting into mischief oertakes me sometimes. Also the midwife at aquanatal, has shown me how to do the exercises differently so I don't hurt myself.

Colinsmommy, I felt exactly the same when I met a new baby recently, DS looked huge. But I got the hang of it quite quickly. But she was a comparable size the DS, I have real trouble imagining 7lb babies andwhat to do with them.

Take care everyone, especially you Nome, keep on until you get some help.

Azure Wed 18-May-05 13:31:51

Fatbirdtoo Happy Birthday! I hope your day gets better. I would like to do some ante-natal stuff too, but it's so difficult finding the time, what with working full-time and rushing home to DS. The NCT doesn't do a refresher course in my area, which is a real shame - apart from anything else I am anxious to make contact with other mums, particularly when I'm on maternity leave. Last time I didn't know anyone with a new baby and it was very isolating, so I want to avoid that situation this time.

K7, sorry the hospital visit was a disappointment. It's a little alarming that they might have a shortage of delivery suites. How often do they have to send labouring mums to other hospitals?

K7 Wed 18-May-05 14:01:00

Hi Azure, the midwife we saw was too new to know how often it happened. My sister had her baby there on Christmas Day and was the only delivery on that day and for the following four days. I think it peaks and troughs. I'm hoping it's fairly unusual...

wilbur Wed 18-May-05 14:58:01

Hi all - haven't been online in ages, trying to hget the house ready for building work starting next week. God, I have so much junk, it's enbarrassing. I had planned to go through and sort it all out but have ground to a halt now and the rest will just be chucked in boxes and stacked in dd's room. Feeling pretty well now, although breathless at times as this baby is riding high! Back is still on the mend adn I have started pregnancy yoga classes which are lovely, such a good way to get the kinks out.

Kate100 - you poor thing, hope the pelvis gets better soon. Hope everyone else is feeling okay too, healthwise.

Re commitments - my sister turns 40 at the end ofJune and we are off to DisneyLand Paris with her and her family for the weekend on Eurostar which should be interesting. I think I will just lumber around and eat huge danish pastries while the others to Space Mountain....

Azure Thu 19-May-05 11:32:48

Just had my 26-week check up by my GP. All seems fine, the baby apparently looks big - yikes. He managed to stay fast asleep despite all the prodding. Out of interest I asked the doctor about whether you can tell a baby's sex by the heartbeat, and he said that it was an old wife's tale. Typically I got my timing wrong and was completely unable to provide the urine sample, but I have the stick to test it myself later. Then that's it for another 4 weeks.

Dazie Thu 19-May-05 17:48:02

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Sorry to hear about your fall kate!!

Well I may give birth to a malteser as I have eaten so many that by the end of each night I feel sick but still want more!!! Dh has now been told to stop buying the two for 2 pounds packs and the boxes as I can work my way through them in a night I have now put on a stone and bump is getting bigger by the week all I want to do is eat! Im sure it has something to do boys as I was just the same with my first.

I have a midwife appointment on tuesday for bloods which I am not looking forward to! Other than this every thing is going well although we still havent come up with any names as yet.

josey Fri 20-May-05 10:36:00

ouch kate100 you've really been through the wars.

fingers toes and alsorts crossed for you beachyhead, i keep getting warned by my mum as she developed eclampcia so i feel for you, hopefully everything will be fine this time.

nothing very interesting going on still have the cold not made any better by the fact we had no heating over the coldest days in May as Dh insisted we get a new heating system in before bump due. so the house is nice and warm again just in time for the sun to come out.

rubyring go and enjoy the wedding sure you will be fine, take your bag though and any little twinge etc that makes you feel uneasy jump in that car

colinsmommy Fri 20-May-05 19:45:08

How's everyone doing?

Well, my other friend just had her baby, so that means out of the 6 of us due in playgroup I'm next. I don't know why that makes me so happy, I mean I've still got a long time to go, and her having her baby won't make mine come any faster, but at least I'm at the front of the line now.

Azure Sat 21-May-05 11:18:05

Colinsmommy, it's a sobering thought about being next in line amongst your group - makes it all so real. I'm at work today - it's my busy time again, so I'll be working most of next weekend as well, unfortunately. DH has taken DS to the Science Museum today, so they'll be having lost of fun.

If anyone is decorating a room for the new baby, what colour schemes are you going for? I'm looking for inspiration both for the nursery and for DS's room, as we'll have them both done at the same time. WhEN I asked DS what colour he would like his room painted he said "black" - hmmm, maybe not. Anyway, for the nursery I'm thinking blue walls and blue gingham curtains - needless to say, I'm expecting a boy. No idea for DS's room - maybe pale walls with patterned curtains. Do children get fed up with patterned wallpaper? I do remember having Hector's House wallpaper as a child, but that was only on one wall. I would love to hear how everyone else has or will decorate a nursery or child's bedroom.

colinsmommy Sat 21-May-05 15:40:56

Not redoing the nursery, Azure, but redoing DS's (20 months) bedroom. I'm sticking to the same idea as the nursery, and making it really simple to undo when he gets older and can pick out how he wants it decorated. I am going to do it in Blue Jean Teddy theme, and went on e-bay and bought everything new for about $50. I bought some wallpaper border and wall stickers that will be really easy to take off, and got small accent items that would be easy to dispose of like decorated pillows, light switch and outlet covers, and a valence. DH's stepmom is making the quilt out of materials we got on sale for about $10, and DH's aunt got me a wall clock and small lamp in the same pattern as his room for my birthday, which I thought was a great present. I will be doing 3 walls in blue and 1 accent wall in red. The nursery's the same way, just wallpaper border, and puffy wall hangings that are easy to take down that match the crib scheme. I painted the dresser to match the soft greens and cream in the crib bumper, but it is an old dresser so we will probably get the bump a new one as it gets older. I put up some shelving and painted it in the same colors, but it will be easy to take down too. Wow, that was long, sorry, but HTH.

kate100 Sun 22-May-05 11:11:02

Azure, we're not redecorating the nursery as it's still in really good condition from DS. The walls are a soft yellow with a darker yellow check curtains and a border with animals on it. It's neutral as we didn't know what we were having last time. All the soft furnishing, blankets etc are varying shades of yellow too. Hopfully in the future we'll only have to change the border. We did redecorate DS's room in february though. Fortuanately it was already blue, so we put up a border and got him soft furnishings to match. Cars and bikes and stuff from Next Home. Hopefully it will last until we decide to move.

KMS Sun 22-May-05 17:08:03

Hows the pelvis kate100? hope it is easing a little since the fall.

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