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Twins on the Way, What Travel System will fit BMW 3 Series

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valz Fri 03-Jul-09 13:33:58

Hi All

Im almost 34 weeks pregnant with twins, I have been researching twin buggies the tandem travel system type that car seats clip into. Went to one store and tried the Jane powertwin Pro, which was great only i found the opening in my boot was not deep enough and it wouldnt fit. its a bmw 3 series. the lady in the shop reckoned its not likely any twin buggy apart from a side by side would fit. the boot is big enough, its just the height of the opening.

Does anyone know of a travel system that will fit?

penona Fri 03-Jul-09 15:11:55

We had a 3 series but had to sell it for that reason!!! We had a Maclaren side by side, which my husband (and other taller people) could fit into the boot but I couldn't - wasn't tall enough to lift over the 'lip' of the boot IYSWIM. We also had a Nipper out and about, which just fitted into the boot, but no room for anything else (travel cots, bags, etc).

There aren't many travel systems on the market fpr twins I don't think - have a good think about whether you actually want one anyway. I tended to leave the car seats in the car and just take the kids out and pop them in the buggy - couldn't carry 2 car seats anyway.

Good luck with the twins!

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