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Due in June 15 - The competition for first baby is on!!

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katzguk Fri 13-May-05 15:41:49

Crisp and clean new thread....can't you just smell that new baby aroma!!

MrsWednesday Fri 13-May-05 15:42:28

I can smell the fear....

katzguk Fri 13-May-05 15:43:56

no fear just nice new baby smell!!

if this labour was the same as DD's my waters would break the early hours of sunday morning!

JonahB Fri 13-May-05 15:57:06

Hi Gwenynbee, glad you could join us.

Mrs Wed, I can smell fear too....

My boss has just sent me (and the rest of my team) the most lovely e-mail thanking me for all my hard work and wishing me and DH the best for the next few months. I nearly cried. It's very nice when your supportive male boss (no kids either) recognises how hard it is to work through the traumas of pgy. Makes it all worthwhile......

I better shuffle off now and be hormonal elsewhere..........

lynny70 Fri 13-May-05 16:02:30

Message deleted

lynny70 Fri 13-May-05 16:19:00

Message deleted

charleypops Fri 13-May-05 16:27:02

Ooh a lovely new thread - thanks Katz - I wonder if this one will see our first BABY I'm scared.

Hi Gwenybee!

Lua - really hope you don't need inducing too. I know most people don't have any problems with being induced, but if it's not something you want it can be a worry. And you've had enough worry with your GD. My hospital private rooms are really expensive - I've not heard of anyone elses that cost anything near. I was thinking I'd like one, and dp would get me one if I wanted, but then I thought, it's hardly worth it if I'm just in for one night, and if I have to stay in longer than that, it's going to cost the same as a complete set of birth to potty nappies or something!
I hope you DO take at least a week off work - can't believe it's up for debate! I don't know whether to admire all of you who are still working or think you're all bonkers!

Lippy - the price of people's kitchens always confuse me on those property shows - they always seem so cheap - they seem to spend between £700 to £5k and have the most beautiful kitchen fitted whereas the only ones I can ever find that I like cost at least £10k!
I'd love to give birth at home, so I'd certainly like to leave the hospital as soon as possible. - I just imagine (barring complications) it's going to take me a while to get breastfeeding sorted out, so might have to stay in for a bit longer than I'd like. Lol at you and dp being scared for the first hour when you brough dd1 home. Dp and I were like that when we brought our pup home, so goodness knows what it will be like when Pod's here!

MrsW - good for you with the homebirth! Hope all's well and the mw's ok with it all - are you going to hire a birthing pool?

Finally finished sticking the replacement tiles in the shower cubicle. Gosh it was hard work - I kept getting really breathless. But I really need a shower! Dp's just informed me he has a couple of friends coming over tonight. House is a complete tip. Joy.

welshmum Fri 13-May-05 16:41:28

Ooooo a new thread - thanks Katzguk.
Hello Gwenynbee - are you a little bit Welsh?
Mrs W - you're right about the fear! Can't believe how soon it's going to happen - I should get my c-section sorted out this week......

JonahB Fri 13-May-05 17:02:38

Well, that's me done working for the next 7 months. Feels v. v. odd. Hopefully I'll able to catch up more often now.

Have a lovely weekend all.....

berolina Fri 13-May-05 17:11:55

Ooh, a new thread!

Lynny - ha ha, very funny!

Jonah - aaaaahh, how lovely - am a bit as I really wish my boss would appreciate how much I've been doing for him, the department and the students, including working 3 weeks over my legal entitlement to mat leave! Am feeling a bit p'd off and taken for granted at the moment as regards work.

I am feeling a bit better - thank you for your supportive messages on the other thread. Dh and I have been shopping for baby bits and bobs today. baby is still fairly quiet but has been pushing odd limbs out now and again and had several fits of hiccups yesterday .

redheadmum Fri 13-May-05 17:40:15

at last a new thread!

Mrs W - missed all this about yr home birth....are you going for a pool etc. would be glad to give you c o ntact details for pools etc and chat generally

Still waiting for the paeditrician appt, but feeling a bit more hopeful for my home birth. My MW said it should be fine to birth at home and then take in the baby as an outpatient. This is fine as long as it's all planned and the baby doesn't get any worse. Fingers x.

I'm not quite so fearful as you guys (yet!) as I'm a late june due, so could be july before out mine pops! Though the birth is coming ever more a reality. C an't believe I thought it would be a breeze 2nd time around.......

bubbaloo Fri 13-May-05 18:10:38

evening all,
jonab and noggermum-hope you both had a fab last day at work.just think of those lie ins on monday
lippy-your place sounds lovely.must be great to have it all finally finished in time for the babys arrival.i also never thought about seperate bags-ive just packed one for the baby and one for me.still got the snacks bag to do
welcome to gwenynbee-nice to see another junie on board
have had a lovely day today with friends over for lunch so really been taking it easy.walked to the butcher this morning and it was such an effort and took twice as long-i even had zimmer frames overtaking me,ha ha!!! still cant believe ive only 3 weeks to go and uwila only has a week-its come round so quick,its frightening!!

teabelly Fri 13-May-05 18:24:21

Afternoon all

Dh has today off and is looking after ds so I'm grabbing a quick mo on here

Gwenynbee - welcome to our mad little world

Can't believe I only have 6 days to beat Uwila...right we'd better have a curry tonight followed by some hanky panky he he he only joking - I'm actually trying to hold out til the 31st as that was dh's dad's birthday, he died 8 years ago and it would be lovely if she came on his birthday!

Jonah - how lovely of your boss, it's sooo nice to be appreciated.

Megi - fingers crossed all goes well with your follow up tests. As Charley says it's so difficult to correctly access the size of a baby in the later stages...let us know how you get on.

Lippy - hiya - so glad to hear it's all but finished now - must be a load off knowing that when littleone arrives it won't be in the midst of chaos

Charley - yeah for your tiling too...I hate tiling, always cracking the tiles I have to cut and generally having them lop sided on the wall - bet your finished article looks much more professional than my past efforts have done!

...on no - dh is washing the car and ds has just thrown the bucket of water over the doors whilst they are open, arrhhh! Don't think that's quite what they mean when they say about sitting in the wet patch!!!

Best go and rescue dh...have a great weekend all...x

uwila Fri 13-May-05 18:24:58

Hi everyone,
Sorry, no time to read and catch up but I know I've been quiet the last couple of days: and that tends to make people worry if I've run off and beat the schedule. I haven't. Still pregnant. I've just been busy with my last days of work, which are now officially over. YIPPEE!!! No work until mid-August.

uwila Fri 13-May-05 20:20:46

BTW, only six days to go until this is all over... I am so looking forward to seeing my toes. Dh asked me the other day who was going to look after DD while he comes to visit me and baby in the hospital. I replied "you are.". Silly man. That's why we stay in the hospital. I'm thinking of staying for a good couple of weeks. Yeah, in my dreams...

berolina Fri 13-May-05 20:54:44

Bet you're all off for the weekend now but just to say have a lovely one! Is Mon a bank hol in the UK too?

Our week has ended on a high note with the discovery of a load of crawling insects in the broccoli which was supposed to be our dinner [yuk yuk yuk]. Needless to say the fridge has had a good wipe...

Cooperoo Sat 14-May-05 10:49:23

Hello all,
Haven't really caught up properly. Had lovely busy day yesterday with a souvla (like a BBQ) for lunch at DH's work and then we were out for a 'Slap a Platypus' night last night which was great fun. It is like a horse racing night but with water filled condoms on a table covered in plastic and water and you have to slap your platypus along to try and land in the finish area but not fall off the table or get burst. Very funny and not as sordid as it sounds I promise. A lot of money was raised for charity and I did have a laugh.
Can't believe how soon it will be that we get the first birth announcement. Good Luck Uwila.
Bero - Sorry about your insects. DH is complaining that there are some rotten tomatoes in a bag at the bottom of the fridge. Oooops. Right I am off for a mammoth ironing session this pm. Have good weekends all and sorry for not catching up properly.

LipstickMum Sat 14-May-05 11:59:55

Oooooh a new thread

Well ladies, I was very nearly the first 'Due in June' to deliver last night

I had some very bad pains in my lower abdomen during the evening and when we called delivery suite, they told us to come in - as I knew they would. So, dd was bndled into the car to a friends house and dp and I went off to the hospital. I was monitored for signs of contractions and baby's heartbeat monitored etc. All fine.

I hadn't mentioned that the previous day, as I got to the dr's for my 34 week check I had a mishap with the bike I leant it against the wall, with dd still in her bike seat, but somehow it didn't balance and fell against me and bump. I was busy a)trying to protect bump and b) trying to stop dd crashing to the floor in her bike seat! SO, poor bump took a bit of a bashing

Anyway, I hadn't had any pain immediately after this, no bleeding etc, so last nights pain was probably incidental. Fortunately I had my anti-d at the check, so had there been any internal damamge I would have been ok. I had another swab taken (have had a couple done at the doc's to check for infection, coz of the discharge thing I mentioned ages ago) and then I was discharged!

Very relieved to be going home still pregnant I can tell you!!!

Dp was meant to be going away this week, but that has all been cancelled. Probably as well. I think the purpose of his trip (property buying) had clouded our judgment about whether it was a good idea for him to go off and leave dd and I at 34-35 weeks. We'll do the trip en famille in September. But that means we have the whole week together next week

Sorry, all me, me, me!!!

Charley, I am always amazed how people get these kitchens for 1500 quid as well, ours was more like thousands. We can't seem to do anything on the cheap!!

I'm going to put my feet up

PS. The swab also checks for Strep B apparantly, as routine. So I don't need to bother asking, althought I probably wasn't going to...

mrsflowerpot Sat 14-May-05 12:34:10

Oh, Lippy, that sounds like a bit too much excitement! Glad you're OK and home again, and that your dh is staying put next week - now is not the time for them to be swanning off I agree. DH works away one night a week and will carry that on until nearer the time, I think, but he is only 2 hours away and I have put him on a strict 'no going to the pub in the evening' order so he could get home if I need him. (Plus I secretly like having my Monday evening to myself.)

Coop, your night out sounds really fun. I have one more night out before baby, unless I can rally babysitting friend again, and I'm really looking forward to it, but I don't think there will be a platypus in sight... I will be joining you with the monstrous ironing pile this afternoon. I have to get it all under control so I can start sorting out baby stuff.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, probably our last one as 100% pregnant ladies - Uwila will have a day old baby this time next week... this freaks me out utterly so no idea what it's doing to you Uwila!

PinkArjuna Sat 14-May-05 12:36:55

Right well I'm off to visit the hospital delivery suite this afternoon. I hope everyone is ok. Well it sounds like everyone is really excited or at least anticipating...

Well I haven't done any work for my exams I am too tired. I am resigned to the fact it isn't going to go very well. The university didn't really seem interested and said you can write your circumstances on the form but weren't very supportive. I guess there are millions of people who can do well and making concessions isn't really something they need to do.

I am being zoned out of college almost completely. I have been speaking to them all week (after weeks of being ignored) and they said " what if we offer you a place in the day then a full time student's parents ring up and we have to explain why they can't do the subjects they need for their future?" I was gob smacked and after putting the phone down felt like saying - well explain it to my soon to be born son why you are resigning his single mother to income support because you won't give her a place on the course. Bastards The longer they faff around the harder it'll be to sort out nurseries if thats the way to go... If I can't finish my college course I can't apply to university full stop they aren't interested You know I get the feeling people don't give a shit if you are a woman with a child, it is the mentality stay home and do your duty and stop making a fuss - its what you are made for. They have rights in the work place but there isn't anything that concrete about considering circumstances at College's etc... it is at the discretion of the institution and individual people you come across. Oh and the amount of money avaliable to them and whether it is more economically sound to go with a different candidate.

The estate agents are no longer returning my calls my flat is a state and I am angrier than I have ever been in my life I am considering not paying my rent until they have done the work they are supposed to have done. However I would worry about that because I don't want them to give me my notice as there is no way I can find another place to live quickly. They only need to give you 6 weeks noticed to reposses the property. I don't want to be homeless again.

Well this baby is just a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me. I am too busy to even acknowledge that his arrival is imminant and I have commitments first. I have 6 hours of exams in one day in a fortnight and frankly I am little interested in my unborn son. I can't rely on anyone for anything which doesn't surprise me - that has always been the case however I am disgusted and the people who it is their responsibility to help you because you are paying them to do so. People stink. I haven't had a moment to relax and even consider the arrival of the baby because stuff just isn't ready and I am too busy.

Sorry I am always moaning but to be honest I can't be bothered with it. I was never that keen on having a baby and specially when all I do is work really hard and pull my finger out I still can't make the simplest things happen. He'd be better off with someone else and at present I am not even interested in seeing him.

Well I'll be alright I suppose. I'm not going to be around here though. I've been popping in but to be honest its like looking at a reality I just can't recognise and entirely doubt I wish to be a part of. I feel completely dissociated from it and can't relate to anything anyone is saying. Its the same with antenatal classes, I just stand on the outside not having anything to say or contribute because it is painfully obvious to me that we have nothing in commen. I just don't have the desire. I don't feel the anticipation and can't even pretend to be interested anymore. I have been 'faking it to make it' the last little while and thought after some time some sort of feeling would come along but it isn't the case and I am exhausted and tired of the whole thing.

My bags are packed I've done all the 'right' stuff and to be honest it feels like someone else is doing it. I am prepared in a sense but lack the most important thing - desire. I am resigned to the fact that I am unlikely to ever feel that.

I hope everyone has simple births etc... I've just got to sort my life out and work out what I really want from it. When he arrives I'll decide if I'll keep him or not. I'll just have to see. It's wierd - nobody really wants to hear that you don't want your baby, its like a mortal failing or something and people just expect you feel the same. Its strange because I am usually a tactile caring person but I just am not interested in him at all.

Well good luck everyone.

mrsflowerpot Sat 14-May-05 12:44:13

Oh, Pink, I'm sorry you're having such a rotten time. You don't need to apologise for anything you are feeling, it's a totally overwhelming time and you are doing everything right, just keep concentrating on looking after yourself and getting through the next few weeks and then take each day as it comes.

Really on your behalf re college - so it's their policy to discriminate against motivated single mothers in favour of people who have to get their parents to ring up for them??? Unbelievable. Surely plenty of people drop out if that's what they are worried about. Just a thought, might the students union be any help with this?

You look after yourself.

Cooperoo Sat 14-May-05 19:04:44

Oh Pink. I cannot believe the crap you are being faced with. . Mrs F is quite right that you should just focus on a day at a time and try not to think any further than that. You will make the right decision for you at the time and remember that we are all here if you need to discuss anything or just vent! Your college are unbelievable. I don't know how you have put up with it all. Take care and the very best of luck to you too.
Lippy - Poor you. What a scare. I am glad everything is OK and that you now have a week with your DH. That will be lovely. It sounds like you are being well looked after with your appointments etc.
Mrs F - How was the ironing? As exciting as mine no doubt. I had Desperate Housewives and Jamies School Dinners to watch on video so that kept me busy for part of the time. My ankles are the size of footballs though from having been stood up all day. I feel I have earned my treat day at the hotel tomorrow, especially as it has definately heated up here now.
I have a stupidly busy week next week. My last Usborne party on Tues, A body shop party on Wed, Babysitting for my friend on Thurs and then my friends leaving meal on Friday. I have to sort her present out next week too. Busy busy. She leaves her house on Monday for a hotel and flies next Wed boo hoo. I can't really believe it. I might miss the Wed party. I have lots on during the days too. Eeek.
Right off to put my feet up again in the hope they might return to a normal size before bed time. Take care all.

uwila Sat 14-May-05 19:22:49

Oh Pink. I do wish I could make you feel better. You are right that I can't imagine not wanting my child, but then I can't imagine surviving through your current circumstances either. God know I moan about only have three months off work, my financial ruin, and so on. But, you are so much much more amazing and capable than I am. I can really think of no one better qualified to be your biy's mum. But, if you choose otherwise, I would of course always be here to offer you my support.

Is there anything I can do? If you keep him, do you have all the baby goods you need. I now have two baby montiors. I could send you the old one. Oh, that is such a small (and hopefully not insulting) jesture. Gosh, I wish I could help. I just don't know what to offer?

When are you going to decide if you want to keep him? I think some people take a few weeks/months to bond with their baby. Are you going to give it that long?

Oh please don't leave this thread. I'll go out of my head worrying about what you have done if I don't hear from you now and then.

LipstickMum Sat 14-May-05 19:45:03

Hi everyone

Hi Pink, you sound like sh*t, you poor thing

What exactly was the college's point?? That they can't offer you a part-time place during the day 'just in case' a full-time student needs it?? Smacks of discrimination to me. Of all your worries, I think this is one that you should try and do something about, because it affect the s your whole future (whether you keep your son or not). I appreciate you may not have the time or the energy to deal with it. Is there a sympathetic counselling service who could help you, who aren't caught up with all the boring admin? What about the CAB?? Or, dare I say it, you get your Dad to phone up and give them an earful

Having good feelings about ourselves, our lives and our environment are very important when it comes to having a baby. You are not in that space at all I know you said you are having some counselling already, is that still going on? It may be worth talking to someone about the adoption process too. They may be able to help you with all the emotions you have towards your son atm. I think certainly it could help you to feel less guilty about it.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

bubbaloo Sat 14-May-05 20:50:18

evening all,

oh pink,i really don't know what to say that hasn't already been said.
please look after yourself and let us know how things are and whatever decision you make i'm sure we'll all be behind you and hear for you when your ready to talk.xx

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