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Second Time Mum Due July East Surrey

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darlingo Wed 17-Jun-09 15:11:18

Hi, this is my first ever post on Mumsnet so please bare with me! I'm due to have my second child at the begining on July, which shall be baby brother or sister to my daughter who I can't quite believe is nearly 2 and a half years old already - its gone so quickly! I live in Caterham, East Surrey and I wondered whether there were any other local / localish second time mums who fancied meeting up with the new babies - the way I met people the first time round (ante-natal classes / NCT etc) don't seem appropriate this time round! I am keen to ensure that my new baby has a little group of peers, as my daughter has - plus I would really like to meet other second time mums who are socialalbe, like a laugh and perhaps the occasional evening out (in time of course - not with the newbies!) If there are any existing groups I'd appreciate hearing about them too! smile

ErikaMaye Thu 18-Jun-09 00:26:25

Hey there,

Am not local - am a Brighton gal, me! grin - but just wanted to wish you congratulations! I do pop up to Guildford and Caterham on occassion, so will drop you a line if I'm ever up there after I've had my baby. Am a first-timer, due mid-November

Congratulations again!

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