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Lists - essential items that you should have and useless items that you should avoid

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pedalmonster Tue 16-Jun-09 21:26:30

First time mums beware - you will not need half of the stuff they try to tell you is essential!

Please add to the list of things you did / didnt use...

muslin squares
cotton wool balls
Linsinoh nipple cream
breast pads
maternity towels (lots of these!)
Massive pants - think TENT.
paracetamol (for you)
Figs / dry fruit (if you have a c-section they dont let you home till you poop!)

Dont need:
fancy bath products or lotions for baby
wet wipes (just use cotton balls to start with, and water)
fancy outfits for baby
toys - you will get loads as presents and baby will not notice anyway
baby einstin dvds

Housemum Tue 16-Jun-09 21:59:16

Don't need:

Top and tail bowls (any 2 tubs will do)
Hooded towels - unless v large they won't last long, just use a big bath sheet
Disposable pants - they are horrid and don't fit well. I bought a multipack of cheap unattractive knickers which I used for the yucky first days, washed and reused until i could be comfy in my "normal" pants.

Thinking about cost savings:
Highchairs - all the parenting mags recommend ones costing £60+. I have a £10 one from Ikea that does the job. White plastic so you can clean it (I personally hate the plastic cushion ones as you have to scrub at the seams and they never look really clean)

You don't have to have a Moses basket/crib - you could use a cot from day one (if your bedroom is big enough to fit it in) so long as you put the baby feet-to-foot as per current advice.

Think carefully before spending £100s on a pram - unless you plan to walk a lot (and be realistic - if you don't now will you really with your baby?), buy a cheap one as you will end up using a buggy as soon as they are sitting by themselves, as it folds in seconds and fits easily in the car/on the bus/train.

NestaFiesta Fri 16-Oct-09 17:13:19

I beg to differ on not needing wet wipes- I found cotton wool balls and boiled water a real pain to clean a pooey bum with. However, we used Huggies Pure as they are only water and kind to baby bums.

Completely agree with needing the
-maternity pads and
-cheap massive pants.
- dried fruit/prune juice
- babygrows

What we didn't use were
1.the baby gym- he just moved off it onto the floor and ignored it, and
2.a bottle warmer- he was breast fed then later bottle fed and had them cold or room temp.
3. muslin squares- never used them, just used a wet wipe and the washing machine as needed.

Would also add-

1.vibrating sling chair- a Godsend when you need to leave the room for two minutes or when your arms are aching from holding him.
2. portable change mat- we sometimes had nappy emergencies in some unsavoury places and this really helped.
3. Anti bac wipes for cleaning change mat and strange high chairs when out and about.
4. slippers or flip flops for when you go into hospital- some of the shower and toilet floors are a bit icky.

mamaloco Mon 19-Oct-09 15:00:04

agree with Ikea 10 pounds high chair I haven't try anything better!
portable changing mat

baby wipes except for cleaning leather sofa. not good for sensitive skin (even sensitive ones) needed when away though (so back in, sparingly?) no need in maternity bag except may be for you

giveloveachance Mon 19-Oct-09 15:14:57


-Baby sling - so much more convenient and easy on short trips out, especially with the car, none of that faffing around assembling pram.
-Musical toys - still use and she is 2
muslins were great, for cover ups, spills, comforters - used them loads
-hooded bath robes - boots are lovely and soft and wash up very well
-bath thermometer - more reassuring than an elbow
-Towelling change mat with plastic backing - comfy and practical
-sudocrem - brilliant stuff


-echo re expensive pram - mine was heavy so used it very few times,
-sit in baby walker - still looks like new, only used handful of times. - push along much more fun
-agree hooded bath towels, grew out of them very very quickly
-top and tail bowls - useless
-agree padded high chairs - a real pain to keep clean, moved very quickly to portable attched to chair

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