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please any advice for someone going out of there wits!!!

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flypinmental Thu 04-Jun-09 22:17:31

hello lovely ladies, i have managed to read all your posts and wow !! so much information !!

this is my story;

jan had a 2 week bleed due to having bv, so was advised to go on the pill (microgynon) for 3 months.

however in april had to get a repeat priscription of antibiotics for bv this time 5 doses at once then again 1 week later. i know on pill and antibiotics !!!!!

anyhow i had spotting from the antibiotics which i took on the 27th april had spotting on the 28,29,30,1,2,3,4 took other tablets on the 5th may , spotting continued on 6,7,8,and 9th, stopped the pill on 9th may as had only on the 5th discovered that my boyfriend had been cheating for 2 months !!! and thought that as normal if i stop the pill my period would arrive that night as it normally would every single month!!!!!

nope !!!

tuesday 12th had v light bleed
wednesday thought i had just come on when i woke up to realise nope it was just "old blood" slight pinkish tint but mailny brown !!!!!

was this an implant bleed !!!!

anyhow thursday till the sat i had minimal bleeding, ok it was more everytime i peeded i have a little blood on the tissue !!!!

i done a hpt on
9th afternoon positive-clear blue
9th pm positive-clear blu
10th am negative clear blue
10th afternoon positive clear blue
and continued to be either either all week !!!!!!!

17th pm positive clear blue
18th am negative

18th i went to the doctors and she was confused !!!!!!

had a blood test to see if i was pregnant that day,

hcg level 1miu/l was advised by doctor it was an impossibility to be pregnant !!!

however i did the first hpt because i thought "oh god" i feel pregnant !!!!

i still feel pregnant and my god i know the difference surely !!

i had another blood test done today and believe me i have argued and argued and researched to see what the likely chances are that i'm not pregnant but my body is telling me i am !!!! i need to pee all the time, my belly feels bloated and i feel like something is their !! and oh my god my BOOBS !! they don't feel huge but they hurt as if i'm getting the milk come through ! usually i get milder symptoms around time of my period ! i had an achey belly (not as painful as period pains) for 2 weeks over the time i was "spotting" but no huge clots or anything tiny tiny head pin size !!! tried talking to my doctor about what could give me positive results and she didn't have time to discuss it at that point in time !!! bloody helpful !!! i had test's done in jan for cervical cancer which is cin 1, which could go either way, they could disappear or they could increase so i think if i had ovarian cancer surley it would have been picked up !!!!

i have spent a damn fortune on different tests !!!!! i feel pregnant and yet no where near closer to getting my answer and it's easir said than done to just wait !!

i will get my bloods back thurs/ friday so i'm hoping there is a possibility it's just so early, i can't try again as we have split but although this isn't a ttc child i would love it all the same and so scared that the hospital has made a mistake or that i'm going to loose it !!!!

UPDATE ; HAD BLOODS BACK HCG LEVEL 1 ! anyhow 19 days after sex i had consant positive pregnancy test for 5 days ! then a week later negative !!

i'm not sure what to think and what to feel anymore i really am gonna send myself to the funnyfarm lol. !!

i'm now experiencing extra discharge which i usually only get when i'm pregnant ! and yet done another test today and surprise a bn but still not proper period as yet !! i've given up on my doctor as they said it was all in my head !! really not sure what to think and would be grateful for any help or advice at all thanx in advance lovely ladies x
any responses would be kind. many thanx xxxx

SOLOisMeredithGrey Fri 05-Jun-09 14:17:46

Phantom pg? they are not a myth as some people will tell you, I had one in my 20's and it's really not funny.

If I were you, I think I'd just stop thinking about it and wait and see. Difficult I know, but if your GP is not helpful, I'm not sure what else you can do unless you pay for a private scan? is that possible to do(I'm just guessing you can ask for one at a private clinic), could you afford one after all the pg tests...

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