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Due October 2009 - Feeling better and feeling baby!

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princessmel Thu 04-Jun-09 10:18:55

I have started the new thread

princessmel Thu 04-Jun-09 10:22:25

Got my scan in just under 2 hours.

I am worried actually. I just want to see and hear that the baby is okI am thinking all sorts of horrible things.
And dh is at the office, miles away today. I hope he gets back in time.

HumphreysCorner Thu 04-Jun-09 11:00:07

Thanks for the new thread princessmel and good luck for your scan. Am sure all will be just fine. smile

Heartburn horrendous here.

Big wave!



hackneybird Thu 04-Jun-09 11:15:41

Oooh, just logging in to bookmark new thread.

calypso sorry to hear you can no longer cycle. I used to cycle to work in summer a lot, but my DH asked me not to this year due to baby, so I reluctantly agreed.

Treats I am reluctantly being vigilant about my caffeine intake. I'm allowing myself 2 teas and 1 (real) coffee per day. Slowly but surely getting used to it. I need coffee in the mornings! Doesn't seem to wake baby up or have any type of effect at all, I mostly feel it in the evenings.

princess good luck with your scan!

I have a doc's appt this afternoon, as I think the dreaded thrush has hit me. I feel very irritated downstairs and it has been waking me up in the night.

littlepea72 Thu 04-Jun-09 11:17:59

Good luck with the scan Princess!! Im in pain...went to denist & he injected me!! Didnt know he could do that with me being pregnant, just wishfull thinkin on my part! Now im in pain LOL...

Treats Thu 04-Jun-09 12:18:25

hackneybird - I share your pain! Giving up caffeine isn't a decision I've taken lightly - it's only because the baby thrashing around is too high a price to pay for the benefit of the caffein boost. It's surprising how easy it is to give things up when you know that you have to. I've hardly missed drinking alcohol at all. Am currently sipping a nice fruity tea that I picked up at Tesco's on my way to work this morning, and finding it a good substitute. Still very fuzzy first thing though........

princess - hope all goes well with the scan.

Was angry to read on our old thread about the way some people are being treated because of their BMI. It seems to be acceptable these days to taunt people or make them feel bad about their weight. I do see that a high BMI MIGHT lead to increased problems in pregnancy, but if there's no evidence of this in individual cases, then there's not reason to make an issue of it. Don't stand for this rudeness ladies!

Had my second mw appt yesterday. It was a locum AGAIN - just like last time. When I told her that the last one was covering as well, she made a little joke about it, in a sympathetic way. I was hmm about it for a split second, but then I realised that it doesn't even matter that much to me. As long as I can speak to someone if there's a problem, and can check in every so often to make sure everything's OK, then I don't think I'm that fussed that it's not the same person each time. It's not going to be the person who delivers the baby anyway. I think it was just my expectations - fed by internet chat and NCT and so on - that it SHOULD be the same person, that made me feel momentarily short changed. I wonder how many other expectations I've developed of how things should be - and how I'll feel when they're not met - that really don't matter to me that much......

Sorry - bit of a lengthy post blush

Lameez Thu 04-Jun-09 13:08:07

Hi Everyone

princessmel - good luck with your scan, im so anxious about mine, i still have at least 2 weeks to go... Agggg

This new thread is great, it loads much faster... yey smile

I am well annoyed, we had one person moaning in the office that it's too hot, so the air-con was turned up now its freezing and ever since i have developed really bad Sinuses, Iv now asked for it to be lowered but with no joy... I'm realy not happy about it as i dont see why i should have to come into work during summer in my winter cloths... Its Pathetic

Sorry about the moan.... blush

HumphreysCorner Thu 04-Jun-09 13:24:48

Oh the pain of the office aircon-in both Branches of the Bank I worked in they had staff who were permanently freezing and I was always in a hot sweat but they always won the battle to keep it off. I used to sneak it on but when I wasn't looking they switched it off. Your colleagues need to take their turn and switch it off for a while.

hackney-can use get a Canesten pessary and cream for your thrush? Not nice.

littlepea-hope your mouth is recovering.

Treats-I am on my second MW and sometimes they have to cover elsewhere.


Well, had my scan yesterday. Baby was very active, head very low down (hence the odd sensations in my nether regions) swallowing, pee-ing - all good baby stuff.

Then the shocker - it's a girl ! eeeek !

I'm a bit shock not at all disapointed but just a little (dare I say) nervous ! Really did think it was a boy, everyone else really thought it was a boy, I was happy it was most likely a boy, DS was hoping for a boy - but not a willy in sight !

Oh well, pink n frills here we come !

hackneybird Thu 04-Jun-09 14:47:04

HC and lameez I know what you mean re: air conditioning. It is so hard to keep everyone happy.

I work in an office where the boys like it freezing and the girls like it roasting. I like it in between. So we have a battle of sneaky switching on and off too. I just keep a cardi handy to don whenever it gets too chilly.

HC I will indeed get some canestan, but I want a prescription so I don;t have to pay. Plus in the past I have tested +ve for group strep B sad so need to make sure there's nothing serious going on in that department.

treats I admire your strength at giving up caffeine altogether. I don't have that willpower although I have cut right down. Strangely I don't miss booze either, but then I do have a small glass of wine sometimes if I go out for dinner. Just the one though!

Treats Thu 04-Jun-09 15:28:38

hackneybird - I asked my mw about canesten yesterday and she said that you have to get it on prescription if you're pregnant. Although thinking about it, maybe she meant that you CAN get it on prescription if you're pregnant hmm. She had a heavy accent and a bad cold, so it was a struggle to understand her at times.......

ICBIB - congrats on the girl! i know I'd feel the same as you if I found out mine was a girl. Still - you've got four months-ish to get used to it. I'm sure once she's here you won't be able to imagine having anything else!

hackneybird Thu 04-Jun-09 15:49:45

Congrats ICNIB v. pleased for you. x

Lameez Thu 04-Jun-09 16:24:44

Congradulations Icantbelieveitsnotbit.....x

Are we still keeping count of how many boy vs girls were having ...?

Cazza28 Thu 04-Jun-09 16:30:49

Hi All,

Just wanted to check in and say hello really! Everything seems to be going well for you all.

I found out we are having a boy. Everything else is ok he was sucking is thumb in the last scan. Really can't wait to meet him! (and celebrate his home coming with a glass of champers!)

Take Care all


princessmel Thu 04-Jun-09 17:27:20

Hello all,

Scan went really well! It was so lovely and really long.

I had drunk quite a lot before but the sonographer told me to empty my bladder first. She said the bladder is only required to be full at the 12 week scan. That's not what it said on the letter.

Anyway everything was clear and the baby is well and healthy. She said that it is on the 50th percentile for weight etc and weighs 1lb 12 oz.

It was really lovely to see its face and it moving its little hands, arms and legs. She said it was very wriggly which is a surprise as I am not feeling loads of movement.

We had forgotten money for the pictures, we didn't need to pay at the 12 week scan so didn't think of it. So we had to drive to a cash pointand then come back. When we came back dh asked if she knew the sex and she said she did! I left the room and she told dh. I didn't want to hear for some reason! Anyway, dh told me grin
I was totally shocked and felt a bit sad that we had gone against the 'not finding out' idea and found out. But I think it will be best for the dc's the way it's turned out. They can prepare better.

After the scan my tummy really hurt, she was pressing so hard and I was bursting for the loo even though my bladder was 'empty'. I did a wee in the hospital but by the time we'd walked to the car I was bursting again. But no loo in sight, so I wee'd in a bag in dh's car!!!!

Then we went for a quick lunch

Gosh what a long post. Sorry!!

SassJ Thu 04-Jun-09 18:45:48

Hello everyone! Been a while - have been out and about and up and down the countryside visiting my new little neice - she's GORGEOUS! three weeks old and sooo good - she just sleeps, eats and gurgles up at you - lovely!
Had my scan today - was so nervous, I didn't sleep at all last night (and hence, have been asleep most of the afternoon!). Sonographer was a very sweet man - very thorough and seemed to be concentrating very hard as he went through all of baby's bits and bobs - everything looked fine. And speaking of bits and bobs - we're having a BOY! YEY! I was so sure we were having a girl, but am thinking that I was focusing on that so as not to be a teeny bit disapointed if it actually did turn out to be a girl. Anyway, it's a boy, so my in-laws will be double-chuffed! It was funny, we got to the part where the sonographer took a look and he (the baby, not the sonographer!) stretched out, opened his little legs and went "wey hey Mummy and Daddy, get a load of this!". No doubt at all!!
Can start shopping now.....hee hee...
Have read all the posts, and can't remember who posted what, but....
I'm limiting myself to 2-3 cups of tea a day and 2-3 coffees a week. Finding it not too bad. Also trying to up my milk intake by downing a glass or two of flavoured milk each day (not keen on plain milk).
Congats on the scans! Are we updating our stats so we can keep score?
Calypso - very impressed that you kept up the cycling for so long in this heat and London traffic (live down the road from you, so know how bad it is!).
Well done on starting the new post PMel- love the title - so true!
Apart from.....heartburn...getting gradually worse, and Gaviscon makes me gag! We can get it on prescription you know, and it does work (if you can cope with the gagging!). Asda had a half price deal last week too, so around 3 quid a bottle - bargainous!
Lots of love to all, and good luck to all scans coming up!
Ooh - and just ordered some new maternity clothes from - loving their linen trousers - really comfy and only 20 quid a pair!

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Thu 04-Jun-09 20:03:37

Just got loads of new clothes from Blooming Marvellous. Trying them on now. Jeans slightly too tight, but don't want to get size bigger as they will probably be massive. Aaargh.

Desperate for clothes for my bottom half, have been wearing the same pair of trousers for ages!

Sass - heartburn creeping up on me too!

Princessmel - PMSL on your wee situation!

BellaCullen Thu 04-Jun-09 20:13:36

Congratulations on all the scans so one more girl and 2 more boys.Should be about even now.
princessmel thanks for starting new thread and what an annoyance that no toilet was around lol at peeing in a
You forgot to say what you`re having.

I try and only have one cup of tea as it seems to disrupt my sleep if I drink too much baby doesn`t seem too bothered about it.I did have my appetite back but felt sick again this morning hoping that`s it as quite nice to be able to eat again.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Thu 04-Jun-09 20:19:07

I don't drink tea after 7.30pm. I don't drink caffeinated coffee as it gives me migranes so not too much caffeine withdrawal problems for me.

We didn't find out the sex at the scan. The scanner didn't mention it and we couldn't see any evidence ourselves on there. I don't mind what we have. If its a boy I'll know what to prepare for and if its a girl that will be good too!

princessmel Thu 04-Jun-09 20:23:29

Bella I didn't forget grin

Not told RL people yet, inlaws etc

I'll tell you soon.

There was a loo in the hospital and I used it but in the short walk to the car I was desperate again. I have weed'd in a bag before....!

WRT caffine, the scan lady asked if I'd drunk tea, cofee or coke as baby was so active. But I hadn't.

I drink a cup in the morning, sometimes one in the afternoon and maybe one in evening. Half a tea bag then though, squeezed in dh's mug first!

BellaCullen Thu 04-Jun-09 20:47:00

Thought you might not want to say yet don`t keep us in suspense too long.can`t wait till sales start and get some good bargains for the baby.Going to order Hypnobirthing CD anyone else trying it?

HumphreysCorner Thu 04-Jun-09 21:19:50

Wow girls, so many scans and a mixture of boys and girls. grin Congratulations on all the scans, am loving to hear what you are all having. smile

7 more weeks and I can buy some clothes and pack a bag. I should think the sales will be on by then as when I had the DD's in June and July I struggled to buy them any summer clothes as the winter stuff was coming in. Do we need summer stuff in late September/early October? Probably not. hmm

Suffering terrible wind too. blush Also having to wee every half hour and that is at 5 months-it is going to get much worse isn't it?

Back to Big Brother then. grin


rubyslippers Thu 04-Jun-09 21:42:18

<<marks place>>

congrats on scans ICBINB and Princess

lovely news all round

erm, feeling a tad nervous at HC's mention of hosptial bags grin

littlepea72 Fri 05-Jun-09 04:19:45

Well done everyone with the scans...congrats to you all!! grin

Starting to think about buying clothes now for the baby, but im mostly going to have to buy snowsuits as the weather will be cold in October. Will buy alot of stuff in July when im back in Northern Ireland for a visit.

Im up since 4am as im soooo hungry! Plus ive been doing the tooth fairy thing also. My DS lost a tooth yesterday at school, and the one beside it is also ready to fall out. Cant believe the size of the tooth that is coming up behind though.

Ruby im with seeing HC's post about hospital bags!! shock we really are getting there fast!!!

Is there many more left to get scans done???

Take care everyone xx

DevilsAdvocaat Fri 05-Jun-09 07:49:46

congrats on all the good scan news!
i can't believe that that is (probably) the last time we'll see our babies until they're born!

ds is now sleeping through again in his big boy bed. he calls it the 'dig doy bad' which is rather sweet. he is waking at 5.50 now every morning which is knackering. am thinking of moving his bedtime to 8 pm from 7.30 although it'll prolly make no difference!

22 weeks today

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