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Warwick Hospital

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allothernamesused Mon 01-Jun-09 17:44:38

I have just asked this question on the pregnancy forum, but then thought it is better here...any one any comments re Warwick Hospital and giving birth?

chellebelle Wed 24-Jun-09 12:23:31

It'll be my hospital too if I don't end up having a home birth.

Have only heard good reports to be honest! 2 of my friends have given birth there in the last 6/7 months - 1 ended up with an emc and the other was induced but ended up with normal birth. My sister also had her DS there 21 months ago (ended up an emc due to her DS having his head on one side and not engaging properly) and has always said the care was great. All 3 have said the staff were fantastic, really helpful and kind etc. All have said how good visiting was for DHs and friends/family etc. The only complaint I've heard from any of them was that the food was naff for one friend in labour but the other two said it was absolutely fine on the ward after their CSs so maybe it was just a bad day???

Hopefully someone will be on who has had personal experience to give you a better idea, when are you due?

Koala79 Wed 02-Sep-09 17:57:51

I would be keen to hear if anyone has had their baby there recently? I am due in 3 weeks and found the midwives I have met so far really friendly but then met another mum in the waiting room waiting for her scan who gave me a bit of a scare about giving birth there 18m ago...

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