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Due in June 2009 – let the eviction process begin!!

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lauraloo09 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:30:33

I hope I've done this right - here is the new thread...and hopefully the last in ante-natal grin

LittleSarah Mon 01-Jun-09 13:40:37

Hey Laura, well done!

Copying my last message in here:

CONGRATS to effie and her wee boy! Hope everything goes well.

Laura - snow is right, if you could get out and about I think that would help. Feeling isolated is totally understandable especially at this stage in pregnancy, and to be honest also when you have a baby, so get as much support as you can!

I really want to go out, weather lovely again, but at the same time want to do as much work as possible to get this research finished!

I too just want baby to come, I am trying Looouise!

I will start new thread with MrsMcJnr's title!

lauraloo09 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:45:29

snow and littlesarah thanks for the suggestion of going out, think I'll be doing just that, got to pick up mum from work at 4.45 so think i'll go a walk thro town at 4.

tee will be sending all my prayers for effie and rupert x

LittleSarah Mon 01-Jun-09 13:50:29

Hope you feel better soon laura!

Good news here! Dh's boss has agreed to let him take his paternity whenever baby arrives (before he had it all booked and would have been starting on Wed) which means I will have him for two weeks and I won't start getting too stressed if baby is late. I will get stressed no doubt anyway as I'm already hoping it'll be early but still am v v pleased!

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 14:03:34

Thanks for doing that lauraloo, and hope you feel better soon.

Ta for effie update Tee, and please send her lots of love next time you're in touch.

Wish I'd put some money on my prediction that Edward is going to be The boy's name this year grin.

LIttleS I should think so - you can't predict paternity leave! My DH tried to do just that, and scheduled his leave for any 2 wk period up to 2 wks after the due date. DS was born 10 days late so DH only had 4 days at home and was then straight into new job. I was v angry.

Ineedmorechocolatenow Mon 01-Jun-09 14:06:37

Hello all. Just checking in as I thought I'd done earlier, but I my baby-brain was obviously at work! I'd written responses to everyone and now I can't remember what I wrote.... DAMN!

Up at 4am with cramps and was getting really excited that it was happening. Ummm.... that'll be no then... sad

Oh well, I see the consultant tomorrow to see if I can be induced this week. Cross fingers girls!

Just been round to the IL's and sat in their garden for the morning. It was lovely and took my mind off the twinges. Fed up of being on twinge alert now....

Agree with the others that this weather is making it impossible to find something to wear. Grr.....

Having cramps now so off to bounce on my ball and use the breast pump...

MrsMcJnr Mon 01-Jun-09 16:24:10

Hey ladies smile flattered you liked my thread name idea smile blush

Yay! Welcome to the world Rupert Edward grin grin and a million congrats to Effie smile hope Rupert is feeling a lot better soon smile

MIL taken DS for a little walk so before I clean the bathrooms I thought I’d check in and chill out for a bit smile took DS to the beach this morning, it was lovely but exhausting!

Hey Laura – how have you been feeling now? Chin up lady smile

Littlesarah – been to a few balls at The George smile very snazzy! (DH and I also spent a night there when we first got together wink) Glad you had fun. I know what you mean about wanting to get past a certain date, I want to get past tomorrow and have a romantic anniversary meal with DH before the baby comes. I’ve bought a little bottle of Moet for us to share smile Actually, DH thinks she’ll come on Friday and I have to say I do think she’ll wait until MIL goes back to Scotland on Thursday. Loved your photos, Molly is the double of you grin she is clearly loving practicing her big sis skills on Angus (sooo cute) you and Mr S looked great for the ball. My DH wore a black Jacobite shirt with his kilt for our wedding, I love the look smile you look simply stunning! Try John Lewis for a hot water bottle. Hope your ankle is ok, poor you. Apparently it takes a hell of a lot of nipple stimulation to get labour going – that’s why I tried out my breast pump last time! Great news on the paternity leave smile

Dreamy – smile which double buggy did you get? Sorry to hear you had a bad night. Fabulous rota idea smile if only I had more people around….!

Hi Llynnn – yup no hangover here but my Mum looked a bit worse for wear when I saw her earlier, apparently it seemed like a good idea to crack open the champagne at 11.30pm smile so glad my baby didn’t decide to come last night (MIL was also sauced up!)

Loooouise – glad to hear you are surviving up there! smile I have a pineapple waiting for breakfast on Weds morning smile

Doris – my DH won’t put out either, you’d think supplying us with some prostaglandin would be the least they could do angry

Insy – hope you are feeling happier today smile this stage is exhausting and you feel like your life is on hold waiting for the baby to arrive don’t you?

Hello Ineed – hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. I have monitoring at 9.15, so no doubt I’ll have more incarceration dreams tonight hmm

Hey there Silkcushion smile and Snowwombat grin

Bunnymother – so what are the name options? smile hope the appointment goes well. All my clothes are now getting a little short for my bump and it is getting harder to cover it up!

June – sending huge hugs, you sound like you need them. I got really hung up on PIL turning up at hospital last time and like you wanted them to wait until I got home, as it happened, FIL got a chest infection and didn’t actually meet DS until he was 5 weeks old. One thing to bear in mind though is that hospitals have limited visiting hours so people
have to leave, not so easy to get rid of them once you are home hmm the birth will be fine smile your body knows what to do!

Choccie – have fun celebrating DH’s birthday smile

Daisy – chilli chicken, I am making that for the first time this weds smile any good?

Tee – yay for a good night smile thanks for posting Effie’s news grin

Ermintrude – hope you have a good appointment.

Blueberry – all the very best for Thursday smile

helpivegottogivebirth Mon 01-Jun-09 17:15:27

hi everyone - good news that the babies are beginning.
No twinges or anything from my end - just a general stretch mark creep as I expand day by day.

I have a question- you've probably all talked about it before - but here goes:

What is the one thing you have packed in your labour bag, that is not on any of the lists, but you feel quite smug that you remembered?

Or for those who have done it all before, what was the one piece of equipment or thing you wished you'd had?

For the record, my smuggo items are loads of big towels (hoping for water birth) and a large Lindt chocolate bar as a reward afterwards.

June2009 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:36:59

Thanks for the new thread laura :D
Sorry you felt down today, hopefully you're better now.

help I have a little plastic hand held fan that I picked up for a couple of quids.
And bought some flip flops this afternoon for £3. (Is that on evreybody's list?)
I'm taking lucozade and cereal bars for snacks.
- A squirty bottle of evian instead of a jug for post birth wee-sting.
- Hmm... a pen and paper and some magazines?

Got measured today and the estimate for when the milk starts coming in is "40FF or G", that's more like it! (was 38C/D pre-pg). Unfortunately not much choice with "40" back in the shops in terms of nursing bras.

Well, that was a 3 hour wandering around the shops, here's hoping I'm doing the right things to tempt lo out.
I got a bit worried hopeful this morning with my belly being rock hard quite a lot of the time. I'm finding it confusing to time it though as I can only feel these BH if I happen to touch my belly (so I don't know when it starts iyswim).
I would imagine when it's real contractions that matter you notice them right?

Thinking about Effie and hoping she and lo are ok, it must be a worrying time for her

June2009 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:40:05


Bigcar, Edward, born 28th May 2009, 3:30pm, 9lb 8 oz!!
Effie, Rupert Edward, Born 1st June 2009, 2:23am, 7lb 1oz!!

SweetBroody - 29th May (27, 1st one)
Dorisisapinkdragon - 2nd June (32, dd1 3yrs DD2 1) dh guess 27th May me 30th *May
llynnnn - 2nd June PINK!(28, dd1 2yrs) my guess 4th June
Blueberrysorbet - 3rd June - cs 4th june(ds1)
Leaky - 4th June (39, ds1 5, ds2 2.5)
MrsMcJnr - DC2 (Pink!) 4th June (35 DS 13m)(my guess: 7 June)
Ineedmorechocolatenow - 5th June 2009 (31, ds 2) My guess - 2nd June
bunnymother - 5th June 2009 (34, 1st one!)
helpivegottogivebirth - 6th June (30, 1st one)
daisy5 - 6th June (42, dd) guess.Friday.28th.May
LittleSarah - 6th June (26, dd 4) dh guess: 4th June, my guess: 7th June.
DreamyDorrie - 7th June (30, dd 2)
June2009 - 7th June (32, 1st baby) DH guess 5th June, my guess 14th June.
Naat - 12th June (1st baby)
borriebear - 13th June (28 1st one!)
tibsy - 13th June
Loooouise - 14th June (1st baby)
dreamydowler - 16th June
ermintrude13 - 17th June (42, dd10 ds6)
chocciedooby - 17th June (38 ds1 5, ds2 4)*(My guess - June 18th)*
insywinsyspider - 18th June (28 ds1 3,ds2 18mo) my guess 21st June - dh would rather I had it next week hmm
silkcushion - 19th June (34, dd 17m)
lauraloo09 - due 20th June (1st child) 18th June (DH guess) 10th June (my guess)
snowwombat - 21st June (31, 1st child) 22nd June (my guess), 17th June(DH guess)
nemoandthefishes - 21st June (4th child, dd3]
StrawberrySam - 23rd June (27, first-timer)
Tee2072 - 26 June 2009 (40, 1st baby) 12th June (my guess) 13th June (DH guess)

Naat Mon 01-Jun-09 17:48:32

Hey Juners!!
I guess as this thread is not heavy (as it's new) my mobile doesn't go dead LOL
I read about you all yest thanks to Tee but cannot possibly remember much, of course!
Some things I remember:
Ermin, oh my!! Poor you on the loo!! As sb else said, you're definitely a multitasker LOL.
Glad to hear many of you had lovely days under the sun. LittleS, glad to read you again, I know the ladies were worried they hadn't heard from you. Hope the ball was fab.
Silk, oh you poor lamb! My DH would have done the same, and said the same re.Juners.
I don't remember anything else!!!
I'll try to go online properly later, and catch up as I should! I need my internet connection!!!
Glad Bigcar and her LO are OK and thinking of Effie and Rupert.
Let's see who's next!!

June2009 Mon 01-Jun-09 18:04:32

Heya *help, just noticed the mnet frontpage changed and there's a link to what to pack to hospital, from bare essentials to luxuries and tips from other mums.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Mon 01-Jun-09 18:07:12

Congratulations Effie and welcome to Rupert Edward (great name choice as like everyone else I've also got Edward on the very shortlist!)

It's a horrible time seeing your LO in an incubator or a hot cot but hang in there, look after yourself as I know that I definitely 'forgot' that i'd just given birth, as everything was focused on DD2. Fingers crossed he stops needing the CpAP / assitance soon. He's such a good weight for a premmie tho' well done you for hanging on this long, and all out thoughts are with you and wishing him well.

Sorry I didn't register this morning was reading but so pissed off that all I could really write was - no change here.... little bit more of a show (so little I could barely see it- grabbing at straws me- never!!) and the odd BH. Oh and I think the bumps popped back up again!!!

So in an attempt to chivvy things along I stripped the sofa and chair and footstool today and washed all the covers , lots of pushing pulling actions bending etc, some twinges but not enough to get me going!!!

Tis my due date tomorrow as well- ( and LLynnn's) have a sweep hopefully booked for weds- never had one before and not looking forward to it!

In a way it's quite reassuring that everyone's LO is as sticky as mine if they we're all popping left right and centre I'd be even more envy

Right enough of the me me me post

Laura I hope you're feeling a little brighter now

Help- it's not in my hospital bag but In my freezer I have the femme pads cooled and ready to go.

Really sorry can't remember anything else as my brains turned to mush in the heat

Will check up later

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 18:20:34

Evening all.

I had a good MW appt - all well and babe is 3/5 engaged which explains that burrowing sensation. It could still be weeks, but at least it's not going to be able to get itself into breech smile.

Because I'm planning on HB my hospital bag is packed only with the barest essentials - I'd be terribly under-equipped so hope I don't need it. Doris I can guarantee that if I had something in the freezer I'd completely forget to take it out before leaving for hosp, hope you're better organised than I am (sounds like it grin)

June you'll notice 'real' contractions from the inside first and they'll stop you in your tracks. I feel BHs inside and out too but that's probably because I'm familiar with them by now.

Oh I am looking forward to hearing more birth announcements, go girls [wmile]

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 18:21:09

i don't mean wmile. i mean smile

bunnymother Mon 01-Jun-09 18:31:59

Evening ladies!

I was wondering where you were, and then I found the new thread [daft rabbit emoticon].

Appointment went well - everything (except ankles!) all average and tickety boo. So... the next time I go back will be when I am in labour. Which seems to me not to be any time soon!

Can't remember who asked - June? But I decided to stay w UCH - birthing centre looks good and 2 friends had babies there and have v good experiences.

Our name choices are: Ainsley, Violet, Amara, Evelyn or Analise. No real consistency and no real favourites, although just then I was thinking Evelyn Violet sounds lovely (in a v Victorian way). I think we will see what she looks like - Ainsley (DH's 1st choice) suits a fair child I think and Amara suits a dark child. What she looks like is a real genetic roll of the dice - I am fair and DH is dark, but w our backgrounds its 50/50 as to which one she will be or where in the range she will see. We have seen all sorts of colouring from our particular "gene pool".

Better run and finish Ocado ordering - am buying up on toilet paper etc for our post baby hibernation period!

Will be watching thread closely, esp for smug labour bag tips! Hope all you lovely Juners have had great days!! ((waves))

llynnnn Mon 01-Jun-09 18:39:12

Doh, just posted this on the old thread!! thought it had been a quiet day on here hmm

CONGRATULATIONS Effie on the birth if baby Rupert (lovely name ) I hope you get him home very very soon xx

Laura - hope you are feeling brighter now, damn those hormones!

June & Bunnymother - yes thats me on FB!

Ermintrude - glad you had a good midwife app

Doris - this show must mean something.....surely! fingers crossed for you!

June - wow a 3 hour shopping trip! thats amazing! I can barely manage half hour before feeling like I need oxygen! hope it gets things moving for you!

Mrsmcjnr - dont blame you at all for having a little rest, but have been very hot at the beach where you are!

I saw the midwife again today, she says baby is 3/5ths engaged (same as 10 days ago ) and still OP. I have an app with the consultant next monday when i'll be 40+6 and she thinks he will try a sweep but will want me in the following day for induction thought they'd give me a little longer, but they are worried about my last csection scar. really really hope it happens some point this week so i can avoid induction!

hope everyone else is well, big HI!

silkcushion Mon 01-Jun-09 19:01:13

Congratulations Effie and hello to baby Rupert. Agree the June boys have lovely names.

Sending Effie lots of love and positive thoughts (must be a worrying time for her)

Not a great day here. Discovered last night that DH's MOT had run out on his car 6 weeks ago shock Had to sort it this morning and it's going to cost £1000!!!! We've spent nearly a grand in repairs/servicing over the last 6 months. Lad at garage suggested we got rid of it and bought another - looks like an expensive time on the horizon angry

Mw visited this morning to talk through hb and was really good (not her normal dozy self) but then thought the baby might be breech - so I had to get a taxi to hospital for a presentation scan - baby is fine and in a good position thankfully.

Sorry about the moaning - hope some more pop tonight - we need some little girls.

LittleSarah Mon 01-Jun-09 19:30:27


Silk - Poor you with mot! Dh just did his and wasn't too bad but plenty of other bills to get on top of sadly, got to learn to be frugal!

Good luck getting labour started naturally llynnn, it could happen any day. How nice would it be to get proper signs though?

Doris - I have a feeling my one has popped free too, cheeky monkey, bump feels very high again.

Ermin - At least you have a bag packed! If I have to transfer I'll be shouting at dh to run and grab various bits and no doubt we'll end up buying some granny nightie at the hospital shop... grin

MrsMcJnr - Yes apparently you're supposed to be stimulating for at least two hours a day! Don't think I can face it. At least feel calmer about a late baby now dh has flexible paternity. Molly does look gorgeous doesn't she? I'm really looking forward to her getting to meet her own brother/sister!

Bunny - Great names! I do love Evelyn Violet, Amara is lovely too. I really like Eve and Evie but dh is not so keen sad.

June - Well done on your shop! Crazy mamma! I need to pop into town soon to get doll for dd. It is part of big sis present. I was planning on just putting the new clothes I've knitted on her old baby but trying them on baby is far too small! blush Have you tried the squirty Evian botte yet? Having never used one I don't know but I don't think it'll be as good as a jug for the stingy weeing. I would imagine it stopping and starting which you don't really need when weeing....

It's really bizarre but my granny keeps phoning to check how I am. Very nice - no complaints - but not really like her, and I don't remember her being so attentive last time! Still it's nice to be loved.

Really exhausted tonight. Spent all day doing research (but almost finished so feel great) and then cleaned bathroom, did washing and made tea... absolutely worn out. Ankle is feeling better at least.

Right, off to run a bath!

Hope everyone is well, especially our two new boys and their mammas!

lauraloo09 Mon 01-Jun-09 19:45:05

evening all and thank you for thinking of me I feel much better now must have been hormones. I love Morcombe and Wise so put on one of their dvds and couldn't stop laughing it was wonderful.

Everyone i speak to about labour says i'll know when its real contractions but i really dont. About 7.15 i got this pain/cramp and i was doubled over but not sure if this was just a severe BH or a real contraction. I am now lying in bed trying to relax but cramps are still there sad putting on Morcombe and Wise again to keep me happy grin

Will try to catch up but not sure how much my brain can take in...

June2009 Mon 01-Jun-09 19:55:36

Laura It doesn't sound like a BH, make sure you monitor it (whatever that means :s)

The other thing I am putting in my labour bag is a small folder with my notes and leaflets from the antenatal classes about the various stages of labour and what positions I can adopt, relaxation techniques & step by step to breastfeeding.
I'll probably stick my birth plan in there too and a typed out list of things DH can do to help, like massage my back, remind me to drink/snack & go to the loo, tell me I'm doing really well and that I'm "doing it" when I'm in transition shouting telling him "I can't do it" grin.

mspotatochip Mon 01-Jun-09 19:56:36

congratulations to Bigcar and Effie!

lauraloo09 Mon 01-Jun-09 20:05:01

june Thanks for reminding me I must pack my maternity notes in my labour bag...knowing the way I have been over the past few days I'll end up forgetting them blush

I hope effie is doing ok and that Rupert is doing better smile

bigcar hope you are enjoying having your LO and also trying to take it easy smile

silk shock at the price of the MOT maybe it would be better to scrap the car and buy a new/used one

bunny love your name choices, I particularly like Evelyn but they are all beautiful names smile

littlesarah thats good about your DH's paternity leave something you now dont need to worry or stress over if baby is overdue smile

I know I am forgetting a lot of my fellow juners which I apologise for, at least I have been able to remember some things that have been discussed today blush

The pains seem to be coming and going now but it may sound silly but sometimes when the pain comes on i'm thinking that I am only imagining the pains...if I'm still sore at 9 I will be phoning hospital even if they ask me to come in for monitoring or a check at least i would know what is happening

MrsMcJnr Mon 01-Jun-09 20:47:27

Hi Help smile good to hear from you smile great question, one to get us thinking! The Lindt chocolate bar sounds good. I’d have to say mascara; I can’t live at home or away without it. From last time though lucozade would have to come a very close 2nd it really kept my energy up smile

June – flip flops are another good one smile, a definite must have for the shower. Interesting about the squirty evain bottle smile try Bravissimo and the NCT for nursing bras smile I think you definitely would know real contractions, it’s a bit like describing an elephant but you will know when they are real ones smile I took all my AN notes with me too and plan to do that again.

Good to hear from you Naat smile

Doris – I have those femme pads and breast nurse in my freezer too. Didn’t use the femme pads last time but the breast nurse was a godsend smile

Ermintrude – glad the appointment went well, I really know what you mean by that burrowing feeling!

Bunny – like your names smile my great-grandmother was Violet. As for colouring, it’s so hard to tell when they are tiny. DS had loads of black hair and had really dark blue eyes, now he has blonde ringlets and pale blue eyes and no doubt his hair colour will change again as he gets older.

Llynnnn – today has been so hot, about 33C I think, DS’s bedroom is still 28C so I’m getting him a fan tomorrow poor soul. I’ve had 2 cold showers today. Hope you avoid induction, last thing I want too.

Silkcushion – what a relief that the presentation scan went well smile sorry to hear about all of the expense sad

Laura – poor you, do make a note of these pains, how long they last, frequency etc

Littlesarah – sounds like another busy day for you smile

So, so far we have 2 boys smile I can see from the list that Llynnnn and I are having girls; I know Dreamy and Bunny are having girls too and I think Naat is? Anyone else know what they are having?

Cleaned the flat from top to tail today and MIL has just kicked her 2nd G&T of the night (having also had beer when she took DS to the park) all over the lounge floor – NOT happy angry

I’ve bookmarked this website, just in case I find it useful when the time comes "[[]"

Also, I seem to have been a bit too diligent in packing my hospital bag. I lost my keys over the weekend and where did I find them blush I must have chucked them in there on Thursday afternoon when I thought I was going to have to go to A&E!!

blueberrysorbet Mon 01-Jun-09 21:05:15

lynn, i am due another cs, and my dc said in the event of me wanting to experience a trial of labour (such a ray of sunshine) he would not induce me as it would cause too much pressure on the internal scar, do they mean they will sweep you?

all these sils and people wanting to "help" ie, be centre of attention and hold the baby - like you will want them to bond with your baby instead of you! must say i asked the mw at the hospital in the uk to keep people away and she lied quite happily for us-people just ignore you when you say no visitors!

congrats effie

also, i should i have checked what kind of help exactly people were suggesting... my mil was against bf on demand, picking up crying baby, fil even unplugged baby monitor without telling us as " keeps crying and i can't hear the telly". we were so different about care for a newborn and she tutted at me all the time.
also i didn;t want to bf in front of them at first, which is fine, but i ended up banished to the bedroom for hours.

you can say you have no idea what the birth will be like, so no idea of what kind of help / visitors until AFTER you get home, and that';s when you will let people know. end of chat. sure they will understand
yes, cs booked for thursday. baby's

help... re chocolate for you- the wards will be as hot as hell, it might melt! was glad had packed flipflops as showers filty. had cs in end so did not want to wear pj bottoms as could not bend. ended up with dh rugby top- too hot. notepaper and pen for giving dh a list of stuff to do?

can't member who asked but ds is 2 and 2 months.
silk that sounds dreadful, would get rid of car asap, had same thing with a car of mine, i px it at garage for car with warranty

am bit as dh won;t finish at restuarant til 1.00am wed and we are dropping ds off at 6.30 to be at hospital for 7 to check in and have cs at 8.00am SHARP . would have liked sometime with him tbh, before major surgery.

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