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Due in Nov 05 - waiting for the bump!

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JenJam Sat 07-May-05 09:12:36

here we go...
Guess in the next one will be the one where we'll be waiting for the first kick! hooray it's the weekend! i haven't had any stretchy stomach feelings, maybe a quiet period pain rumble (!? is that what you mean?) well what a beautiful day i'm lying on sofa under a blanket, laptop on lap and sky baby channel on in background (i've just shed a few tears of happiness for a manchester mum who has just screamed her head off and given birth to a baby boy).

can't remember who asked - cads? re: measurement of c to r . i had one scan at 11+1 babe was 4.5 and another at 12+2 and it measured 6.0 cm.

have good sats jen

ChaCha Sat 07-May-05 09:39:22

Hi everyone

Beks - Scan sounds so exciting! Wow, can't wait. I'm going to book my scan for next week when i should be 12 weeks - am excited but nervous at the same time.
Although feeling a little bit groggy at times the m/s is not half as bad as it was from 5-9weeks, it really does seem to be getting better with a not so good day inbetween. Sure hope this continues

Sending everyone lots of love xxxx

CADS Sat 07-May-05 12:05:26

Hi everyone. Hope you are all enjoying their day. Weather here is horrible, very cloudy, windy and cold. DH has just taken ds out for a few hours so I am going to put my feet up and watch discovery health. Should be doing the housework but can't be bothered today. DS had be up at 4am, poor thing has had an ear infection/s for the last 3.5 weeks and despite having two courses of antibiotics, it still hasn't cleared up.

Rodeo1 - I think it is natural for us all to worry no matter how many children you might already have. I think 1st time round you worry about everything (aches, dc, what you eat, etc, etc) but 2nd/3rd.. time you don't worry about those things as much but you still worry about the baby's health and that everything will be ok. Even after having my scan and seeing my baby move and seeing the heart beating and being told that the size was fine for the date, I still worried that it was too small and what if there is something wrong, etc. Please don't feel you have to stay away. After all we are here to support each other.

Jenjam - thanks for your measurements. I feel so much better now. Do you think we might have girls?? I read somewhere that the c to r length has to relation to the gender, but can't help thinking maybe its a girl. Are you going to find out the sex at the next scan?

Chacha - Not long to go. Hang in. You will feel fantastic in the 2nd trimester.

Where is everyone else?

Busy - Haven't seen you around for ages? How's ds doing? And how are you feeling about no2. My ds is the same age as yours and I find myself feeling that I am betraying him by having another baby and worry that I won't have enough time to play, cuddle him , etc. Our life revolves around ds and we absolutely adore him, just can't imagine loving another child like this without it taking something away from ds. I have been told these are normal feelings but I still don't get it.

Anyway, I will shut up now.

CADS Sat 07-May-05 12:07:50

Jenjam - I mean the c to r length has no relation to gender.

I will should read my posts before sending them.

JenJam Sat 07-May-05 18:49:07

SALE ALERT: hello all must tell you this...not sure how many this is relevant too as I don't know where you live but went shopping today with aim of buying a few maternity things for work - and what luck 50% off Maternus (a boutique) on Cross Street, London N1. Have to say it's very expensive in the first place but with the 1/2 price offer it's a not too bad - around Next prices AFTER discount. main thing is that they have quite alot of choice. i think they've closed a store and are now trying to shift stock, including current summery stuff. i bought 3 extra long/extra stretchy vests for the summer, a denim skirt, and a smart black top for work. they have loads of linen trousers, stretchy wide leg trousers, skirts etc etc. so if you fancy a treat get your dp's to take you out for a day tomorrow!!

excitement of shopping and DP letting me use the joint 'bills' account for my new clothes(yessss!!!!) gave me a headache, have spent last hour lying down trying to get rid of it. paracetamol is ok to take isn't it?
oh and while i'm on health matters anyone else got constipation or double piles? i think that must be only explanation for discovering blood in stools?? ???

CADS i don't know about finding out the sex of baby. i went out last night to a reunion and got a blow by blow account of how horrible labour is from an old workmate who has just had a baby and she put into perspective that it's soooo nice to discover / be surprised after all the pain and grief that it's sort of a 'reward' to find out if it's a boy or girl afterwards(as if having a lovely shiny new smily baby isn't enough of a reward...) so i've done a u-turn.

how does the c2r thing relate to gender?!!? i don't understand? girls are big for dates or small?


JenJam Sat 07-May-05 18:50:25

CADS i should really read mine before sending too. forget my Q re: c/r relation to gender. I'VE GOT IT now.......

ChaCha Sat 07-May-05 18:59:36

Afternoon all, Jenjam sounds like you had an exciting shopping spree..worth the headache i'm sure. Did a bit of shopping myself today but for comfy house clothes - am still in hermit mode!
Just as i thought i was over it came home to major sickness - ice lollies really help me, not sure why.
Where is everyone and how is everyone?

I keep thinking about work and what i'm going to do without my lovely wage packet come August .. it seems that this is all much of an industry, and a very expensive one at that..any suggestions?

CADS Sat 07-May-05 19:21:10

Hi Jenjam

Paracetamol is fine to take. I think it is the only thing we can have.

Re constipation drink loads of water, eat high fibre and exercise. Linseeds/Flaxseeds also help, health shops sell them. Just sprinkle on food. Also, I remember having Fybogel when pregnant with DS. I have just read the packet and it says "Fybogel is also recommended wherever increased fibre is needed in your diet to help relieve constipation - this includes constipation during pregnancy or when breastfeeding."
Hope the above thread helps with the other problem.

Sorry, to confuse you but I meant there is NO relationship between crl and gender. I agree with your friend, I think it is more exciting not knowing the sex of the baby. I am kinda of old fashioned in that respect. You know you're pregnant, you know you are having a baby, so the final piece of the puzzle is whether it is a girl or boy. I never found with ds and it was a nice surprise. We aren't going to find out this time either, but boy am I dying to know.

Speak soon.

JenJam Sat 07-May-05 19:32:21

thanks cads do feel a bit embarrassed admitting to my bottom troubles, but just wondered if anyone else is quietly suffering! strange i do have as am doing as advised - water, fibre etc. perhaps I drink too many cuppas - even if decaf -T&Coffee dehydrate. might give fybogel a go went to link you sent and can also tick box on bleeding gums-cor blimey-partner thinks i'm a hypochondriac/trying to get some sympathy!...

CADS Sat 07-May-05 19:40:41

Jenjam, by the time you have given birth nothing will embarrass. Are you having too much iron? Some on my friends find that pregnancy supplements (like pregnacare, etc) make them constipated. Hope things clear up soon.

Going to stuff my face with pizza.

JenJam Sat 07-May-05 19:44:56

ahh. yes i am taking pregnacare. maybe that's it. i'll see if there are any alternatives with less iron. well done inspector.

BEKsmum Sat 07-May-05 20:59:31

Evening girls just popping on before my curry arrives - little treat as got in too late to cook and ds had dinner with a friend.

Rodeo sweetheart please don't abandon us we're all here for each other and I felt exactly the same last week before the 2nd scan as baby was very still and I just expected them to tell me that it had died. This first few weeks before you have the reassurance of it moving around is horrible but I'm sure you're gonna be fine and you can't desert me as we started this with HK and Diddle and I'm not being the only original early member left so get back on here and poor out your worries. Sending you {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

Jenjam, another suggestion would be to drink exotic fruit drinks such as papaya or mango, works everytime!

Agree with you girls about not finding out the sex of the baby, didn't with ds and was absolutely 110% sure he was a girl, needless to say I was very surprised when he wasn't.

I won't find out this time either as last time I said some pretty unkind things to my little darling on the way out, but then he was just pain not actually here so I didn't feel so bad. Once the stupid midwife asked me how I felt towards the baby mid push and I told her at that moment she could take the bloody thing and and throw it out of the window if she liked as long as this bloody pain stopped! My mum was horrified and made me apologise out loud in case there was anything wrong with the baby and that I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for being so horrible!!!

Busy and Tex where are you? Are you all right?

Right I'm off to stuff my face with take out have a nice eveningand a great rest of the weekend. Speak to you all tomorrow.

KristinaM Sat 07-May-05 21:30:28

Hi all - glad you are all having such a good weekend and relaxing a bit. Well done on the shopping jenjam - you need a few half decent things for work - its not as if its an indulgence!!!

BTW if all these remedies dont work, get your GP to prescribe something like Lactulose. You'll get it after the baby anyway. There is no point in getting sore and uncomfortable. Its just coz our digestive systems SSSLLLOOWWW down to get everything for the baby - they are little parasites you know . Thats why they are all thriving in there, bouncing around while we are puking our guts up,exhausted, losing weight and feeling like death warmed up.Oh roll on week 14!

Anyway, not sure if I really qualify for this thread as my bump is already here.

I am going to find out the sex of the baby as soon as possible. I'm obviously not a traditionalist like the rest of you. Not that I mind either way, as i have one of each and my Dh has two of each. I feel convinced its a boy while my Dh thinks its a girl.No idea why!!

Will think about names when we know the sex. We found choosing a name really hard last time, as we both have big families and lots of the names we liked are already "taken". I dont really feel this way about friends kids, but its different with cousins, especailly those with the same surname.

I just love the baby name threads on mumsnet. I read most of them thinking that so many mumsnetters are COMPLETELY MAD as they want such weird names. OTOH they must think we are so boring!!!!!

CADS Sun 08-May-05 07:41:11

Good morning ladies. Woken up to a beautiful sunny morning, hope it stays that way.

Beksmum - LOL I thought women usually swore at their dps/dhs while grabbing them by the balls.

Jenjam - You can always try curry but I'm not sure it will be too kind to the other problem.

KristinaM - If I lost weight I would be calling mine a little angel not parasite.

Off to feed ds.

HellKat Sun 08-May-05 07:46:34

Morning all!
Hope everyone had a fab weekend.
Beks- So glad your ds has reverted back to angelic self! Does he still have the little bumps on his forehead from where the horns poked through? Only joking lol. I used to say that about my ds1! In fact still do. Either that or I just call him "Kevin" from the Harry Enfield sketch!
Rodeo- Awwww hunny. Try to stay positive! It must be awful having to hang around and just wait (that's awful that they're making you wait at all!) but just try to keep busy etc. If ever you need a chat or anything I'm here!
Now I know why I don't drink. Had the most god awful hangover from hell yesterday! I have'nt drunk properly in nearly 2 years and oh boy did I feel it yesterday! Dp found it hilarious (just because he never had one). That was how my Saturday was spent. Popping headache pills, feeling queasy (alot like being pg really ).
Realised it was'nt my af the other day but have been bding loads and stocked up on pg tests! Poor dp will be exhausted after this
Have a great Sunday all (heres hoping the weather holds out).

yingers74 Sun 08-May-05 09:03:35

wow new thread, shows how long I have been away! Am still suffering from morning sickness, bar humbug! In fact i think it is getting worse, if I did not have dd, i think i would quite happily give up food and wait for someone to put me in hospital, the drip sounds so much more welcoming at the moment.

my scan is tomorrow - can't wait!

in regards to finding out the sex, i don't like surprises so i did find out with dd and will this time round too.

have a good sunday all, am off to my mums to pass the buck of entertaining dd to the grandparents!!!!!

BEKsmum Sun 08-May-05 10:35:18

Lol had abused my hubby plenty already and by this time he was nodding off in the chair, laid back fellow that he is!!!

HK checked for bumps on forehead, you're quite right they are there, always thought they were his eyebrows but can see the connection now!!! and if you tip him upside you can just see the 666 under his hairline, think it must have been the full moon that sent hima bit crazy!!! Glad to have angel son back though, lot less strain on the old blood pressure.

Glad to hear you had the headache from hell, sounds like your living up to your name don't you think. Very that you can have lots to drink, have one for me next time, or are you having the "never again" feeling till next Saturday at least.

Krisitina I'm with you I have enough weight to keep all our babies fed, you lot could just sit back and have an easy ride!

Yingers good luck with the scan tomorrow, hope everything goes well and that you'll come on and tell all about it when you get home.

Right what to do now, as dh & ds are going swimming, I can either get on with the housework or go back to bed as I did the early bit with ds this morning. Think it's definitely bed then as the dr told me to get more rest, hooray for drs like I need an excuse to be lazy!!! Have a good day all, speak to you later when i eventually crawl from my pit!

CADS Sun 08-May-05 10:48:20

Beksmum - GO BACK TO BED

DH has just left for football so i am on baby duty till at least 5pm. Hopefully, ds will have a nice 2hr nap at lunchtime.

DS was born during a full moon and definitely has 666 tattooed of his head, you just need a microscope to see it. He is teething and has an ear infection so it is like he has had a personality transplant. I want my baby boy back

Yingers - good luck with the scan tomorrow and let us know how it all went.

bye for now

ChaCha Sun 08-May-05 11:50:51

Good morning everyone! It must be the beautiful weather, everyone seems in such high spirits

Have been ill since last night and feel like a lifeless rag doll, i am now starving but can't be bothered to cook..suddenly have a taste for waffles and beans!

Back to my previous question, just how expensive is it to have a baby? How do the mums here cope? Have been going through my finances recently - boy oh boy!

CADS Sun 08-May-05 12:15:54

Morning Chacha

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling to great. Get dh to make you some food, as he should be pampering you.

If it makes you feel better, I use to be the main breadwinner (by quite a lot) in our family before being made redundant, at the end of my maternity leave, and deciding to take 3/4 years off to have all our babies (we are stopping at 2). It is amazing how much you make your money stretch when you have a little one to consider.

Don't forget you will get Child tax credits and Child benefit from the government which i found the firt year pretty much covered our nappy and formula supply.

There are loads of threads with great tips (like meal planning, etc) on how to manage on a tight budget under the Legal/Money Matters board on MN. I actually asked this question a few months ago.

The main things I can advise and wish I had done are: Try not to go too crazy when buying clothes (they grow so fast) and you will get loads from other people. They don't need alot of toys (they get bored with them quickly). My ds loves exploring and playing more with my stuff than his toys and I have noticed the same thing with friends children.

Also, will be a few weeks later and people are bound to buy baby presents. Just ask them for things he needs. Last Xmas, as ds had loads of toys and winter clothes, I asked everyone for summer clothes and saved myself loads on money in the process.

I find they not too expensive at this age. I think when he starts demanding things and starts nursery/school it will get more expensive but the other mothers can advise on that.

Please ignore the errors, have to put ds down for his nap so don't have time to reread it. Hope it all makes sense and doesn't bore you.

CADS Sun 08-May-05 12:17:36

by the way I mean

it will be Xmas a few weeks later

ChaCha Sun 08-May-05 19:44:51

Hi Cads, thanks for all the info, gave me something to think about

Still being sick here, am totally drained. Even favourite ice lolly didn't make it!

Hope everyone's okay..must run......

BEKsmum Sun 08-May-05 20:25:54

Chacha sweetheart sorry you're feeling so rough, it will go soon hopefully, back to simple foods for you for a day or so. Have felt sick all day myself today must be something in the air!

I agree with Cads on a lot of what she was saying about cost. As it's your first everyone will spoil the baby rotten. This doesn't happen so much with subsequent kids but definitely will in this case. When people ask you what you want ask them to be practical suggest nappies, formula milk, and older clothes as Cads is right your baby will be out of stuff before it's even had time to stain it.

People will complain about buying such practical things but suggest that they buy a little luxury item too but that you'd really appreciate the more practical things. If your work are likely to do a collection for you ask for stuff like the changing bag which is bloody expensive for no reason and for things like your steamer or bottles as you will get round to them eventually even if you breastfeed.

Also remember if people offer you things take them, do not be too proud, not everything needs to be brand new, the clothes of other kids will have been worn very little, the toys can be sterilised and cleaned and they don't have to have the latest most up to date toys until they start school when things like that matter.

If you are decorating the baby's nursery then ask for bedding etc as you will get through a fair amount of that when the little darling decides to up chuck or leak it's nappy in the middle of the night!

The other thing I did was once we had accumulated a lot of things for ds was to ask for money or vouchers for him when we had his naming ceremony, this was then put in an account for him and bought him his climbing frame for the garden and is invaluable for buying shoes or clothes etc if you find your money a bit stretched as it's the baby's money and it gets spent on them when they need it. I also pay my family allowance into this account so that there is always a little extra in there, you didn't have the money before you had the child so you don't miss it.

Sorry for rambling on I bet you wish you'd never asked now, but I am a sahm without an income and we've managed ok!

Just to make you laugh girls did go back to bed but ended having ridiculous nightmare type drams and felt worse than ever when I got up, should have vegged infront of the tv instead.

Hope you all have a good week. Speak to you tomorrow.

KristinaM Sun 08-May-05 21:51:38

beks mum - glad you did go back to bed - you are not lazy, you are growing a baby. this is a bloody miracle and you should be proud of yourself not feeling guilty for resting. GPs dont tell you to rest for nothing!

yingers - do let us all know about the scan

chacha - ditto what everyone else has said about the money. Remember you will still get maternity pay for quite a while after you stop work. And dont buy lots of stuff - clothes, toys or equipment. You dont need half of what you read in these stupid magazines and it just becomes junk taking up space in your house. All you really need is a car seat (if you have a car or you get lifts!), somewhere for baby to sleep, and a buggy suitable for newborns. DO NOT BUY A TRAVEL SYSTEM if you are short of £££££ and space.

You can probably borrow a car seat ( only if you know the person dont buy second hand) and same for a crib or moses basket. S/H cot/crib is fine just buy a new mattress. Dont get a changing table or any of that stuff. I dont use a changing bag just large black satchel type bag and travel changing mat.

You dont need to buy any clothes for the baby at first - I just bought packs of white vests and babygros & bibs from asda and we were given everything else. for the first few weeks thats all they wear and by the time you are organised enought to take them out they will fit some of the nice things you are given.

Honestly you will not believe how generous people are - you get given LOADS of stuff. It will make you cry but you can blame it on the hormones

Diddle Mon 09-May-05 07:45:51

yingers - hope your scan is fantastic, have a good day

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