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Morning (actually all day!) sickness

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mum2jay Fri 06-May-05 16:35:05

Hi, I have just found out I'm pregnant but feeling awful. I'm really pleased about the news but suffering from all day sickness (even waking in the middle of the night feeling sick). Can anyone give me any tips on how to feel better? I have bought some homeopathic medicene 'Sepia' as advised by my GP, it doesn't seem to be making much difference but when I checked in Boots its for emotional disorders? I have tried ginger bisuits too! Any help very gratefully received! (ps. I have PCOS and no AF for 2 years, I was told I was not ovulating and prescribed Clomid but never used it, same for DS1 so feel guilty about moaning)xxxxx

Nemo1977 Fri 06-May-05 16:36:29

No advice hun just sympathy have been in the same position but luckily its just day sickness now at 8wks

compo Fri 06-May-05 16:36:33

Travel sickness bands worked for me, as did eating little and often and drinking plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better soon.

Joseyjo Fri 06-May-05 16:53:22

the only thing that helped me was eating all the time!!! as the sickness got better (about 12 weeks) the hunger started and i spent 2 weeks looking like a hamster with both cheeks constantly full of food. it does settle down though.
ginger biscuits helped me quite a bit, but the trick is to never get too hungry as that makes the nausea worse. having said that, don't eat too much at one sitting as then you feel full and sick!!

does that help?!!!

starlover Fri 06-May-05 16:56:20

i also found that eating helped a bit. which was hard because the smell of food made me want to vomit!
I drank a lot of ginger tea, and sucked boiled sweets.
there are some chewable tablets you can buy called entrocalm... they aren't great but worked a bit!

zebraX Fri 06-May-05 17:32:11

rest, vit. B6 (don't tell the midwife, 50-100mg/day), low-fat diets, except chocolate.. the fat in chocolate is exempt ...

teuch Mon 06-Jun-05 15:20:15

i'm a bit addicted to pepermint tea with a half sugar at the moment...settles the stomach.

MRSflamesparrow Mon 06-Jun-05 15:39:17

Never tried Sepia, but homeopathic Nux Vom works wonders (available in Boots).

Boompi Mon 06-Jun-05 16:24:59

Preggie pops - avail online - and crystallized ginger helped ease my 24 hr nausea - didnt take it away totally though. It did stop suddenly at 13 weeks though so good luck

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