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Due Feb 2010

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Gidders Fri 22-May-09 16:52:50


I can't find a due in Feb thread, but I suppose it's very early still!

Got my BFP on tuesday, with a due date of Feb 3. It's still not quite sunk in - I've had to take another three tests since then just to check blush

I'm spending far too much time already planning for this baby when I should be working, please tell me I'm not the only one who is completely obsessed. And that I will calm down eventually!

Anyway, would love to chat with some other newly upduffed types.

anniemac Mon 25-May-09 05:04:14

Message withdrawn

wasabipeanut Mon 25-May-09 15:25:03

Oh and I thought I'd be the first one! Got my BFP today - due 1st Feb and am 4 weeks exactly.

Like Anniemac I am swinging between elation and worry as I had a MMC at the beginning of this year.

anniemac Mon 25-May-09 20:00:04

Message withdrawn

wasabipeanut Mon 25-May-09 20:51:54

Anniemac what was the first date of your last period? Mine was 27th April which was 28 days ago exactly. I just used one of those due cate calculator thingies online.

If you got a BFP last Monday you sound further along than me!

anniemac Mon 25-May-09 21:34:27

Message withdrawn

Stumblebum Mon 25-May-09 22:19:29

Me,me me!

Should go to bed but am too excited - just tested today (3 times to make sure blush !)

Think I will be due early February but not worked it out yet.

I have a ds and a dd. I had a MC in October 2005, so thought this would never happen.

Fingers crossed - let's start counting down grin

MummyLovesSadie Mon 25-May-09 23:16:34

Hello ladies Wasabi I remember you from the Emmsy's Angels thread. I was there too as I had a mc in Feb at 9 weeks. Now had a bfp grin grin. Well I've had about 6 actually since Tuesday! smile

My last af was 28th April & I think my due date is the 2nd Feb.

wasabipeanut Tue 26-May-09 13:47:03

Oooh I got it wrong Anniemac. Yesterday was day 29 of a 28 day cycle so I was 4+1 when I replied to you and am now 4+2.

Only in early pregnancy can 1 day make such a difference! My cycles are pretty regular and this month I ovulated between CD14 and 15 so I don't know how you adjust for later ovulation.

Hello MummylovesSadie - how exciting!

devotion Tue 26-May-09 20:53:30

Hello and congratulations ladies!

I am jumping on board after getting my BFP this evening SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

This will be my third child and think I am due about 2nd Feb!

Was sure I was but felt af feelings for the last few days and keep having to check my knickers! blush hopfully baby will stick - fingers crossed.

I'm trying not to open my lounge window up and shout it out on the street.

i am just as excited as i was with the other two!

wasabipeanut Wed 27-May-09 15:19:20

Congratulations Devotion! I know what you mean about wanting to shout out of the window.

I thought I'd start a list. Cut and paste yourself in date order! I thought we'd do name, EDD and existing dc's.

Wasabi EDD 01/02/09 DS 20mo
Devotion EDD 02/02/09 ??

helenabeth Wed 27-May-09 15:41:35

Can I join too please? Due date 29 Jan; ds1 was early but ds2 was 10 days late, so I think I'll be a Feb mum of three too, all being well.No real symptoms except constant dizziness, so far.

devotion Wed 27-May-09 18:16:08

Wasabi EDD 01/02/09 DS 20mo
Devotion EDD 02/02/09 DD1 6YRS & DD2 3YRS

I've been feeling dizzy all day. Just got back from town centre and I was spinning out and just remembered about other pregnancies how you have to keep eating all time.

I could not find healthy snacks so need to be prepared next time i go anywhere.

wasabipeanut Wed 27-May-09 20:18:40

I have little dizzy spells from time to time but only usually when going from sitting to standing (or getting up to go the loo in the middle of the night.)

I do have very tingly nipples though! And I keep getting little stitch like pains and little cramps. I am taking this as a good sign of my peanut burrowing in!

devotion Wed 27-May-09 21:59:57

same here with cramps and the weeing thing is bad. i wee so much already and today i had to keep asking cafes if i could use theirs.

nothing with my breasts, i am one of those unlucky small breasted women whose breasts do not grow whilst pregnant. only at the very end and of course when my milk comes in.

i'm so excited because i LOVE being pregnant! its the only time i love my body and i just always feel happy.

i just hope my morning sickness does not hit me like it did with my 2nd pregnancy.

are you itching to tell you friends and family?

i'm going to tell mine this weekend. i can not hold it in and didnt with either pregnancies. i feel that if anything happened i would be telling them anyway.

devotion Wed 27-May-09 22:00:57

we should have some more joining us soon.

there are some girls from the ttc feb bus that i was on. hopefully they will join on here too.

NancyPreg Thu 28-May-09 07:34:56

Hello ladies, I would like to join too! Just got my BFP so it's very early days but hey, I saw this thread and it seems to have my name on it wink. The calculators give me an EDD of 5th Feb so full-steam ahead shipmates!

IrrationalMother Thu 28-May-09 08:03:32


Can I join? I think I am going to get an official due date of 31 Jan, but DS was 2 weeks late, so I am pretty sure this will be a February baby if all goes well!

Very exciting!!

Gidders Thu 28-May-09 09:55:26

Wasabi EDD 01/02/09 DS 20mo
Devotion EDD 02/02/09 DD1 6YRS & DD2 3YRS
Gidders EDD 03/02/09 first dc

Hi ladies, sorry I disappeared, I've been away for a few days.

Is anyone else feeling incredibly tired - I'm in bed by nine most nights at the moment, and what with the bags under my eyes and the spots I've broken out in, I'm looking awful! When can I expect to start glowing??

This is my first pregnancy, so it's all very new and exciting. I'm going to the doctors on saturday, can anyone tell me what to expect? Will they be doing any tests, or are they just going to refer me to the midwife?

We haven't told anyone yet, it's so strange to have such a huge secret. I'm not sure how long we will wait, perhaps until the first scan - am I right in thinking that is about 10-12 weeks?

Anyway, congratulations all!

devotion Thu 28-May-09 10:36:03

Hello Gidders!

On your first appointment gp takes your blood pressure and may weigh you. Gives you info on pregnancy and asks which hospital you would like to give birth.

Thats it!

Then you will recieve a letter telling you about your first scan around week 10/11. I cant remember about the midwife, i think thats week 10 for blood tests.

I've got two and I've already forgotten

Dont worry about feeling spotty and tired. At this stage of pregnancy your body feels likes its done a marathon a week. Alot of happening in there so its using all your energy! Rest when you can and drink lots of water.

My favourite part of pregnancy is about 5months - when most have no sickness, you have a lovely bump, your face and skin looks great and you feel all cosy and happy. But I enjoy all of it!

devotion Thu 28-May-09 10:37:17

oh and welcome and CONGRATULATIONS to nancypreg and irrationalmother.

dont forget to add your details to the growing list

Gidders Thu 28-May-09 12:21:13

Thanks Devotion.

I'm finding early pregnancy strange, because I'm struggling to keep up with my normal life and I can't tell people why - and I'm not quite sure I believe it myself yet!

But it's good to hear it will get better, and I am looking forward to having a bump.

I'm in awe of you, if you feel anything like I do AND care for a 6 and a 3-year-old!

devotion Thu 28-May-09 13:28:48

You just get better at it!

When I was pregnant the 2nd time I was SO sick for 16 weeks but luckily my then 2 year ols slept two hours a day so I would sleep with her. She stopped her naps a few months before her sister came along so it all worked out nicely.

When you have one you can not imagine having two, but when your first gets to to about two years, everything feels easier and most people think "lets go again"

Your first baby has got to be the most amazing and life changing experience of your life. What you think mattered before suddenly goes to #10 on your list. Although it can be overwhelming and hard becoming a mummy, its also wonderful. I look back at those times and laugh at how my dh and i struggle together to change one nappy and how we sneered at cars driving past our daughter leaving their toxic fumes around her . We were very over the top but it was learning curve and magical experience. It can never be repeated again.

When you have your second its just as amazing but in a different way, you dont have the shock of this new way of life or lack of sleep, you feel much more confident in your abilities and its a much more relaxing time. You get to spend more time enjoying your little person rather than worrying if you are doing it right.

One word of advice is as soon as you become pregnant, every person in the world feels they have a right to share with you "the best way to do things" when the baby comes its even worse. Just not your head and pretend you're taking it all in. Take what you want from advice but just follow your baby and you will be fine... see i'm doing it?

take care

Gidders Thu 28-May-09 14:45:02

Thank you so much, what a lovely post, you made me a bit teary (hormonal icon)

I know what you mean about over the top. H and I have already discussed everything from the birth to schooling. Naturally we will be perfect parents whose (homebirthed, with no pain relief) darling child will be a perfectly behaved prodigy who loves broccoli and who sleeps through at two weeks. Oh, how I will laugh looking back at this.

But, if you can't be idealistic before your first child actually arrives, when can you be?

I see from your post earlier you're planning on telling people this weekend - how exciting. Are you expecting surprise? Good luck with it.

I am very tempted to tell people soon - I don't believe in all that tempting fate stuff, but I think I'll at least wait to see the doctor. I'm half expecting her to tell me I'm not pregnant after all.

anniemac Thu 28-May-09 14:58:00

Message withdrawn

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