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The wagon rolls onto to York for brownies at Betty's...10 boys & 7 girls and still more to come!!!

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GYo Thu 21-May-09 02:34:24

new thread!!!!!!!

GYo Thu 21-May-09 02:35:07

Previous Los:
dd1: 7lb 6oz, born 39+2
dd2: 8lb 1oz, born 39+2
dd3: 7lb 11oz, born 39+1

No.4 prediction (ds1): due date 21st June.

Gyo 8lbs 5oz 10th June 3pm
LBOT: 7lb 4oz, 10 June, 5:43pm
Glaskham: 8lb 3.5oz, 11th June 6.08pm (my birthday and time of birth)
Kayz: 8lb 1oz, 13th June 08:27am
LB: 8lb 9oz, 13th June, midday
Moosy: 8lb 2oz, 14th June, 4.45pm
Diege: 8lb 4oz: 15th June
tink: 7lbs8ozs 16th of june, 8am

GYo Thu 21-May-09 02:36:35

Kay - 12th December - 6:49pm - Dylan George - 10lbs 5ozs
Teuch- - - boy
Pop - 23rd December - twin boys, Hugo & Henry
Nat - 27th December - 8:36pm - Mikey Bradley - 6lb 10.5oz
Gin - 16th Jan- Girl - 7.25am- details tbc
Tink- 19th Jan - Girl - 1.51pm - Bracken Hope Willow - 8lbs 7oz
Astarte - 16th Feb - Girl - 8lb 12oz
Glask - 20th Feb - Girl - 7.47pm - Ruby Marie 4lb (8wks prem)
LardyBump - 21st Feb- Boy - 8lb 12oz
HappyNappies- 27th Feb- Boy - 12.01am 9lb13 Edward James Roy
Playing - 4th March - boy - 5 lb 12 oz - Edward Lewis Stainer
Starshinetiger - 15th March - girl - 7lb 1 oz - Charlotte Carys Rose
GYo - 22nd March 9.55am- girl - 10 lbs 12 oz -
Cosmo - 2nd April - girl - April Victoria - 8.51am - 6lb 9
Gruff - 15th April - boy - 8lb 2 oz - 6.02am Zachary John Graham
Ses - 9th May - boy - 8lb 9oz - 10.17am Owen Edward
MINM- .......

Weeks list:
Diege - 34 weeks, 6 left to go. Boy!!!!(21st June)
LBOT - 30 weeks, 10 left to go BOY! (24th July)
KookyKid - 22 weeks, 18 weeks to go (2nd Sept) BOY!
Idreamofbeanie - 21 weeks (due 27th Sept) GIRL!
Sparklytwinkletoes - 19 weeks (due 6th Oct)
BB - 14 weeks (EDD 30th oct)
Claire236 - 5 weeks (EDD 7 Dec)
Moosy - 11 weeks (EDD 9th Dec)

Girls = 8
Boys= 9 (3 more still insitu)
Surprise = 10
Unknowns (yet) = 3

Scan list:
STT - 20 week scan 21st May
Moosy - 12 week dating and nuchal scan 27th May
BB - 20 week scan 11th june 09 (not finding out sex)

MW apps list:
IDOB- 24 week apt 9th June
BB- 16 week apt 15th may, Antenatal clinic 15th june
LBOT - 30 week appointment, 18 May
Diege - 34 week appointment, 14th May.

Mat leave countdown:
Diege - WFH!!!.
LBOT - last day 17 July (I think!) 35 days to go (including holiday!)
IDOB - 4th September, 16 weeks.

Babys Age
Kayz's Dylan - 16 weeks
Tinks Bracken - 16 weeks
Glaskham's Ruby - 12 weeks
Gyo's small giraffe - 8weeks
Ses's Owen - 1 week

SesHasFinallyBecomeAMum Thu 21-May-09 04:05:04

Yay for new thread!

Could someone add my guess on to Diege's syndicate (can't cut&paste on phone!)
18th June 4.40am 8lb 11oz

All ok here. DS was fast asleep when I wanted to come to bed at 11 so tried him in his Moses basket then. He woke up within 15 mins! After a feed though, he went from about 00.30 to 3.30 without properly stirring lying next to me which was pretty good. He showed that he has definitely learnt to re-latch himself next to me. Another feed now which will then hopefully take us through til at least 6.30...

GYo Thu 21-May-09 07:52:38

Added guess for Ses

Previous Los:
dd1: 7lb 6oz, born 39+2
dd2: 8lb 1oz, born 39+2
dd3: 7lb 11oz, born 39+1

No.4 prediction (ds1): due date 21st June.

Gyo 8lbs 5oz 10th June 3pm
LBOT: 7lb 4oz, 10 June, 5:43pm
Glaskham: 8lb 3.5oz, 11th June 6.08pm (my birthday and time of birth)
Kayz: 8lb 1oz, 13th June 08:27am
LB: 8lb 9oz, 13th June, midday
Moosy: 8lb 2oz, 14th June, 4.45pm
Diege: 8lb 4oz: 15th June
tink: 7lbs8ozs 16th of june, 8am
Ses - 8lb 11oz 18th June 4.40am

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 07:56:53


Bedtime routine didn't work. DS2 just screamed and screamed when I took him up to bed. But of course he went straight to sleep downstairs. He actually slept from 8 until 7 without waking for his 11pm feed. Now I just need to get him to go in his cot.

Hope you are all ok and GYo I hope you got back to sleep.

glaskham Thu 21-May-09 07:59:21

are you trying to move him from moses basket to cot Kayz? if so try putting the moses basket in the cot for a few nights at bedtime.

GYo Thu 21-May-09 08:02:22

Sounds like DS is doing well Ses! You sound very relaxed too!

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 08:07:42

Nope he hasn't been in his moses basket for months. He grew out of it at about 2 months.

glaskham Thu 21-May-09 08:15:16

Morning BTW- just popping in before nursery drop off... collected my Buzz and its ace so far!!

And my cats went to their new home last night too... is very strange not having them here- i keep thinking i need to shut the bedroom doors so they aren't sitting on the beds, and going to check their litter trays for emptying and their food bowls for water and munchies...

Ses- sounds like DS is doing well, it'll all fall into place soon enough, DS co-slept with me for the first weeks while we got BF established... he was around 10weeks when i first put him into his moses basket!!

glaskham Thu 21-May-09 08:15:56

Kayz- so do you put him into his cot asleep at bedtime?

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 08:18:04

Yes normally. He usually falls asleep while having his bedtime bottle and then he just sleeps until 7 the next morning.

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 08:18:40

Meant to add that if we put him to bed awake he normally just rolls over and goes to sleep.

glaskham Thu 21-May-09 08:23:15

into bed? not his cot? or was last night just strange for him to cry at night.

SesHasFinallyBecomeAMum Thu 21-May-09 08:23:39


Thanks GYo! We have our moments but going well on the whole. Main issue is if I don't get round to having an hours afternoon nap, I get over tired in the evening. Also I really would like to be sharing a bed with DH again. I guess we're making gradual progress with Moses basket though...

DH is frustrated that he can't help with feeding and slightest mention from me about sore nipples or tiredness, etc and he's offering to help if I express or with an odd bottle of formula. He feels that what he can do - such as nappy changing or bathing - are things that make him cry. I don't want him to feel excluded but Im going to persist BF.
Does anyone else experience these frustrations from their DH/DP?

Can't believe it's only 2 days til you lot meet up! That also means it's only 2 days til my friend's wedding though. I'm determined the 3 of us will go, even if just for a couple of hours.
Also my bf (and her DH and DD) is coming down to stay with her family this weekend so that they can come across and meet DS We're spending the day with them tomorrow.

glaskham Thu 21-May-09 08:23:44

right i'm off to do the nursery run... will text you kayz!!

SesHasFinallyBecomeAMum Thu 21-May-09 08:29:21

Sorry x-posted with Kay and Glask then! Put it down to one handed typing on phone whilst feeding!!

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 08:30:53

He sleeps in his cot. I tried to put him up at 8 and thats when he screamed, despite being fast asleep when I carried him up. So after 5 minutes of continued screaming I decided to bring him downstairs again so he didn't wake up DS1.

He then went straight back to sleep and didn't wake up when we went to bed at 11. He slept until 7 this morning.

Just checked the weather forecast and it says SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! for Saturday!!

Ses, personally I would be telling my DH to F off!! If he wants to completely ruin your breastfeeding then go ahead and let him give DS a bottle. Even just 1 bottle can ruin his latch and BF starts to go downhill. Tell him to wait until 6 weeks when most babies are 100% with BF and can have a bottle without BF being affected.

lardybump Thu 21-May-09 08:42:16

Ses I had this with my dp. Everytime I said I was tired or needed a break he would say something like "Well you chose to BF, shock"!!! We did have it out and I said that it was hard enough BF a baby with reflux and colic with out his persistant comments all the time... We found it good for DP to take over the winding duties and also for him to have the tummy time.. (both ds and dp with no clothes on dp laying down with ds on his tummy on dp's tummy iyswim they still do this for at least an hour a day) This helps dp be involved and bond with ds....

There is a measels outbreak in our area and dp said last night can I try to BF until ds has his mmr so this approach has worked....

DP has done a bottle of ebm now but not until 6 weeks when latch is 100%!!!

I can see how dp's do feel left out, we are pg for 9 months so bond then and then we feed them for 6 months!!

I had another bad night here. DS woke every hour for a feed and fed for 30 mins at a time so I am tres tired and boobies sore........ ouch

GYo Thu 21-May-09 08:44:24

Ses-It is very normal and i had the same issue exactyly with DH. We had lots of rows about it. Quite honestly it was the most difficult thing for me in the early days

Think for men its hard as suddenly we are 100% focussed on baby and not at all on them. Add that to the fact they cant control anything when we b\f. The other jobs probably dont seem so important to them. Think my DH was mix of needing to fix it for me esp when wt wasnt going on, had sore boobs etc and i was upset("I can help with bottles" and feeling jealous. He often described himself as sn "onlooker" "completly uninvolved" etc etc which was devestating as i was just doing my best to stay above water and didnt have head space to deal with his childishness.

Hang in there, it does get better. Now dd is smiling at him its made all the difference.

Dont underestimated the impact of the life change, effect of lack of sleep and how emotionally charged it is for both of you.

Sorry- essay. But pls come and talk about it here if you need to vent.

GYo Thu 21-May-09 08:47:09

LB- wish i'd known it wasnt just me here on the wagon!!

sorkycakey Thu 21-May-09 08:48:32

Ses why is your Dh not in bed with you?
My Dh used to feel the same with Dd1, I suspect it's common until they find a role they feel happy with. Du was in charge of meals and bathtime (he bathed with her as she hated it otherwise) he also did nappies.
When does he go back to work?

BFing does get easier, it's very early days for you. Once you get to about 6 weeks, expressing will be easier or you could introduce a bottle of formula at the last feed whilst you express, which would give him the time he wants with Ds without upsetting the supply and introducing a bottle.

GYo Thu 21-May-09 08:51:03

Wow really common. I nearly went mad because of this!

Kayzr Thu 21-May-09 08:52:59

Yeah Gyo, a lot of the Dec 08 girls had the same thing too.

DH did mention it when I was having those awful afterpains while feeding. But once the cowbag MW made us give bottles he was dead against it!!

sorkycakey Thu 21-May-09 08:57:18

I found it was an easier transition with the second child, as he had some inkling of what to expect. When it's your first, regardless of what advice others give it's hard to see when the endless feeds will settle into a pattern or when sleep will eventually be allowed.
You must keep talking to him though, telling him how he can help you rather than moaning (not that you are).
I do remember Dh saying to me the same things as yours to you and me arguing I didn't want to stop I wanted support not help! His reply was 'but you haven't told me how I can help and I'm not psychic'
It's easy to become so wrapped up In you n baby for the first few weeks without realizing it. Keep talking, one it's the key to getting through it in one piece.

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