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due may 2009.. half baked to fully cooked we're not all ready yet!

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Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Sun 17-May-09 22:24:49

Using Fi's suggestion......

pulapula Sun 17-May-09 22:30:28

just bookmarking for later

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Sun 17-May-09 22:36:49

And Dets I love your birth story. Made me laugh a lot.


DandyLioness Sun 17-May-09 22:41:30

Message withdrawn

pulapula Sun 17-May-09 22:45:39

Here's the updated list. Hope i haven't missed anyone- congrats emmabemmasmom and blottedcopybook. Girls are outnumbering the boys now! Can't believe we've got 25 new babies already

So far :


1ST APRIL 2009 :
SpangleMaker, BOY - Harvey, 9:55, 5lb 12oz, 35+3 (first child)

23RD APRIL 2009 :
LoobyLou36, GIRL - Matilda Rose, 5.53am, 8lb 3oz, 38+4 (first child)
Reggiee, BOY, Ben, 7lb 8, 39 weeks (DD age 22 mo)

24TH APRIL 2009 :
EmmalinaC, GIRL, Niamh Elizabeth, 9.56am, 6lb 2oz, unplanned vbac! 38+5wks (DD aged 2.4)

29TH APRIL 2009 :
llareggub, BOY, George, 8am, 7lb 9oz, VBAC (DS1 2.5)
gert2a, GIRL, Edith Ann Elaine, 10.14am, 7lb 10oz, ELCS (first child)

30TH APRIL 2009 :
Jael, BOY, Jacob, ELCS (DD aged nearly 3)

1ST MAY 2009:
1stMrsF, TWIN GIRLS, Amelia Carys (7lb 6.5oz) and Georgiana Bronwen (6lb 12oz), c-section 14.06 and 14.07

2ND MAY 2009 :
Divedaisy, GIRL, Sofiah Rose, 00:47am (DS age 6)
Momino, GIRL, 04.05am Harper Grace, 8lb 1oz.(DD age 3 and DD age 1.5)
Tummum, BOY, Gethin Thomas, 9pm, 9lb 1oz (2 DDs)
LadyHelen, BOY, Rufus, 2.15am (DS 3.7)

6TH MAY 2009 : Aquababe, BOY, Ethan, 4:51am, 8lb 6

8TH MAY 2009: bekkaboo, GIRL, Evie Mae, 7lbs (DS age 2)

9TH MAY 2009 :
Daizydoo, BOY, Jasper, 2:08am, 8lbs (DS age 2)
Ses, BOY, Owen Edward, 10:17am, 8lb 9oz, born by section

11TH MAY 2009:
Belgianchocolates, GIRL, Claire, 4.49am, 9lb 10oz (DS 7, DD 5)
Dandylioness, BOY, Hector Frank, 6lb 9oz, 1:25, emcs (DD age 4)
Flippineck, GIRL, Angharad, 11:15am, 8lb 3oz (DD1 2yr1m)

12th May 2009:
Pulapula, BOY, Samuel James, 4:16pm, 8lb 3oz (DD 4.5, DS1 1.11)

14th May 2009:
Jennster, GIRL, Rachel Mary, 8lb 7oz

15th May 2009:
Detsy, BOY, Archie, 8lb 5oz
Emmabemmasmom, GIRL, Sara Addison, 9.45pm, 6lb 5 (DD1 aged 2)

17th May 2009: Blottedcopybook, GIRL, Greer, 7lb 11oz, 7.35pm (DS1 8, DS2 3 & DD1 22m)



Bantam73 - IOL booked for 14 May
CoteDAzur- ELCS booked for 20 May

bantam73, (DD1 17yrs+ DD2 3ys 6m) surprise

Febes, (DD age 12 months). SURPRISE!!

DUE 11TH MAY: 40+4
Cloveofhislife, 2 DCs already

DUE 12TH MAY: 40+3
Minimenace, (DS age 19 months) SURPRISE!

DUE 13TH MAY: 40+2
ReeBee, (first child), BOY!

DUE 14TH MAY: 40+1

DUE 15TH MAY: 40
FiKelly 38yrs, (DS 2y9m in May) GIRL!!
Nauseous, (first baby), SURPRISE!.

DUE 16TH MAY: 39+6
Frazzledoldbag ,(DD1 age 7, DD2 age 2) BOY!!
Sarahken, (DS age 3) SURPRISE!!
Hypatia, (first child) - surprise

DUE 17TH MAY: 39+5
HtheH ,(first child) BOY - they think!

DUE 20TH MAY: 39+2
Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa,(DD age 11, DD age 4) SURPRISE!!

DUE 22ND MAY: 39
chocolatebunnies, (dd age 2)

DUE 23RD MAY: 38+6
Runningmonkey ,(first child), maybe a girl!

DUE 25TH MAY: 38+4
Alapala , (DS 2) BOY!
Sophietom (first baby) BOY!

DUE 26TH MAY: 38+3
rosielady,(DS age 3)

DUE 27TH MAY: 38+2
Sausagenmash (first baby)

DUE 28th MAY: 38+1
CoteDAzur, 38, (DD 3) BOY!! ELCS

DUE 29TH MAY: 38
MsG, (First child) SURPRISE!!

DUE 30TH MAY: 37+6
euromum, (DD age 18m), BOY!

DUE 31ST MAY: 37+5
MatthewAndBumpsMummy, (DS age 3yrs 11mths), BOY!!

DandyLioness Sun 17-May-09 22:50:20

Message withdrawn

DandyLioness Sun 17-May-09 23:02:11

Message withdrawn

Momino Sun 17-May-09 23:25:49

Congrats to febes and blotted, wonderful news!

detsy, great birth story - love the part about waters breaking and almost drowning your mother grin.

will keep checking back and forth on PN an AN threads.

frazzledoldbag Sun 17-May-09 23:42:07

Big congrats to febes and blotted*.
I sort of love your birth story but it also sort of scares the shit out of me! Hope you're feeling ok and little man is doing well.
Am still pregnant, having contractions on and off (5 mins apart most of this eve), sore, my SIL did VERY painful reflexology on me today, have used my breast pump which induced more contractions, then more reflexology (ow, ow, ow).................
MIL has phoned 4 times today to see what's happening (er, nothing) and I've turned off my mobile as it's been driving me crazy.
Am thinking of changing my name to grumpyoldbag as it might suit me better.
Have totally changed my mind now about wanting a baby and would quite like to forget the whole thing and just be normal again.
[frazz strops around wincing and sobs petulantly in the corner]

dandy sorry to hear you're having probs with jaundice but hopefully this is it sorted now. Sounds like you've had a tough time sad. Great name, BTW.

Sorry can't name check everyone tonight as too tired and (as you may have gathered) too grumpy. Am now the most pregnant I've ever been in any of my pregnancies. Hope to join the postnatal thread soon..........well, sometime before Christmas anyway.
Night all. Lots of love x

detsy Sun 17-May-09 23:45:15

Bookmarking - omg 3 threads to check and post on for a while....

Dandy thank goodness you all seem to be back at home for good now. Sorry you have had such a crap ol time butmost importantly its all over and you are all back as a family. Congrats on birth of H x

detsy Sun 17-May-09 23:50:45

Frazz cut the moaining you old nag - you are only a day over

Press the pads of your thumbs hard for 3 mins each thumb every hour for as long as you can be arsed - releases oxytocin - should be tender if you have right spot.

Birth also scared the sh1t out of me too (literally apparently blush and me yelling at midwife not to touch me when she obv had too makes it all the more comical. You will be fine, and babes will arrive when he is done to a turn - breathe and chill as much as you can - thinking of you chicken xx

detsy Mon 18-May-09 00:12:07

Pics on here too - nitey nitey now - this Jordanesque chested lady is taking her new boobs to bed now xx

frazzledoldbag Mon 18-May-09 06:45:23

Morning. Awake since 5am so thought I'd pop in and see if anyone else pacing around too?
Today I shall be mainly building a wardrobe, dealing with workmen replacing half my kitchen island and new boiler, doing spreadsheets, sending work emails, finalising my new website and pretending that I'm not now more pregnant than I've ever been before. Have a good day all. Fingers crossed for more baby news today - mini how are you?

BTW I have switched off all telephones - I'd recommend it! Mainly due to MIL constantly saying 'Can you hurry up, I'm getting very bored waiting' , and my Dad's latest message of 'Honestly, you really know how to make things difficult for yourself don't you?' - (he meant being in and out of hosp for monitoring).
Oh and also the classic comment from Step-horror-Mother 'Why don't you just go into the hospital and tell them how important you are and if they won't induce you go to the PRI!' - er, yes I can see that working (esp since I DON'T want to be induced). WTF.

Rant over. Not coming back till baby is out.

FiKelly Mon 18-May-09 06:48:36

morning all checking in.. still here and now day 3 over. ds been up for am hour already so another early start for us. dh, ds and I all have a selection of sore throats, coughs, runny noses and achey body. so dh has stayed off work today so we can keep ds occupied between us.

detsy your birth story had me lol in bits.. couldn't help it sorry.. just have visions of me doing the the same!

dandy glad you didn't have to stay in and hope the jaundice goes quick.

frazzle i'm feeling the same.. I'm so very uncomfortable now when our lo maneuvers (sp?) inside and getting v bored with needing to pee all the time, only having odd twinges and no other signs now since last thursday when poor douglas died...

got our review at hospital tomorrow to discuss how much longer they'll let me go before VBAC goes out window and cs is set

tried some dh inducement last night.. not even a cramp after or now.. how many drops of clary sage can I get away with using in the bath? off for another hot lemon and honey (also thinking of changing name to grumpynsorekelly)

FiKelly Mon 18-May-09 07:04:22

congrats to blotted again and think I forgot to send huge congratulations to you febes.

off for bath.. back in a bit

Reggiee Mon 18-May-09 07:46:35

More babies - brilliant!
Congrats BLOTTED and FEBES grin
THink I've already congratulated Detsy and eMMA, but if not HURRAH!

DETSY rofl at your birth story! I remember being in the half undressed state too and everyone except me concerned.

DANDY glad you're back home now. Things are on the up smile

FiKelly Mon 18-May-09 08:45:10

i feel the most uncomfortable I've ever been.. surely this means I've not long to go?!? [pleading hopeful emoticon] urghh off out to get some supplies will be back later.. x

CoteDAzur Mon 18-May-09 08:48:19

Congratulations to all new mums! grin

Is this a good time now to see if our initial theory of "low heart rate = boy... high heart rate = girl" was true?

This baby's heart rate was always around the 135-140 bpm mark, and it's a boy. So works for us.

Anyone else interested to compare?

pulapula Mon 18-May-09 10:01:36

Hi Cote- my LO always had a fast HR (150-160+) and was a boy, so theory not right here. Also MWs would always say "ooh he's very active at the moment" as it was sometimes very high but i would be thinking "this isn't active- he is hardly moving compared to other times".

chocbunnies- i am using your sling for the first time today as S wasnt settling after his breakfast feed. seems to have done the trick. many thanks. well worth the money.

yawningmonster Mon 18-May-09 10:13:10

Hi, most of you will have forgotten me as I stopped posting long ago due to a bit of a fraught pregnancy which took all my concentration to get through. Anyway I was due on 1st of May. I had my lo on 6th May by C-sect, Clare, 9.5. Hope all new arrivals and parents are well and thinking of those still waiting.

ReeBee Mon 18-May-09 10:19:35

Congratulations to blotted and febes - how exciting and what great names!

Detsy, I too found your birth story hilarious - is that bad of me?! But a little scary too...

Right, Operation Exit Baby now back in full swing: I'm nearly at the top of the due list which is NO GOOD! Bring on the rasp leaf capsules, the pineapple and the curry. And the sex. Sigh. I'm stopping short of imbibing any custard type dishes though, with or without added extras, ugh <shudders>.

Re heartrate, the baby's has been anywhere from 170 - 135 dependent on stage of pregnancy and activity level so not sure it works for me although a friend of mine who has twins said the MW didn't tell her but reckoned she knew she was having one of each due to the different heartbeat noises. hmm

Going shopping now, surely that must start things off? DH has begun to shout motivational messages at my tummy as well. Poor baby, probably wisest for him to stay in!

pulapula Mon 18-May-09 10:29:40

yawningmonster- congrats on the arrival of Clare. Sorry you didn't get the VBAC you wanted but glad everything went well.

So we finally have our first duplicate name although it is spelt differently...

FiKelly Mon 18-May-09 10:40:40

of course we remember you yawningm huge congratulations on clare and hope you're starting to feel more comfortable after the cs..

happy birthday minim I think it is today?!

another blustery day here today but even so with ds's coughs and our cold we've decided to go out for lunch.. hoping the walk into town and back will help start things going..

FiKelly Mon 18-May-09 10:50:05

back from sainsbury's and tucking into some tyrels parsnip, beetroot etc crisps.. should have got more than one packet though.. they're disappearing too quickly

runningmonkey Mon 18-May-09 10:52:52

Hi all,

sorry not been on, been generally feeling v low and with hideous carpal tunnel and general uncomfortableness so didn't want to lower the mood from all these fabulous arrivals. Am still here and feeling like a heffalump.

Congrats to blotted, febes, detsy and emmabemma and yawningm

Loving your birth story detsy and emmabem sounds like you had a fabulous experience.

dandy sorry you have had such a nightmare with the hospital, sounds like a complaint if def in order. Hope you and H can settle at home now.

Belated happy Birthday's to all those celebrating over the past few days.

Thoughts are with those having mahoosively long labours.

love to all I haven't namechecked, hope all are having a good day.

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