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Pregnant but can't remember when my last period was!

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allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 16:14:51

I have also moved recently, so am in the process of registering with a doctor, it's my first pregnancy and wasn't in a bit of a tizz about it all!

sleepwhenidie Thu 07-May-09 16:22:26

Do you have any idea at all? Don't panic, see the doctor and ask for a dating scan asap - this is usually done at 12 weeks but I think they can do them earlier and they will give you a due date which is used thereafter, even for pregnancies where LMP date is known. Congratulations smile!

SarahL2 Thu 07-May-09 16:23:21

It's OK, they can give you an early dating scan before 12 weeks and will be able to work out how pregnant you are from the size of the feotus

Don't panic.

Off to the doctors myself in a minute and am hoping I might get a dating scan cause my periods have been all over the place!

alexpolismum Thu 07-May-09 16:23:59


Congratulations on your pregnancy. I also didn't know when the baby would be due exactly, but in my case it is because I am breastfeeding and have had no period since before conceiving my previous child, if that makes sense. They can give you a scan to determine your dates, they don't really need to know the last period dates.

It's all quite scary, I know, when it's your first! Don't worry, you'll find lots of support on here, and IRL, if you have moved to a new area then ante natal classes will be a good way to meet people.

alexpolismum Thu 07-May-09 16:25:42

meant to say - don't panic! if you are worried about the whole thing, or unsure of something, you can always ask questions on here, there's usually someone able to help! I got lots of advice that way when I had my first baby.

allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 16:27:23

Hi everyone and thank you for the congratulations and welcome. I think I am so worried because I have chosen not to tell anyone apart from my DP until we know more from the doctor etc. I also thought it was wise to wait until the 12th week..? This means that i have no one to talk to about it all..which is probably normal?

allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 16:28:45

As far as I can remember my last period was early March.

Miamla Thu 07-May-09 16:29:25

learn from my mistake...don't tell anyone, especially your mum, when they're driving! She almost crashed the car!

allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 16:30:35


sleepwhenidie Thu 07-May-09 16:32:31

It is the sensible thing to wait until you get past 12 week scan because you may not want to share the news if there are any problems (sadmc risk much higher than pre-12 weeks and the 12 wk scan will show if there are any issues you want to consider privately, such as Downs Syndrome probability) BUT, I could never manage to keep quiet, everyone knew! Also the fact that I wasn't drinking wine was a huge giveaway blush.

Plenty of people to chat to on here about it all if you do manage to keep it secret in RL though!

allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 16:35:21

I know what you mean re not drinking!!! I have cancelled this weekend back in my old patch as it involved lots of partying and people would definitely guess if I wasn't enjoying my usual glass ot three!

SarahL2 Thu 07-May-09 17:26:15

Back from the doctors! He's sent off the forms to request my dating scan around 12 weeks

I'm currently 7 weeks so am keeping my pregnancy a secret in RL. The people on MNet are lovely and supportive though (which is what I'll need if I miscarry again) so I felt it was Ok to let them know cause I'll need them if it all goes horibly wrong

allothernamesused Thu 07-May-09 17:59:33

Fingers crossed for you SarahL2. Let me know how it all goes.

Miamla Thu 07-May-09 18:21:39

oh and i only told people in the early weeks who i could rely on for support if anything did go wrong

BexieID Fri 08-May-09 21:53:20

I never had a 12 week scan with Tom as they weren't offered in the area I used to live, just 20 week ones. I'm 7 weeks pregnant now and have a GP appt next week. I have told a few people at work as have had quite bad backache atm. Don't want people thinking i'm a moody mare for no reason!

allothernamesused Thu 21-May-09 18:03:42

Hi all, sorry that I have not been replying - I have been trying to get my head around it all! Finally got a doctors appointment today and have just returned home. Feel completely fed up and just want to ball my eyes out as the doctor was a locum and didn't seem that interested and basically told me to make an appointment with the MW. So at the reception desk I filled out the forms only to have the receptionist snigger as I had written that I was unsure about the date of my last period. She then told me I wouldn't get a scan until I had a date for my last period. I had explained to the doctor that my last period had come early, was roughly mid march and that was strange. I just felt humiliated by the receptionist. I know that women get pregnant everyday and that it's nothing new but it is the first time for me and i just wanted a bit of reassurance. I feel worse now than I did before. I am sorry to be such a downer, it's just hard having no one to talk to about this.

sana123 Sun 14-Jun-09 18:08:47

I'm pretty confused about my LMP. I think that the last time was around mid of April but before that i was having my periods twice every month for a month and a half because my doctor changed my birth control pills. Now i haven't had any periods since mid April but i'm soooo confused as to what to tell my doctor. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I have an 11 1/2 month old son. Having very bad cramps and backaches too. I'm really worried. Any advice?!


sana123 Sun 14-Jun-09 18:11:35

You are in my prayers. May this pregnancy be a healthy and joyful one for you?(Amen).


Eviewaters Sat 14-Apr-18 18:22:43

Hello ladies!!! smile

Right I need some ladie advice if anyone could kindly help me really would make me feel better, I fell preg 4th March, next day 5th I was fine few cramps what have you, then came to like Wednesday evening and I had brownish charge just a bit then blood through out the evening with really bad tummy cramps felt worse then a period well I just knew went to hosp to find out as I was really worried and got checked over then sadly miscraged on 9th March heart broken just wasn’t the word but was very very early, so that day me and my partner then agrees to try again! As there no harm in trying, I’ve been taken floic adic pills since I miscraged, and took a test few days ago 7th April and found out by a pound shop stick that I’m pregnant 1 line and 1 mild line in distance took another 2 same again! So told partner marched down to boots and brought clear blue and said pregnant 2-3 weeks which I’m not sure how far I am? Did another the next day said the same thing again! But praying everything’s good! If anyone can help I’ll be happy! Xx

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