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Due June 09: The final Countdown: RLT, BH, SPD, HB, EC, VBAC & no plans to TTC again!

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Ineedmorechocolatenow Wed 06-May-09 17:56:00

Here it is!

Effielou Wed 06-May-09 18:05:00

Hello!!! DS has just sprained her ankle-- so off to be Florence!!!!!
Chat tomorrow xx
Nighty night xx

Ineedmorechocolatenow Wed 06-May-09 18:07:30

Just realised that there is a capital letter missing from the thread title.... bad English teacher..... blush

Physio went well. My last before my post-natal appointments start! She was pleased with the stability of my pelvis, my tummy muscles (tho' there is a little bit of 'gapping' - yuck!)She was mostly impressed with my skin and even wrote it in my notes! How bizarre! She's great tho' and always gives me a hug when I leave! I think I'll send her a card when I've finished my treatment. She really is ACE!

Sorry to hear that LO is breech dreamy - lots of floor scrubbing for you!

Effie - PMSL at Marco Pierre White dream. YUCK! Sorry to hear about your scar. That sounds so painful. Try to relax as much as poss... I was 3 / 5 engaged the day before I delivered DS. I think when after your first it can pop in and out and might not even engage until the last moment....

bunny - Yep. We have the same due date so this Friday (two days time) you are 36 weeks. I wonder who'll pop first?

Anyway. DH is off to watch Chelsea tonight (at the pub with his phone ring-tone on LOUD!) I'm going to mark some A level essays (a favour for his school... don't worry, I'm getting paid). The Apprentice is on tonight.... woo hoo!

Ineedmorechocolatenow Wed 06-May-09 18:09:24

Sorry, that should read 'I think after your first it can pop in and out'..... jeez. Baby brain strikes again!

Naat Wed 06-May-09 18:55:47

Thanks Ineed for the new thread! smile

We're all losing our brains, girls! grin I keep doing things like these, Ineed, don't worry smile

Cooking now, will try to catch up later blush

lauraloo09 Wed 06-May-09 19:29:21

yey new thread....think this one will last us until we've all popped?

not had a great day sad been bored and had a weird 'fuzziness' in my right eye and now have a thumping migraine sad its times like these i need my ibuprophan and co-codimol

hope everyone else has had a good day tho - need to go and make DH's dinner (he's just back from work and shattered) will be back on later to catch up smile

Tee2072 Wed 06-May-09 19:33:39

Hi all

Just wanted to say I probably won't be around. I am so tired that I can barely think, never mind keep up with y'all!

I'll try to catch up this weekend, just didn't want anyone to worry!

lauraloo09 Wed 06-May-09 19:57:57

tee hope you take it easy over the next few days smile x

June2009 Wed 06-May-09 20:04:58

YAY new thread, nice one Ineed :D
Glad to hear that the physio went well, mine is nice but she didn't hug me ;)

What's EC again?

This is the one girls, isn't it, surely we're going to start popping babies out before the end of the thread right?

I'm right behind you, due 7th so I'll be 36 weeks on Sunday, and that's the baby due a month tomorrow, how scary exciting!

insy We have chosen potential godparents but not told them yet (though it's fairly obvious and they probably know but don't assume it, sort of thing).
I want to go and see the priest and know who does what when exactly before we officially ask them if they want to take on that role. Technically we also need to make sure the baby really is a girl as they will only be godparents to girls. so does that mean we should wai9t until she is born? Maybe.
We have another couple in mind if lo turns out to be a boy. The scans all confirmed she is a girl.
I was convinced it was a boy before the sonographer told us otherwise. My little brother is absolutely certain it is a boy which is funny. (He knows i know the sex but he asked me not to tell him.)

We usually go to church for weddings, funerals, christenings and other special or significant dates, and to talk to the priest who married us from time to time, to see what's going on there generally, we also do family gatherings for events like easter that sort of thing.
It would be frowned upon, especially in dh's greek orthodox family not to have been married in church and totally out of order in both our families (mine's catholic) not to have our children christened.
I'm not too vocal about my views on religion as I am fairly open minded about it, it can be a complicated subject!

dreamy The baby has plenty of time to turn, the NCT classes host mentionned to look up "optimal foetus positioning" and what to do to help it.

I have heard of the manipulations they do but I've been told "uncomfortable" rather than "very painful" - but that tallies with my theory that mw only tell you what you want to hear.

Today I received some books I'd ordered about looking after the baby (as opposed to stuff about labour/pregnancy), feels like a step closer
I got Gina Ford's "the new contented little baby book" and Tracy Hogg's "Secrets of the baby whisperer" to balance eachother out, I know some people find them controversial and others find that they work so we'll see.

I also got "what to expect the first year" which has some good reviews on mumsnet.

AND my baby monitor (BT150) which I've just plugged in to charge and try out. (it needs 16 hours charging...what a anti-climax!)

Really hungry now so gotta go!

Naat Wed 06-May-09 20:44:47

Hi Juners!

Laura Hope your headache eases soon, they can be awful sometimes. Don't worry about catching up, just post when you feel a bit better smile

Tee rest, lady, you seem to have had quite busy days at work. Thanks for letting us know, though, so as not to worry smile

June I loooved the baby whisperer's show on Discovery health, I even recorded some of them on sky grin But I know some people don't agree with her theories, well, after all, they are all theories. I've heard some harsh things about this Ford lady, but I've never read anything by her, maybe I should get her book wink I'm with MrsMc on the pillow thing grin how do you all fit on the bed? grin I've discovered DH using my pg pillow as well as me, as I put it in the middle sometimes grin.

Ineed your physio sounds lovely!!! I think a pressie is a good idea if she's been so nice all along, I love doing that kind of things with people smile. I'm also hooked with the apprentice grin

Effie Glad to hear your pram arrived!! Naughty girl assemblying it all by yourself grin I'm soooo bad at assemblying things DH always does that bit haha. I'm also having weird dreams these days... oh, our brains grin

Dreamy the girls are right, you still have some weeks to get yourself in all fours and get that baby to turn smile Lots of polar bear position!! Glad to hear LO is fine!

Bigcar thanks for the info on moses baskets. I had no idea either blush

MrsMC glad to hear HB is going well smile Don't worry about falling asleep; I had the same doubt and the practitioner told me it's absolutely fine, not a signal of things going wrong at all. Sounds like DS is a very clean boy grin as he wants to be changed as soon as he's pooed. I don't blame him, who wouldn't? grin He does sound like a lovely boy... Hope you have news from ugly doctor soon hmm

Bunny I'm suffering from the same panicky feelings when I think of how I/we'll cope blush Ohhh shoes... yes, if they were comfy, you should definitely get some more then smile

Phew, this was long!

Today the bouncing chair arrived, it's absolutely lovely!! I can't wait to see LO there. Lots of BH today, esp. when walking to the practice.

Anyway, hi to the rest of the juners and have a lovely evening and a great rest!! smile


DorisIsAPinkDragon Wed 06-May-09 20:45:03

Hi all,

Have been reading and following but too knackered to post much.

Thanks for all the reassurances in the weird dream, it's not been helped much by both DD's being awake and (i think) teething).

Still no hospital bag packed here, planned to have this all sorted by now, when I saw the MW this morning (36 week check eeek) she asked and looked abit horrified when I said No !!!! ( opps big black mark against Doris's name!) But everything else was ok taken more blood to check hb but otherwise all doing ok although possibly now measuring 38 weeks but she did say they allow 3 cm either way on fundal height.

Trying desperately to saort out names now, i like to go into labour with two sets of each ( mad, moi, never!) then depending on the sex we can make a choice, has worked well so far but we are really struggling with boys names ( I think this one is 23rd or 24th in the great grandchildren for my grandad and I don't want to repeat a name that's already in the family iyswim) Dh doesn't want my favourite boys name as dd1 has an E name (but is known by an M name), and my favourite boys name (that fits all of our criteria) is Edward, however he is slowly coming round to my way of thinking!!!


Tee- hope this are going ok with your replacement and your dh's job we'll be here for you when you're ready to chat again!

june- I know you know but please please please take the gina ford book with a pinch of salt, I got it for dd1 and speant two days crying because i couldn't make dd1 do it, ended up ceromonially buring the thing grin

welsh I hope your LO is hanging on in there, and you're resting as much as is possible!

littlesarah hope it all went well today and you can heave a big sigh of relief.

I know there is so much more I wanted to say but my brain is just mush (oh and I have that horrible cotton wool for brains cold feeling.

night all, I'm off to bed to try and get some sleep before the dd's start thier tricks! hmm

daisy5 Wed 06-May-09 20:56:53

insy - sorry, I didn't realise that it was necessary here for godparents to be baptised. DD was christened in New Zealand and I was never asked whether the godparents were baptised or not. I am fairly sure they are all baptised now I think about it. Are they supposed to belong to the same faith as you or can they be a mixture? I think dd's are 1 RC, 1 Jewish and 2 C of E. As I was planning to christen ds in the UK (CofE), this could make my difficult job of choosing next godparents even harder than it already is!!! I just can't think of many appropriate godfathers and the only one that springs to mind is possibly baptised in the Russian Orthodox church.

june - I agree, difficult subject to discuss. I find God on the mountain tops and not in church, but then all our special occasions have been in churches too, and my dad is a lay preacher, so I like the significance. Saying that however, I am planning to get married overlooking a valley, outside in summer, but with a christian service (also allowed in NZ - I think it is here too now isn't it?).

Like you mrsmcj 36 weeks tomorrow (I am now reverting to hospital dates). I love to say that I am '37 weeks next week, as it sounds even better. Was in the garden for four hours this afternoon. I wanted to get the most physical stuff finished before I hit full term, so I'm glad to have that behind me.

Headache back. It was just yesterday morning that it decided to leave me alone. laura - I pine for ibuprofen etc...or even anything alcoholic to numb the pain.

dreamy - so sorry to hear you are breech. Lets will that baby to turn around. Happy to hear you are having a girl.

Quick question....has anyone ever flown with Or Monarch? Good or bad experiences?

daisy5 Wed 06-May-09 20:58:18

mrsmcjnr - dh a Jedi - fabuloso grin

Naat Wed 06-May-09 22:03:49

Daisy wow, seems like many of us are having lots to think about re. godparents/goodpeople smile I'm in a similar position to yours with all the CoE and RC mix.

I've flown with jet2com several times now, to Geneva and Milan last year and it was OK, I mean, for a low cost airline no complaints. You have to pay for any food you want and you can only have 1 bag with you on the plane but apart from that, no complaints. No delays, no trouble. Planning on travelling? smile

Naat Wed 06-May-09 22:05:03

Doris glad to hear LO is fine and that DD is on the mend as well. smile Rest!

MrsMcJnr Wed 06-May-09 22:10:02

Just bookmarking ladies smile more from me tomorrow, sleep well!

dreamydowler Wed 06-May-09 22:20:08

Thanks for all your messages of support ladies I will look up the optimal feotus positioning and do lots of polar bear movements lol

chocciedooby Wed 06-May-09 22:37:07

Hello everyone. Great to have another new thread

Very tired so only a quick post I'm afraid. My bed is calling me. DH is away this evening in London on business and doesn't return until late tomorrow evening. Then he is off to Kerry from Frid - Sunday so its going to be a tough weekend for mammy!

Sruggling again to keep up with you lot of chatterboxes grin but...

God parents - have a good idea who we will ask but waiting until after baby is born. Religion doesn't come into it for us. I am COE and DH is RC. We have had both ds's christened as RC (for schooling purposes more than anything). I do agree that its the people you choose that is more important.

June - I will second Doris re:Contented Little Baby book. I bought it when having dc1 and got very upset that I couldn't get her way to work for me. It is a VERY strict way to raise your baby and tbh I didn't like any of it apart from the weaning section. If it wasn't for the weaning section I would have thrown it away.
Please take it all with a very big pinch of salt. I like the baby whisperer and the "what to expect" books are very good and I believe more realistic.

Hope you are feeling better Laura.

Hope that you got some rest Tee.

I have had a pretty good day. 34 weeks now Time is flying. getting very excited and nervous at the same time. I still can't work out how I am going to take care of all 3 kids for the whole summer holidays!!!Must look into some msummer camps

Have a good nights sleep everyone. xx

Effielou Thu 07-May-09 01:29:47

Hi All.

Well its 1.20am and up watching Juno- drinking milk and on here!! I feel really sick- but it won't happen-- got fed up of bathroom and with the SPD- couldn't sit on the floor!! So downstairs and trying to calm tummy down!!

Godparents!!!!!!!! I have chosen for DD and DS 2 rellies and 1 friend for both!! The rellies -apart from my brother- basically don't give a damn and my friends don't either!!! I never wanted godparents just to give pressies- but to take interest in their lives-etc etc-- but with DD godmother-- all we get is a five pack of pants for her at christmas!! we trained as nurses together and she was very supportive- but our lives are completely different now- shes a high flying sister in paeds A+E and I'm semi retired housewife and Mum!!

I think next time I will tink long and hard before jumping in and asking people who mean something and who are on the same wavelength as me-- ie similar principles in child rearing etc!!!

Dreamy I read in the nct mag that if you go on all fours wth elbows flat on floor and bum in the air-- that helps and also swimming on your front can hellp turn!!!

Right-- I'm going to give myself another 30mins to feel better-- and go back to bed!!

Chat soon
lots of love xxxxxxxx

ps-- can't get marco pierre white out of my head--- must have developed into a full blown nightmare-- and I'm awake!!!!!
pps-- perhaps thats why I feel soo sick xx lol

Ineedmorechocolatenow Thu 07-May-09 05:56:36

Morning all.

Like you Effie, a SHITE night's sleep here in the chocolate household. Boo. Hope you managed to get more than me when you went back to bed...

DH came home very pissed off crestfallen about the football last night. He happened to walk in just at the bit in The Apprentice when Sir Alan fires another numpty so I wasn't as sympathetic as I could have been blush. Oh well. Bad wife...

WRT Hitler Gina Ford, we bought the book read it, laughed at her.... a lot.... and then found our own way. It's good for giving you an idea of the amount they need to sleep in the day to still get about 12 hours at night (and when to reduce the amount of day naps they have) and, as choccie said, the weaning bit is good (when to drop milk feeds and introduce food etc). As it happened, DS settled into his own routine very quickly, which did happen to coincide with her regime. This was pure chance tho', nothing to do with her. Her writing style is amusing. I particularly like all her little anecdotes about how she's 'solved' all these babies' problems. Much hilarity to be had!

I didn't ever read The Baby Whisperer, I might give that one a go this time round when it's 4am and I have to be up with a toddler in a few hours....

Anyway - hope everyone had a better night. Catch up later xx

daisy5 Thu 07-May-09 08:52:11

I agree - all those books are great for giving you ideas and some things will work for your baby and others won't.

I found the Contented Baby very handy for some things - especially getting feeding back on course and good ideas for routines, but some of her recommendations really didn't suit dd.

bunnymother Thu 07-May-09 08:52:30

Morning ladies!

Oh, so annoyed that the adorable little quilt for the moses basket is only for decoration - what a stupid waste! Agree w you, bigcar that they should provide a matching blanket instead.

June - we have the same books! I plan on just picking and choosing between them. I quite like Baby Whisperer's views re respecting your baby, though ie taking her on a tour of your home when she arrives etc. All v nice, and makes perfect sense to me. I have also ordered our baby monitor (Angelsounds Sound and Movement one), so can't wait to set that up either.

Put a rocket up myself (err, so to speak!!) yesterday and have packed the labour bags, as far as possible. Largest/heaviest item? The food!! blush. DH like a greyhound, so am hopeful that 5kg of snacks ought to do it wink.

Need to get fitted for nursing bras. Anyone know a place in London that does fittings and sells Hot Milk?

Naat - I have also heard some bad things re Gina Ford, so taking her w a handful of salt. BTW the brand of flip flops (called thongs in Australia, but I don't dare call them that here!!) we (DH and I) wear are Havaianas, which I think are Brazilian. Being Arg, do you wear them too? Congrats and enjoy the bouncing chair!! smile

Ineed - I did hear Gina was good for sleep, so glad to hear that view reinforced. As mentioned, am approaching her w hmm. Hope you can have a nap today.

Choccie - will also look at Gina re weaning, too, thanks for the tip. smile

Doris - hi there! I think don't worry re the labour bag, it really only takes an hour if you put your mind to it. I am w you on wanting to have a couple of name options, but DH still very relaxed about when he is going to look at names, and def doesn't like my preferred names sad. Edward is a great name - I really like it! Fingers crossed your DH comes around.

Dreamy - glad LO is doing so well, but fingers crossed she turns soon w min effort from you. Lets hope it doesnt come to scrubbing floors! smile

Daisy - so glad I am not the only one missing alcohol! Everyone asks what's the hardest thing about pregnancy, and am a bit blush to say that its the teetotal part. Followed closely by morphing into Humpty Dumpty. Was invited to a cocktail party tomorrow night. No mocktails on the menu, so not going [got the 'ump emoticon] - its a big tease otherwise!

Effie - sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I agree, Marco Pierre White can't be helping. smile

Hi to everyone else and hope you have lovely days, Juners!

bunnymother Thu 07-May-09 08:53:27

Ha ha - cross post w you, Daisy!

chocciedooby Thu 07-May-09 09:46:17

ummmm, Marco Pierre White - There is definately something about him Not too sure about him when he is wielding his long sharp knife in the air though!

Not a bad nights sleep here. Had to get up 4 times for a wee though! Thats a record for me. I normally only wake twice max. for that.

The good thing about last night was that I didn't have to put up with dh snoring grin.He has been doing it every night for a month or so now. As if we don't have enough difficulty in sleeping the whole night through hmm.

Bunny - I too am looking forward to a nice cool few glasses of white wine after the birth. Maybe a few glasses of champers to celebrate....Haven't drank much alcohol at all during this pgy. Just the odd glass of red wine and even that gave me a slight buzz hmm. I think I just miss the way that a few glasses can relax me.

effie - Don't want to be an alarmist but be very careful with that c section scar of yours. Sounds like you have had some trouble in the past. As soon as you feel anyway near to being in labour I would be onto the hospital if I were you.
Hope you managed to get back to sleep last night and that you are feeling better now.

The thing I found most irritating (and hilarious) in the GF books was the point that she is adamant that a sleeping baby should be woken at 7am on the dot EVERY day!!!! I am a strong believer in letting the baby wake up naturally and babies do always seem to fall into a routine at some point or another. If anyone has this book, do take heaps of salt with it. I am not a big fan.

Naat Thu 07-May-09 10:27:26

Morning ladies!

Well, I can see that GF is definitely no the most popular woman grin I've not heard too positive comments about her "theories", as I said yesterday. But I'm now curious to read them! grin

Effie So sorry to hear you had a rough night. I was up from 4 to 5 as well, not fun at all. Hope you managed to go back and sleep more. Try and rest, I think Choccie is right, you must be careful with your cs scar. smile

Choccie Glad you had quite a good night's sleep, and a "snoring-free" night grin I also think (and just think, as no experience here grin) that babies sort of fall into a routine eventually and there's no point in "waking" them up military style at specific hours. Quick question, as I hear different opinions on this, when they are tiny newborns, do you wake them up to feed them if they've slept for quite a long time or do you let them wake up naturally?

Bunny Oh Havaianas (insert nostalgia emoticon) grin We love them! And yes, in Argentina everybody wears them in summer. I have them in different colours grin but have not been able to wear them in the UK just yet grin as summer last year was a practical joke hmm. Yay on packing your bag! I agree, it doesn't take long if you put your mind into it but I do remember things every day and go back to it grin

Ineed LOL at Hitler grin Hope you managed to sleep a bit more after being up for so long sad

Dreamy the position Effie described is what HB practitioners call "Polar bear position" and it's supposed to work wonders so give it a go. If not you can try Ermin's more courageous one on the stairs smile

LitteS thinking of you, girl! Hope everything went OK yesterday.

Hi to the rest of the Juners!

God willing today I'll be able to deliver this translation and I'll be a work-free woman! Guilt is eating me from the inside so tomorrow I'll sit and write the dissertation commentary and try and finish it before next Friday. (insert hopeful emoticon)

I also NEED to dye my hair asap as the gray friends are just everywhere... ponytails are embarrassing now. Nice thing to inherit from my mum, gray hairs since the age of 23 hmm

Right, back to work.


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