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Due April 2009 - Chapter 32: Shake your pom poms, Shake your pom poms, Shake your pom poms!!!

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BabyBolat Mon 27-Apr-09 18:22:53

Hope no one minds I gave Nutty the vote after her epic birth!

conkertree Mon 27-Apr-09 18:33:43

will come and join - surely this is the thread where we finish off the births.

really need to catch up now. but ds wants a bath. maybe later.

love the thread title!

BabyBolat Mon 27-Apr-09 18:37:40

i hope everyone does their Ricky Martin dance when they log on!!!

bronze Mon 27-Apr-09 18:38:28

my pom poms hurt too much to shale wink plus I would soak people

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 18:39:41

Message withdrawn

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 18:46:42

Message withdrawn

Bleuravin Mon 27-Apr-09 18:47:06

my pompoms hurt too...but they shake on their own so that'll do I'm sure.
Let's finish off the births... what do I need to do to help out? I've got some fresh pineapple ready to be cut up... (bleu passes around fresh cut pineapple)

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 18:49:03

Message withdrawn

surprisenumber3 Mon 27-Apr-09 18:49:04

birth story here

Will post some pics in a min

BabyBolat Mon 27-Apr-09 18:51:29

No nutts, he found the leak and fixed it all - just got to test it all tonight to make sure there are no leaks and go from there!

oooh birth story - off to read now!

BabyBolat Mon 27-Apr-09 18:55:39

Well done surprise - great story!!!

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 18:58:35

Message withdrawn

Bleuravin Mon 27-Apr-09 18:59:34

bb about getting the ceiling sorted already! You are super efficient!

Thank goodness I've not had thrush...but I cannot figure out why the breasts are SO sore. No one can explain why they hurt after feeding in addition to during feedings... Anyone else getting an 'indent' where baby's mouth sucks?

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 19:05:21

Message withdrawn

surprisenumber3 Mon 27-Apr-09 19:05:33

Nutty - just read the last bit of your birth story, read the first few instalments and then had to make a delivery Wow! But it is very similar as mine with what happened after the birth with the baby not crying, being massaged, whiff of oxygen slow does that time go?! I must have asked a thousand times in five minutes 'is she okay?' and the MW patiently said 'she's fine' every time!! I have the same 'upwards' graze as you too, had the same with DS2 as well.

Also, she told me I only had skin tearing and offered to put a couple of stitches in but I said not if it wasn't necessary. On reading notes it says second degree tear - I thought that meant muscles as well?? Hope I won't get any problems from not having it stitched.

Evie is so lovely, but she's not had a poo since she was born, so have go to take her back if she doesn't have one tonight

Bleuravin Mon 27-Apr-09 19:11:46

Meg didn't cry either... the Mw took her away and tried and tried to get her to cry until Dh, who went with her, told her that he thought she was pinching Meg for no reason as Meg was obviously ok, not being blue and looking around bright-eyed...

surprisenumber3 Mon 27-Apr-09 19:15:25

pinching? I would have been angry

bronze Mon 27-Apr-09 19:18:21

bleu- are you sure you dont have thrush if its hurting for no obvious reason

Bleuravin Mon 27-Apr-09 19:18:51

yep apparently, kept pinching her heel and upper arm alternately...

Bleuravin Mon 27-Apr-09 19:19:37

well I don't know... how would I know? is there some other sign?

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 19:20:11

Message withdrawn

bronze Mon 27-Apr-09 19:20:53

not always as I have found out. Isaac doesnt have the obvious signs but I have all the thrush like pain and no other obvious reason for it. I think its spreading to the other side though sad and cant get to gps til end of week as dh is away.

NuttyTaff Mon 27-Apr-09 19:22:24

Message withdrawn

bronze Mon 27-Apr-09 19:23:19

I too remember ds1 being resuccitated (sp?) in the corner by a little man of paediatrician and repeating is he ok constantly for what must have been minutes but felt like hours. I don't remember him coming into the room oddly.

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