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Bristol Babies At St Micheal's Hospital

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Ninjacat Wed 08-Apr-09 18:58:55

Hi I'm expecting a baby in November 2009 (early days I know) but was just wondering if any one had any experience of St Micheal's Hospital in Bristol?

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 08-Apr-09 19:38:39

I had both DD and DS at St Michaels.

I'd definitely recommend it. I had inductions both times and the midwives were great and the consultant was brilliant.

One tip is when you are in labor and in the delivery suite, your partner/husband/birth partner can get a parking pass. I know it's a really small detail, but believe me, it makes such a huge difference not having to worry about parking.

Ninjacat Thu 09-Apr-09 19:17:14

Thank you, that's good to know

OsmosisBanana Thu 09-Apr-09 19:20:22

Hi, I worked at St Mikes and had DD there. No probs (other than the whole having to give birth thing wink) great midwives.

detoxdiva Thu 09-Apr-09 19:25:57

I had dd there 3 years ago....can't fault the delivery staff, had the same mw all through my labour and had no problems at all. The post natal care was poor imo, however, as they were packed to capacity and simply didn't have the mw's to cope, so I went home that evening.

Ninjacat Fri 10-Apr-09 11:24:48

Thank you. It's good to hear you've all been pleased with the hospital.

USERSRLOSERS Sat 10-Oct-09 05:50:02

If you are still reading this I had my child at St Michaels in 1998. I hope things HAVE improved sice then, because my experience was so bad I only had the one baby. They left me waiting in the waiting room for 2 hours I was in agony they refused me an epidural so I had to have an AMNITOMY AND THEN A VENTOUSE DELIVERY MASSIVE TEAR STICHES AND STILL NO PAIN RELEIF. So thanks St Mikes you fucked up my body and hopes of having another child. DONT GO THERE TRY SOUTHMEAD!!

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