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Due October 2009- Second trimester here we come, spring has sprung and our bumps are blooming!

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LittleMissBliss Wed 01-Apr-09 20:50:45

Wow thread number three already!


Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 01-Apr-09 20:56:21

Thanks LMB, I was just wondering about setting up the new one!

Hope everyone's enjoyed the sunshine as much as me? I've been in the office all day, but even so, its lovely!

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Wed 01-Apr-09 20:57:40

Ohhh. Nice new thread.

I didn't feel sick today! Maybe I am more than my supposed 11 weeks????

Hope everyone's feeling ok.

Can't remember if I said I spontaneously told my boss I was pg yesterday. Since then I am suddenly looking much more pg. Maybe I've lost the will to suck in my stomach.

1 week to go til my scan xxx

HumphreysCorner Wed 01-Apr-09 20:59:48

Great stuff LittleMissBliss. smile

Have hit a snag as Hull Next does not have a maternity section and I'm not going to trek to Meadowhall. Going to have to order online.


theboob Wed 01-Apr-09 21:12:11

just marking the thread,great title LMB grin
i'm losing the will to live with my essay about the effects of smoking on the cardiovascular system,it is driving me insane and i keep finding myself on here grin

i have bought my pram from a friend,she only used it for a few weeks and had to buy a phil and ted's as her toddler would not walk , it has everything with it and she only wanted £150 for it,she is storing it for me until after the birth too
i better get back to this essay sad

LittleMissBliss Wed 01-Apr-09 21:21:14

Happy So sorry that you are feeling so cruddy.

Treats I would reconmend trying prams in shops but buying online. I deperately wanted a quinny buzz travel system last time, which would have cost £700 or so from mothercare or another baby store. I managed to get it online for £500 and it arrived the next day free delivery. Online shops not to trust are twoleftfeet and baby247.

This time i will be using the travel system again as i loved the quinny with carry cot attachmentgrin, like a propper pram! Also the car seat can be used again, but will be also gettting a tandem online. But will no way be spending silly money again, i think it was a bit of PFB syndromeblush

sammysam So sorry to hear that you are so worried. I would def complain to the dr. Or at least bring to his attention what he has missed.

Wow that was quick can't believe how quickly our thread moves!

boob I am very impressed that you manage to do so much. With three children, being pregnant and having to write an essayshock!
Makes me think twice about complainiggrin

LittleMissBliss Wed 01-Apr-09 21:24:46


LittleMissBliss Wed 01-Apr-09 21:36:14

treats online stores that i have used and would reconmend.preciouslittleones I have ordered from them before, got ds's next size up car seat and was the cheapest online, free delivery and arrived in 3 days.

babyworld Ordered my travel system from them arrived next day

patmum Thu 02-Apr-09 07:38:10

stroop good luck with the exam result - hope you did okay. It "may not be the done thing" as you say but we, too told a few people working on the principle that if it all went wrong we'd need some support so we chose only those that we'd tell in those circumstances.

As for work, I told my boss for just that reason (as I guess I'd be off for a little while if it all went wrong) but now I've come clean with the rest because I work with a bunch of nesh jessies who always have the heating on full blast and wear their coats when I'm in short sleeves. So the big baggy jumpers were not only rather hot but also rather conspicuous on me too! (I did wait until I knew that there was a definite heart beat there though!)

On the pram/buggy subject. We only looked at a couple of small shops but had already narrowed it down as we're not really people who go into town much but rather needed something that would cope with country walks with labradors. In the end we found ourselves in a nursery shop that was about to close down the following week and got a Phil & Teds with the second seat and rain covers etc at 40% discount. We were only 5 months pregnant at the time but it was too good a bargain to miss out on! It's still going strong (not used that much as we tend to go with the back pack more) and so we'll use it this time too. Word of warning with Phil and Teds though if you just have a newborn in it, because they're lying so low down, poeple thing that you're a bit ga-ga and walking round with an empty pram! Great for avoiding the nosy old bids though as they can't stoop low enough to have such a good peer in & wake up the child!

For car seats we wanted iso-fix and so we were really limited on what we could have. Just as well really, there are so many products out there I don't know how you're meant to choose when by definition you have very little/no experience!

Flamesparrow Thu 02-Apr-09 08:03:08

I don't know what to do about the whole pram/buggy thing. Atm DS is still very reliant on his pushchair and I really don't see that changing no matter how much I want it to. I am trying to get him to use it less between now and then.

I dunno. I can see me using the sling most of the time.

We have our old travel system which will most likely be used again. I feel very blush that I don't want to use it. I want a nice shiny new lightweight one, not my 6 yrs old graco, but it is stupid me spending money on one when we have a perfectly good one

My moods are going from very high to very low, worrying lots about AND kicking in. I should have a few more weeks respite before that happens.

sammysam Thu 02-Apr-09 09:16:23

Morning ladies.

After my mum left last night it all hit me and I couldn't stop crying sad
I am so so worried. Dp just keeps saying not to worry and that everything will be ok and that he thinks it is only a small risk anyway-it really isn't helping me at all. I'm terrified. I REALLY want to get a doppler to put my mind at rest but I know that now I'd definately want to use it everyday at least once-and I really don't want to cause baby any distress.
And i'm so so so much more paranoid about every cramp i'm feeling-and there are quite a lot at the moment sad
I go crazy when pg anyway-paranoid that bad things will happen to everyone I love and this is really not helping.
May try and cope til after the weekend then ring the mw again and try and get something done to reassure me or at least to speak to someone who knows something about it.
From reading other stories I think we'll have to leave buying anything to way after 30wks. We left things quite late last time so was looking forward to getting things early this time sad

Sorry I'll stop now.

I hope everyone else is ok-can't think about what I wanted to say.......

DevilsAdvocaat Thu 02-Apr-09 09:23:44

sparkly i got to about 4k and couldn't push myself any further! last time i went out for a jog was september last year (too dark to run after that). i do miss it though, can't imagine jogging right now tbh.

sammysam sorry about your news, try to stay positive x

rubyslippers tempting as it is, we also will not find out the sex!

does anyone else have to use a double buggy next time around? we had a pliko with ds but he'll only be 2.4 when the next lo is born. we do a fair amount of walking as i don't drive and our local shops ae 30 mins away so i need him to have wheels. i bought a jane powertwin off ebay when minding my niece. was only 100 quid and it is awesome! however now i own 3 buggies/prams shock i really must sell one...

i look so much further gone than i am blush someone guessed at toddler group last week. took a pic today of bump and will try and post it at some point so you can reassure me that i am not a big fat bloater.

i have had a headache for the last two days. even wake up in the night with a pounding head. am i right in thinking i can take paracetamol?

i hope it passes soon.

DevilsAdvocaat Thu 02-Apr-09 09:27:08

sammy i really think it would be a bad idea to buy a doppler. i don't think it will ease your anxiety at all. i hope you can find some way to take your mind off of it but if not please vent here x

HumphreysCorner Thu 02-Apr-09 09:27:55

Oh sammysam-I don't know what to say or suggest who you could phone. What a worrying time for you. I wouldn't be without my doppler and even if I don't hear the beat at least I can try again later. I bought one of these 2nd hand from Ebay for £50. If you get the model B like the one shown it shows the heartrate display.

Big wave to everyone else.


HumphreysCorner Thu 02-Apr-09 09:29:57

DevilsAdvocaat-for some reason I get a banging headache in the evening that lasts all night and until I get up then it wears off and returns at night again. Yes, you are fine to take paracetamol. smile Infact, need to take 2 now.


twinklegreen Thu 02-Apr-09 09:39:26

Morning all, hope everyone's feeling well today.
sammysam so sorry that you're having all this extra worry, at least they know now so you can get monitored appropriately.

Can't believe were on thread number 3!

P.s. Have posted a bump photo... don't laugh, I know i'm huge, always am! I'm not that skinny beforehand.

Flamesparrow Thu 02-Apr-09 09:47:16

I wish there was something I could do or say to help

idreamofbeanie Thu 02-Apr-09 10:01:44

Morning all,

sammysam - I'm so sorry you have these extra worries. I really think they must be able to put you in touch with someone who can give you more information/reassurance. Try not to worry about the cramps - I was really crampy yesterday, they felt like period pains but I'm sure it's all normal.

HC- sorry about the headaches, are you sure your drinking enough through the day/evening?

Flamesparrow - I totally get the 'wanting a shiny new one' feeling. I started looking at second hand prams but I have decided to save up and treat myself to a lovely new one.

LMB - thanks for the new thread (I love the title) and the website pointers.

I've just started looking at prams and I am already totally overwhelmed by the range available. We do quite a lot of walking on bumpy lanes/fields/beaches so I think a 3-wheeler would be best. I am looking at the britax vigour 3+ and the mothercare mychoice just now, or possibly a quinny buzz (can't afford a bugaboo). Has anyone had/tried one of these?

smallone Thu 02-Apr-09 10:03:30

twinklegreen Hurrah, someone is as big as me! Since scan my belly podge seems to have rearranged itself into a pg belly shape, don't seem to be able to hold it in anymore. Am now wearing mat clothes which is ridiculously early but it actually makes me look slimmer and 5mo pg rather than just blimpish! Am dreading people asking how much I've got to go and having to tell them I'm only 3 months!

sammysam So sorry for your worry, I would be the same with a doppler, so can't buy one. Could you leave it at your mums or a friends, where you know you could go and use it if you want but its not too close to tempt you? I hope these next few weeks go quickly for you.

Re headaches, yes you can take paracetamol check you're not dehydrated or have low blood sugar, that always gives me a headache.

Got back from a weekend at my mums on tues and am going up to mils on sat for dh's cousin's wedding til next tues, then off camping next thurs till tues after so got a ridiculous amount of packing to do and somehow I've roped myself into cooking 100 cakes/cookies for nct sale on saturday! Crazy!

Hope everyone has a good day today, am off to have my haircut for the first time since last may blush, only seem to get around to it when I've got a wedding to go to.

MustGetSleep Thu 02-Apr-09 10:26:17

Bump pic on this profile. I am 11 + 5(I think) and have lost enough weight through sickness that I am in size 10 jeans etc, so not just general stomach iyswim

HumphreysCorner Thu 02-Apr-09 10:28:37

Ah, yes-my bump is that size too. smile

The lady in the shop said the 3 wheelers don't fold as small as the 4 wheelers which I am pleased about as DH wanted 3 wheels and I prefer 4. grin We live in the country so will possible use my mahoosive old pram for trekking across the fields and the new one for town.


HumphreysCorner Thu 02-Apr-09 10:29:45

Can't see your profile MustGetSleep.


MustGetSleep Thu 02-Apr-09 10:30:04

It is starting to annoy me... try now

MustGetSleep Thu 02-Apr-09 10:30:33

It is starting to annoy me.... try now

Flamesparrow Thu 02-Apr-09 10:35:11


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