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Am I the only one due in Dec 09?

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Moosy Tue 31-Mar-09 13:29:08

Any more??

sleepychunky Tue 31-Mar-09 13:33:28

I've just found out I'm pregnant this morning, so no, you're not alone grinI'm due on December 7th - what about you?

deanychip Tue 31-Mar-09 13:36:03

?????? me.

Not sure when.

waiting for scan results, next Monday.

JumpingJellyfish Tue 31-Mar-09 15:12:00

<whispers> me! Just found out this morning too- like sleepychunky EDD is 7th Dec. But not meant to be here really, as I have to have a CVS test done (DD has CF) at 12 weeks so wasn't going to join these boards til after then. But I obviously can't resist!

Hello all!

sleepychunky Tue 31-Mar-09 15:21:26

Congrats JumpingJellyfish and deanychip!

I know what you mean, I wasn't going to say anything for a few more weeks left, but I can't out myself irl yet and I had to tell someone!
deany, is this your first?

Moosy Tue 31-Mar-09 16:06:25

I found out this morning too, I think EDD is the 9th, and as it happens I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow to see why I'm not pg yet so that will be nice to be able to tell someone in RL apart from DH!

Ooooh, shall we start a list?

Moosy - DC3 (already have 2 DDs) - EDD 9th Dec

JumpingJellyfish Tue 31-Mar-09 16:17:02

Good luck at your appt tomorrow Moosy- I'm sure your Dr will be most pleased that no further investigations are needed! Ironically I had bloods done this last cycle as my cycles have been squiffy and it was cycle 10, having previously (very luckily) conceived very quickly...

This LO would be no.3 for me too...fingers crossed we get past 12 weeks...I swear I'm just wishing time away!

A list sounds good!

Sleepychunky - DC? - EDD 7th Dec
JumpingJellyfish - DC3 (have a DS & a DD) - EDD 7th Dec
Moosy - DC3 (already have 2 DDs) - EDD 9th Dec
Deanychip - DC? - EDD?

Pumpkin20 Tue 31-Mar-09 20:54:06

Me too! Got result on Sunday. EDD 4th Dec?? Already have DD who is 2. All slowly coming back to me except I can't remember what I should not be eating. Is cheesecake ok? Lots of love to all.

Moosy Tue 31-Mar-09 21:15:32

Congrats Pumpkin! I think cheesecake is ok so long as it doesn't raw unpastuerised egg in it. Not 100% sure though so best to check!

Pumpkin20 Tue 31-Mar-09 21:23:14

Too late, I've eaten it now. You can't keep a pregnant woman from cheesecake. Got a family wedding in September - it's going to be a long wait for that glass of champagne.

Moosy Tue 31-Mar-09 21:29:08

I agree on the cheesecake thing, I remember being at the local for a meal when more than a week overdue with DD1 and yelling that I didn't care if I wasn't supposed to have the cheeescake, GIVE IT TO ME NOOOOOOOW. blush

sleepychunky Wed 01-Apr-09 10:16:01

Morning all, just updating the list (I only have internet at work so can't do anything from home)

Sleepychunky - DC2 (have DS 22 months) - EDD 7th Dec
JumpingJellyfish - DC3 (have a DS & a DD) - EDD 7th Dec
Moosy - DC3 (already have 2 DDs) - EDD 9th Dec
Deanychip - DC? - EDD?
Pumpkin20 - DC2 - EDD 4th Dec

Hope you are all well this morning. I told DH last night (after keeping quiet all day at work!) and he was over the moon grin.
Need to call surgery as I'm due to have a smear test in a couple of weeks time (had an abnormal one 6 months ago) and I'm not sure if I can still have it.

JumpingJellyfish Wed 01-Apr-09 10:29:49

Good morning ladies

Congrats Pumpkin*!

I bet your DH was grinning from ear to ear Well done you for keeping quiet all day long!

Hope you are all feeling well?
I accidentally ate some brie yesterday, completely forgot you're not supposed to eat soft unpasteurised cheeses when pregnant! blush. It was lovely though. I do really miss brie and soft boiled eggs when pregnant!

Well scarily I have my first antenatal apt through for 23rd April, I think they want to do a dating scan and possibly start me on aspirin then (had severe pre-eclampsia with DS, and mildly with DD). Just hoping having such early apts isn't jinxing things!

Just altering the list slighty into chronological order (sorry, not being pedantic, honest!):

Pumpkin20 - DC2 - EDD 4th Dec
Sleepychunky - DC2 (have DS 22 months) - EDD 7th Dec
JumpingJellyfish - DC3 (have DS (nearly 4) & DD (21mo)) - EDD 7th Dec
Moosy - DC3 (already have 2 DDs) - EDD 9th Dec
Deanychip - DC? - EDD?
Pumpkin20 - DC2 (have a DD aged 2) - EDD 4th Dec

Moosy Wed 01-Apr-09 10:56:13

Saw GP this morning, he's going to send a note to the midwife so I should hear from her in the next few weeks

Anyone have any sysmptoms yet? I had severe MS with both girls and am really hopng it won't be so bad this time.

sleepychunky Wed 01-Apr-09 11:22:21

No symptoms at all yet, but I didn't have any the entire pregnancy last time. If it hadn't been for my expanding waistline and scan pictures I wouldn't have believed I was pregnant at all. In a way I'm hoping it's going to be the same this time. I really could do without MS - I have to travel an hour to work on the train from home and work in a very small office so people would guess v.quickly if I started throwing up every day when I got in. Not planning on telling them until 12 weeks if I can hold on that long grin

Claire236 Wed 01-Apr-09 20:33:26

I'm due Dec, got my BFP earlier today. My first midwife appt is 29 Apr & my edd is 7 Dec. Vowed not to join any pregnancy related threads yet but obviously got the breaking strain of a Kit Kat.

Pumpkin20 Wed 01-Apr-09 21:24:15

Congrats Claire!

I can't remember a thing about this pregnancy lark (is that a first symptom?) When do I have to stop wearing an underwired bra?

rosisdreamingofchocolate Wed 01-Apr-09 21:30:53

Just popping in to say congratulations! I had ds2 Dec 08, it was great to have him home for xmas!


sleepychunky Thu 02-Apr-09 10:07:07

Claire236 congrats - another 7th Dec, that makes 3 of us out of 7 so far.
pumpkin, I think they advise second trimester for maternity bras, unless your normal ones start being uncomfortable before then.
Anyone else going to join us today? smile

kayzr Thu 02-Apr-09 10:19:48

I'm popping in to say congratulations too!! Like Ros I had DS2 in December 08. I can not believe it has been a year since I was here!!

Flumpity Thu 02-Apr-09 20:44:54

hello! can I join? i think my edd is either very late november or early december, but my dd was a fortnight late so i'm erring on the late side and going to assume this one will rock up in december!

Flumpity Thu 02-Apr-09 20:46:30

There! i've updated the list...

Flumpity - DC2 (have dd 22 months) - EDD 27 nov - 1 Dec but bet its late.
Pumpkin20 - DC2 - EDD 4th Dec
Sleepychunky - DC2 (have DS 22 months) - EDD 7th Dec
JumpingJellyfish - DC3 (have DS (nearly 4) & DD (21mo)) - EDD 7th Dec
Moosy - DC3 (already have 2 DDs) - EDD 9th Dec
Deanychip - DC? - EDD?
Pumpkin20 - DC2 (have a DD aged 2) - EDD 4th Dec

Moosy Fri 03-Apr-09 11:48:52

Welcome along Flumpity (love your name btw)!

Have made my booking appointment with the midwife - 22nd April - so in 2.5 weeks it will be official!!

Am bursting to tell someone in RL but determined to hold out as long as I can this time.

Flumpity Fri 03-Apr-09 17:20:23

hello everyone,
moosy i also had my gp appointment this morning, but its slow here - you have to trail to the gp who faxes the midwives at the hospital who then call you to arrange a booking at the hospital, and only then you get assigned to 'your' midwife or team.

nausea coming along quite a lot now and that dogged tiredness... ah you forget quite how exhausting early pregnancy is. i'm 6w+1.

raggie Sat 04-Apr-09 11:18:47

Hello all! Especially flumpity who I recognise from Nov 09 smile

I hope it's ok to join you lovely ladies for a chat even though I am due 28 Nov by my own calculations. Seeing doctor on Monday for first appt and referral to the hospital I hope. This is my first so I'm very unsure about how things will progress from here.

Advice welcome!

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