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Due in Nov 05 - Part II

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rodeo1 Wed 13-Apr-05 17:14:53

Here we go all!

x x x

rodeo1 Wed 13-Apr-05 17:19:11

I'll be expecting a lot of well done's!!

ChaCha Wed 13-Apr-05 17:43:30

Well done Rodeo!
cp3...whoooaaa! So happy for you! How are you feeling now? You get yourself some rest and feet up purleeease!!

How was work Enthusia and how are you?
Hadn't had any m/s yet although is not yet 7.30pm. Sorry for TMI as usual but i have never really suffered from c/p but did today and now know what the pains were last night! Trapped wind is no longer trapped ... LOL

Que sera...sera...

BEKsmum Wed 13-Apr-05 17:58:11

Rodeo, what would we do without you, well done gold star for you for keeping us organised - now all you need to do is an update

JenJam Wed 13-Apr-05 17:59:36

Afternoon all.

i've put on 11 lbs since conceiving...4lbs of that could realistically be boobs but i think the rest is pure chocolate. I'm going to be a blob after this. I find it hard to think about anything other than being pregnant. slightly worrying that i will never think about anything else quite as much as 'the baby' forever more. at this rate, i'm going to lose my job before i go on maternity leave. anyone else being obsessive!? Glad to hear things not as bad as you feared CP3. Any news from peepee?

JenJam Wed 13-Apr-05 17:59:36

Afternoon all.

i've put on 11 lbs since conceiving...4lbs of that could realistically be boobs but i think the rest is pure chocolate. I'm going to be a blob after this. I find it hard to think about anything other than being pregnant. slightly worrying that i will never think about anything else quite as much as 'the baby' forever more. at this rate, i'm going to lose my job before i go on maternity leave. anyone else being obsessive!? Glad to hear things not as bad as you feared CP3. Any news from peepee?

BEKsmum Wed 13-Apr-05 18:19:29

Hellkat you loony it's under Only Joking and the heading is Please Help. Might just have been quicker if i'd copied and pasted what was said!!!

Thanks for making me laugh had a veeerrry stressful afternoon with ds and am glad that dh has come home even though he did walk in in the middle of tears and tantrums and those were mine and ds's. Oh the joys of 3 year olds.

panther Wed 13-Apr-05 18:28:04

Hiya! Thought I'd introduce myself as I've been reding the posts for a few weeks. Think I'm due around 5th Nov. Unplanned but me and partner both v happy. Can't wait til 1st scan on Saturday

Enthusia Wed 13-Apr-05 19:09:19

Hiya everyone

welcome panther - looking forward to hearing your progress, is this your first and any ms yet???

CP3 - congrats, fingers are crossed, hope you can relax and take things easy.

JenJam - good to have you back, yes completely obsessed myself, I think i am also obsessed with MN as seem to be on it bit too much, if you know what I mean. Luckliy work are being REALLY supportive and want to talk about it lots, which obviously I oblige with!

I have just had a breast biospy - which was weird, but anyway - it was with a specialist I had seen before who is lovely and she did a pg scan for me. It was great!!!! I saw bubs - who is so small - there is only one - small sigh of relief- and I saw a heartbeat, it was going ten to the dozen and the women said although she didn't really know much about baby scans it looked really healthy, it was moving around and everything. She also gave me some piccies - don't look anything like a baby, but it is mine and I don't care. I am suddenly sooooo excited - it actually feels real! To see the heartbeat was such a relief! I know I am not out of the woods yet, 10 weeks on Friday though, so I am creeping slowly out!

Here's hoping we can all have the weekend we deserve!

ChaCha Wed 13-Apr-05 19:13:12

Hi Panther and welcome...
So Enthusia? What happened at work when you told tell all..

How is everyone feeling?

Enthusia Wed 13-Apr-05 19:23:47

My head said she had guessed and so started talking about arrangements. We have just got planning permission to go from a first school to and all through so we are in the process of hiring new staff. Instead of just hiring one teacher for next year they are going to hire two. One will be a floating one who will cover for me and then if i return, teach year 5 the following year, and if i don't return take over from me. It all sounds extremely ideal!!!!! My head even said I could take days off when I needed them and finish when I wanted to, not have to wait until the half term. I was really chuffed!!!

The rest of the staff were mixed, some were over the moon, others thought it was very normal as they have older kids and do not appear at all interested. However the majority are excited and keep talking about it, which I love. I am going to tell the kids in 2 weeks after my next scan, just to be safe. But I have one boy who I am sure has a little ESP as he told me I was pg, before I knew, and despite constantly telling him since that I am not, he won't believe me, we have had to be REALLY careful about what we say around him, spooky!!!!!!

When are you telling them ChaCha?

panther Wed 13-Apr-05 19:35:29

Yeah it'm my 1st, was planning on waiting another couple of years but due to being ill a lot over the past few months don't think the pill worked quite as well as I'd hoped! But we're both looking forward to it. Was away when I had a major panic about not being able to get to any shops to buy tampons (snowed in) but by the time I got to a shop a week later I was buying a test instead. Had loads of ms, heartburn and feeling like I've got period pains but I'm not getting ill all the time any more which makes a nice change. My stepmum's been brilliant as she's got 3 kids under 5, and coming on here and reading all the messages has made me feel so much more confident about everything!

Diddle Wed 13-Apr-05 19:47:42

CP3 - i have breathed a sigh of relief for you. I'm so pleased that all is ok. I was getting a little worried when we didn't hear from you for so long.
Welcome Panther, you will have to give everyone your stats. age, dh age, previous pregnancys etc.
hope you enjoy the group.
Enthusia - glad work were so undertsanding.

We are booking a holiday his week after such a crap year, we are having 2 weeks off, which i think the parents fo teh kids i look after might be a bit annoyed about but we need it.
Planning a nice, not too busy weekend as is spoil ourselves weekend.
Not wanting to make you all jealous but i'm enjoying my large chardonnay, and toasting you all at doing so well.

yingers74 Wed 13-Apr-05 20:12:43

diddle - glad to hear about the 2 weeks off, will do you good and I am very jealous about chardonay!

welcome panther!

any news from peepee? Hope you are well and scan went well.

ChaCha Wed 13-Apr-05 20:43:08

Enthusia, spooky, spooky, spooky!! You will not believe this..Oh My Lord!
Before i knew i was pregnant one of my older students said to me: 'Miss, I dreamt of you last night and you told me you were pregnant with a baby girl!' Well I just laughed and thought nothing of it! Three weeks later positive pregnancy test! Now you're story is similar, this is all too much for me ..
I told my employer as I had lost my temper and was accusing ppl of all sorts - I had to tell them why..long story. Colleagues were all very happy for me and have been good to cover on the few occassions i've had to come in late with the m/s. Most of the kids now know, they told me they expected it and one even said she knew weeks ago - is all so strange!

Enthusia, we must be related, ths is uncanny!

ChaCha Wed 13-Apr-05 20:44:00

As a result of pregnancy i've lost the ability to spell, sorry YOUR not You're. Homophones, homophones!!!

chocolatequeen Wed 13-Apr-05 21:33:05

Rodeo, you are a genius. Am totally in awe of your clearly quite extrodinary ability to multi task to the level of being pregnant, and indeed, beginning a new thread. Was feeling proud of myself for just thinking about starting a new thread, but we clearly have unparallelled genius in our midst. All hail to the chief. Nice one hon!

Hope all good with everyone - cp3, what great news, so so pleased for you and some great excuses now for not doing much and eating your own body weight in chocolate. Lovely.

Hellkat and Beksmum - loving the crossed wire thing going on. lol. Must admit, didn't see anything about rabbits either but wasn't brave enough to say so, but found the bit about the russian. Going to look for the rabbit one now. Reminds me of when my parents finally told me last year that beloved bunny had been killed by neighbours dog and not just 'run away' to see 'his wild friends in the fields'. I'd believed that for nearly 20 years.

Would like to take this opportunity to confess to my total addiction to mars ice cream bars and frozen cadbury caramels. Have decided to limit myself to just 2 a day, as only in 2nd month. Logical system. Thinking about changing it to 9 a day, as only in 9th week..... Will be size of a pregnant buffalo by the summer.

Also wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing the wierd smell thing? Not that I smell wierd , but that stuff is starting to smell wierd... Having a real issue with kitchen cupboard at the moment - sort of smells all dry and floury and odd. Can hardly bear to open it, but have to to get food out to feed family. Thinking that I'm going to have to empty it and clean it all out. Thought I had solved the problem by plugging air freshener thingy in the kitchen, but now smell of that makes me want to heave. Maybe this is my chance to get dh to take over meal provisions for next 7 months? Interesting thought...

Right, will leave you with last crazy preggy thing that has tipped dh over the edge. He's on business in the states, just arrived in his hotel room after god knows how many hours on plane, and guess what beloved wife made him do? read out entire room service dessert menu, and then rated them from 1 to 7. Am like a woman obsessed. Have taken talking dirty to a whole new level....

Anyone else doing really wierd stuff, or am i totally alone? Will be starting a wierdo thread just for me!!


ChaCha Wed 13-Apr-05 22:00:57

Chocolatequeen, your post has me in stitches, LOL
Yes, i know what you mean about the whole smell going to try out as a substitute sniffer dog!
I really wanted one of those pink icing buns..but there were none left MIL says i must eat healthy...healthy isn't tasty. Any suggestions? Am big on crisps (literally will be) and all kinds of carbs right now..what is suggested for a healthy (tasty) diet.

chocolatequeen Wed 13-Apr-05 23:34:39

Cha cha - liking the healthy food attempt, not really convinced that crisps or frozen cadbury's caramel bars are really a step in the right direction, but hey, we are going to be having SERIOUSLY large babies at this rate.....and we're happy!!

I guess its just eating normally (!?), whatever that is - the usual fruit and veg, not too much fat. Personally, am going to go for the vitamin option (not advised by healthcare professionals i'm sure)of taking nice good vitamins and then eating lots of chocolate guilt free..... I know that protein is important, and calcium and some of the vitamins (apart from A), so I think its just grown up eating like responsible mummies should. Like your MIL is trying to tell you I guess. NEVER heard of a pregnant woman craving only really healthy foods though - there's always opal fruits/jammy dodgers/pretzels/coal/fluff in there somewhere....

Hope there is a diet guru amongst us somewhere who can put us on the straight and narrow. Pity the poor innocent who comes between me and my freezer at the moment.......

Night night xx

HellKat Thu 14-Apr-05 06:43:22

[[[[[[[LOUD APPLAUSE]]]]]]]]]]
Very well done Rodeo!
Welcome Panther. We have the same due date!
Glad I made you chuckle Beks. Am I now starting to think did I really read about a dead rabbit or have I totally lost the plot?
Chocolate- Russian? Lol we're all obsessed with looking at threads.
Maybe we should make a "who can find the most bizarre thread" every day
Enthusia- Glad you got to see little one.
Peepee- Where are you? We're worried.
Diddle- I don't envy the Chardonnay hun. Never liked wine (apart from the gorgeous low alcoholic fruit ones). Mind you, once in a blue moon I'll have a couple of swigs of Budweiser! Still have 3 left from christmas. The only thing I've been drinking (even substituted my coffee for) is diet vanilla coke. Yummmmy. Tastes nicer than any booze atm. Just can't have more than 1 or 2 because of caffeine.
Have a great day all.

HellKat Thu 14-Apr-05 06:48:51

Choclate- Yep I understand the smell thing. With me, seems to be worse this time around. I can't wash dishes if there's a roasting tin or baking tray or grill pan to do. The smell of wet metal turns my stomach. Can only liken it to that horrid wet dog smell
Mind you, poor dp hates it when I'm pg for one reason. I don't know why, sounds insane, but his ears and eyebrows smell divine!!!! Was the same when pg with ds2. Only way I can describe it, it's a warm, safe smell (especially when I can smell his aftershave "Joop").

busyalexsmummy Thu 14-Apr-05 09:39:27

I think im being ignored

chocolatequeen Thu 14-Apr-05 09:53:43

hi there busyalexsmummy - not ignoring you!!! How are you doing?

Hellkat - freaky.... also the same about wet metal smell, which gets worse if you clean it with one of those wire wooly/scratchy type cloths. Makes me retch just thinking about it. How odd. Even more freaky, have the same thing with DH's eyebrows - how bizarre is that? Still liked the smell of them after pregnancy, so bit of a running joke ever since about me sniffing his eye brows. Especially when he gets in from work! So odd. Cannot believe someone else does the same. Can't even remember how i found out about liking the smell either.

Good tip - really smells good if you rub it first!!!

Cannot believe this is an actual conversation....

Going on full blown rabbit hunt now, will let you know if there are any funny threads out there!

Have a good day!


twinkle1 Thu 14-Apr-05 10:07:57

morning all!!! only 9 days till i go on holiday can't wait!!!!
Hi panther. Talking of strange smells i seem to have developed a thing about sniffing beefy monster munch not sure if this is normal but hey it works for me.

cp3 Thu 14-Apr-05 10:11:57

Sorry to come in with negative thoughts girls but im back down again. What a bloody rollercoaster od emotions this is. Im still bleeding and having contraction pains too. Quite low in by belly and back.

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