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Due in June 13 - the epic continues!!

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katzguk Mon 11-Apr-05 15:37:59

new thread - so my home computer can cope!

charleypops Mon 11-Apr-05 15:42:41

Curry was lovely thanks Lynny - had my current fave - butter chicken, extra spicy, and CHIPS But I blame those on the bump Had one on Friday too - Friday night is, after all, Curry Night!! Can't wait til I can guzzle the old Bangla again.... Hope you feel better today and this week goes smoothly. Sorry you have to wait til Thurs to see consultant - Honestly, I'm sure half these mad medical receptionists only do the job so they can pilfer the drugs cabinets

Dammit Welshie - only just seen your post about the mountain buggy. Bah!! typical - I called them this morning on the off chance and guess what?They had a few left after all so I ordered one and IT ARRIVES TOMORROW!! Thanks so much for your lovely offer. I'll try to imagine that had your in-laws been willing and able, then it would have got bent and broken in the journey

Tea - and thanks for you lovely offer too Lol at your nan in the turfies!

Thanks for all your sympathy when I'd thought they'd run out - I must've been driving you all mad with my indecision ......

..... and I bought 11 newborn babygrows from Ebay! There's no stopping me now! Yay! Come on MrsW - just buy one little thing!

You're so cultured Welshie - I didn't go to one show the whole time I was living in London (apart from a few gigs) Some dodgy bloke once took me to see Alvin Stardust and Suzie Quatro - does that count?

KVG - HURRAHHHHH!! Well done!! Hope you've stopped jumping...

I'll be 31 weeks on Thursay It could well be that as your a later Junie that they can't tell yet about position, although I suspect it's easier to feel baby's head it he's still upright - I can clearly see Pod's sometimes doming out of my belly Cannot believe you were even considering getting in dh's kayak you madhead! lol at him capsizing! Brrrr. I'm turning into such a softie - I cry at the silliest things, have to be careful what music I listen to for instance, or what threads on here I read, but also feel very happy. Why was a camping shop assistant rude to you? Poor you!
Ooh a lovely lucky fresh thread!!

Lippy - I'm feeling stressed now about your damn builders! I'm putting off our kitchen refurbishment because I can't be bothered with workmen and their attitudes at the moment.

Jonah - I don't mind emailing you or posting here my birthplan - I didn't use a template, just kept adding to a list of things on my desktop I'd like to happen as and when I thought of them.

Uki - thanks for the toilet tips! I'm sure they will come in useful!

charleypops Mon 11-Apr-05 15:43:48

Ooh - lovely lucky fresh new thread btw!

Hi KateEgg - Congratulations and welcome to the Jue thread! I'm sure if you Google "non-toxic varnish" (don't forget the speech marks), you'll come up with something. I'm sure it exists. If you can't find anything, let me know and I'll have a look for you Or you might have to sand it properly <snore> and wax it.

Welcome back Scraggy!

I want to make my own muslin squares but not sure which muslin to look out for - anyone with any ideas? I'm going to put him him muslin nappies for a while and see how we get on.

The area arond my belly button is beginningto look faintly bruised - is anyone elses? is this normal?

teabelly Mon 11-Apr-05 15:43:53

He he he - Welshie - haven't got off the saddle yet!! wink, wink, nudge, nudge...sorry Katz...had to start this thread as we mean to go on!

MrsWednesday Mon 11-Apr-05 15:47:07

Thank you Katz. And thanks for the CAT. Tea, you haven't let anything out the bag, so don't feel bad.

Welshmum, wise move not to get your garden done. My DH started ours a couple of weeks ago, dug it all up (it's only little) but since then hasn't had chance to do any more, so now it's just piles and piles and piles of mud and stones. DS thinks it's great fun. I, on the other hand, don't. The kitchen is constantly covered in mud and the cats keep leaving mucky footprints everywhere. It's driving me mad. God knows how you've managed to keep your sanity Lippy, I would have flipped my lid by now.

welshmum Mon 11-Apr-05 15:53:51

Mrs W you have ALL my sympathy. I'm not out of the woods yet though - on Monday next the former Fimble is coming to give the nursery a lick of paint - this is bound to go wrong too as dh as reservations over the standards of the Fimble's work.
DH is under strict instructions to begin preparing the room tonight (whispers...while I go off for a massage...)

lynny70 Mon 11-Apr-05 15:59:04

Message deleted

teabelly Mon 11-Apr-05 16:02:00

Lynny, thanx

Charley - I hope you don't just mean muslin nappies...will make for a rather wet time ahead, he he he

katzguk Mon 11-Apr-05 16:05:13

charley - muslins are soo cheap i wouldn't bother making them.

I've got my mum making washable wipes for me though!! i found some lovely bug fleece material, so my baby wipes will match my nursery!! i'm tempted to go and get some more and get her to make me a blanket too!!

tribpot Mon 11-Apr-05 16:12:10

Yippee for Mr KVG! And after being so downhearted when he didn't hear on Friday.

I fear he may have stolen my job karma though, a friend of mine who works in the NHS says that apparently it's normal to phone all the candidates and make them feel they're about to be offered the job after the interview. God knows why. Well, time will tell.

Has anyone noticed the baby books seem to have a massive downer on cloth nappies? I have "Kidwrangling" and "What to Expect: The First Year". Both of them seem to regard cloth nappies (esp not from a nappy service) as quite beyond the pale. What to Expect even claims that they promote nappy rash and are just as bad for the environment as disposables because they need washing. I am thinking about making my own eco-disposables from palm fronds (which of course grow in abundance in Suffolk).

katzguk Mon 11-Apr-05 16:18:03

not sure who was it who asked but the real nappies i've got are tots bots size 1 (8) and at the mo 1 tots bots size 1 wrap but i'm buying two size small motherease wraps.

teabelly Mon 11-Apr-05 16:31:07

He he Trib - diy nappies! I'm not gonna hold either your little one or Charley's at any meetups we have - will have very wet lap otherwise I fear!

PinkArjuna Mon 11-Apr-05 17:00:31

Lippy I'm not impressed with your builders at all. I have half a mind to cancel my painting. I can see it is going to be the source of nervous breakdown just when I need to be revising in peace and quiet. Ho hum the place needs painting so badly and I am not that much of a feng sui type to care about that sort of thing, but it is so trashed after the two blokes who lived here last It needs paint like I need this Bubba out of my belly.

Katz - how will you get away with 8 nappies? Will you get more or do you have them from before and you have just topped up? I did that nappy calculator thing on kittykins and it said I'd need 24 to wash every 2 to three days. I have about 10 tots bots size 1, a couple of ella's house, lots of minki's stuffable mainly but 2 canoodles to try. two birth to potty I thought I'd try a couple of dinky diapers (or are they diddy?) I have quite a few tots bots and minki's in size 2 and three just because I have the money now thanks to my sure start grant but likely wouldn't later so though I would invest ainly now. I have a few mother ease wraps, a stacinator, some tots bots and a whole bunch of cotton bottoms that I got for next to nothing. I love washable wipes I got 50 on ebay for £3.99

Is anyone else extrememly faint at the moment? I can't stand anymore. I'm only 31 weeks and a day and I can't stand the back pain. My bump has me leaning forward because I am in agony.

Well I am back in college. I am tired out and I won't get home until 10pm. I am also extremely unimpressed with one of the learning centre staff. Has anyone else got absolutely no sense of humour? She joked (as another pregnant woman stood beside me) that it must be catching I am beyond jokes now, I want this baby out.

I have had cramps in the evening lately. I think I'll speak to the midwife. Like period pains right down to my knees. Infact just like the unbarable curse cramps. I hope mine improve after the baby otherwise all this was a rather fruitless exercise. Most people say they improve after having a child. I wonder if having cramps has anything to do with carrying the baby/labour type things. I honestly don't think I can carry this baby for another 9 weeks. His head is really really low now and he's getting heavy. He's a pretty big baby. In a way I wouldn't mind him coming early. I'm too tired and my back can't take it.

Specially the college thing. I don't know how many more weeks I can keep coming I am too tired.

Ok now I have finished moaning I bought some really cool baby toys in boots today. Also some sheets for the cot bed I haven't bought yet. I know which one I am getting but I won't have it delivered until the painting is done.

Oh yes I forgot to say; Dad arrived back from holiday the other day and came around. He told my mother about the baby while he was away. He said it was a 'good' thing he told her while away, which translated into 'she couldn't verbally harrass you because she was too many miles away' and it seems he has diffused things while relaxing and going to choral functions. Well she hasn't phoned since being back which is a good thing. Dad keeps emphasizing that she 'loves' me which obviously means she is upset.

Thats the thing about love. There is no lack of love in the world just worthy vessels to carry it in. Plenty of people do the worst things to those they 'love' and I think love's a pretty good scape goat for all things unacceptable, like it can somehow excuse the obscene. I'd be pretty choked up I suppose if my daughter didn't trust or like me much. Perhaps she is understanding the true gravity of what our relationship represents and its about time she took some responsibility. God I feel like her mother sometimes, even my Dad expects me to excuse her/forgive her - like the child who is sulking petulantly. Dad's says she loves us 'too much' yeah so much it almost sucked the life out of us... Anyway I better get off. I won't be on again until tomorrow and thought I'd catch up a bit.

Well I have everything apart from my cot bed. I bought that nipple cream this morning so I just need to have the baby now. I am pleased to find that I have spent less than I thought and have saved £300 pounds I think I'll get a TFT portible tv to watch wimbledon on in the maternity ward

I can't believe we have another thread, how many is that now?

PinkArjuna Mon 11-Apr-05 17:02:59

Cough - I'm with teabelly Charley, I'll pass over hold darling Pod at a meet.... home made nappies... well I'll eat my words when you become the latest work at home mum with a nappy empire.....

sorry my last post was so long....

PinkArjuna Mon 11-Apr-05 17:06:18

WOWOWOWOW I just got a mail from my dad, I can choose my washing machine so I'll be getting that and they will pay for it all. I think I'll get that whirlpool washer dryer I saw... If it breaks down it will be maintained as part of my contract. I had no space for a dryer so I'm now a happy chappy

MrsWednesday Mon 11-Apr-05 17:19:38

Great news Pink!!! I'm a bit I have to say, would love a washer-dryer.

PinkArjuna Mon 11-Apr-05 17:27:20

Mrs W - I think hounding them every few days and getting my recently knighted father to make his objections works I knew if I held out long enough and harrassed them enough I would get my own way I am glad I didn't cave. Oh and I get to choose all the colours for painting I was just expecting them to give it a lame once over. Must go to do it all tomorrow and pick up some samples.

On the up side my brother has got me a winnie the pooh moses basket as a present so it hasn't been all bad having the family know. My other brother is promising to take Bubba on the railway as he is a member of gloucester model railway club

Ok as you can see I am all twittering today, to be honest I am trying to avoid doing a piece of work which is due in in half an hour. Well its too late to start now Bye bye. See you all tomorrow

JonahB Mon 11-Apr-05 17:47:18

Katz, scanned picture or no scanned picture, it a d*mn site better and more creative than I could do! That's so lovely that your DD chose the pictures she wanted though. She must love it! I'm a bad mother cos all my baby is getting is a moses basket, a set of drawers and a mobile. Our house is now officially on the market and much as I would love to decorate a nursery, I dont think prospective buyers will agree with me.

My lovely carpet cleaner got the job done in about 2 hours. He was so polite and lovely and did seem somewhat experienced with his equipment....

Oh, Lua, thinking is all I do, that takes v. little energy

Pink, great news about your washer/dryer. That should make your life a little bit easier when the baby comes. I'm really pleased that your brothers sound like they are supporting you.

Charley - If I CAT you my e-mail address, would you mind sending me what you have done? It would give me some ideas, inspiration etc. Only if you don't mind though.....

lynny70 Mon 11-Apr-05 18:17:28

Message deleted

lynny70 Mon 11-Apr-05 18:18:28

Message deleted

tribpot Mon 11-Apr-05 18:45:28

Lynny - recent thread on vitamin K - oral drops v. injection (v. not giving anything at all).

Personally I'll be going for the injection as one of my cousins had a baby who haemorrhaged shortly after birth. Apparently whatever the condition was (I have to find out the details from another of my cousins!) is inherited so I have a slightly increased risk of whatever it is too.

I don't know when this became standard, I guess it must have been after you had dd!

Cooperoo Mon 11-Apr-05 18:53:45

Blimey, I knew I should have come on line today. So many posts.
Lynny - There is a great post on Vit K somewhere on Pregnancy I think. It is offered as a jab or orally to prevent a blood clotting disorder. It is quite rare but easily prevented through giving Vit K. DD had oral doses once a week last time and this is what I have opted for again.
Pink - Yay about washer/dryer, paint choices and brothers attitudes. Things are looking up for you.
Kat - It was me about the nappies. Are you getting velcro or popper motherease?
Trib - Cloth nappies don't promote nappy rash unless they are not rinsed properly. Poo and wee left too long cause nappy rash. DD suffered greatly with teething nappy rash too whereby her poos were so toxic they literally burn her bottom when she did them (sorry if TMI). There are so many nappy creams available in supermarkets and chemists that it is obvious that babies in disposables get rashes too. Cloth users are the minority and have to buy most of our stuff on line with specialists so why would our nappy cream be available at so many outlets. I will accept that it is harder to get nappy rash to heal in cloth though and I have resorted to disposables on occasion to help keep dd dry overnight. Anyway off my high horse now.
Charley - Muslin nappies are great for newborns by all accounts. I couldn't be doing with all that folding though! Glad you enjoyed your curry. I would have the hot ones now if you are planning to b/f as currys what you eat can pass through the breast milk to the baby. So I read anyway!
KVG - YAY about Dh's job. What excellent news you must be thrilled. Congratulations!!! Glad you had a good weekend away and yes the string was cut off for DH. (Thank goodness!)
Mrs W - I have done nothing for this baby yet either eeeek! 9 weeks to go. Like Jonah even when I am organised all this baby will be getting is a Moses basket and a mobile. It won't even have a room at the mo.
Kateegg - Hellloooooo. Sorry can't help with the varnish but welcome!
Lippy - It will be done. Slap your builders!!
Hi Scraggy.
Tea - Sorry to hear about your plumbing nightmare. Shame he is not like the chap in desperate housewives or like Jonahs carpet man.
Dh is not drinking for a while. He scared himself on Sat as he can't remember big chunks of the evening including how he got home. Poor chap.
It has been very hot today. 26 degrees. DH had a parade and two people fainted! Have been very busy today and so need to put my feet up now. Chat tomorrow no doubt.

Cooperoo Mon 11-Apr-05 19:00:54

Have re read my post and want to apologise for banging on about nappy rash. DD has suffered and so I am quite defensive about it in relation to my cloth nappies despite having reassurances from my very supportive health visitor and doctors that the nappies have nothing to do with it. We had no problems for over 12 months and then had one dose after another for poor dd. We have been clear for a good six months now though and I swear it is all to do with her teething.
X posted with Trib too, that was the link I meant about the Vit K.

Cooperoo Mon 11-Apr-05 19:02:52

And I am not anti disposable users either!! Each to their own. I just do what is right for me. I only know two people in RL who use cloth. Getting paranoid now! Sorry.

katzguk Mon 11-Apr-05 19:24:13

evening all

Pink - i managed with just the 8 last time but then i did use disposables at night, we are going to get some AIO's too for DH but i will get the next size up. I had more size 2's though 12 i think so i didn't have to wash as often.

Cooperoo - the nappies are aplix/velcro and the wraps are two velcro and one poppers.

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