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Fab Feb Thread: 22 on show........33 to go.......!!!!

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spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 14:43:19

Ooo I feel all important now. <hands baton back to Dinky>

swampster Thu 05-Mar-09 22:08:08

Wave your baby in the air and come over here!

eejaykay Thu 05-Mar-09 21:54:51

Ooh, if we're all moving I better get my arse in gear and quickly give you my birth story...

Absolutely no signs that baby might be on the way, no Braxton Hicks, in fact, had spent Thurs and Fri in the West End waddling around shops etc. A friend came over for dinner on Fri eve and hubby stayed up late drinking with her - I went off to bed about midnight feeling a bit odd. Woke at 2.30 with period type cramping which it took me ages to work out were coming in regular waves. Anyway, they were pretty mild so I took some paracetamol but in the morning they were still there and definitely getting stronger and more regular.

At which point, for reasons completely unknown, we decided to have a manic day: defrosted the freezer, built the cot, had our old sofa collected, and the new camera arrived just in time for the battery to be charged. At 1pm, with contractions about 7 minutes apart, we wandered down to the local B & Q to get some missing bits for the cot. Cue me dangling wires (I loved my TENS machine) and leaning on shelves waving my hips about and breathing deeply.

So by the time we finally wandered into hospital i was already 5 cm dilated and thought, blimey, this doesn't seem too bad. I wasn't really prepared for how long the next bit can take and how much more painful it gets! Having wanted a HB, the MLU only had one MW on and she was busy, so I ended up on the labour ward, although the doctor was lovely and quite hands off and it was pretty midwife led, so until 2am I was pretty much left to get on with it with the MW popping in. All pretty heavy going on G & A and the TENS but MW said I was fully dilated at 2am and I pushed like hell for an hour. I was on my back which is where I NEVER wanted to be - but the very bossy MW sister came in (I appreciated her bossiness at the time but on reflection, she was quite bullying) and said that was the best position for Effective Pushing and basically, I had to. After an hour, really wasn't getting anywhere (I could tell the MWs thought I wasn't trying hard enough). Doctor came in and said I was clearly working hard (thanks doc) but there was no sign of the baby's head - and on examination, I wasn't actually fully dilated. At this point, I got very angry and quite distressed - it hadn;t been a long labour but i thought I was near the end and had given it everything.

Doctor prescribed Syntocin to bring the contractions back and here i thank dinkystinky who'd advised me to have an epidural if I was induced - doctor said 'what a good idea'!!. Cue a very lovely Irish anaesthetist (who apparently I flirted with) sorting me out, although after the drip had kicked in so I did have a very ropy half hour with NO PAINKILLERS whatsoever (I'd had to take he TENS off and eejit MW hadn't replaced the mouthpiece to the G&A after I'd dropped it on the floor). But then the lovely lovely drugs kicked in and I basically snoozed for an hour and a half to wake up with the weird sensation of my buttocks hurting like hell - everything else OK, but felt like my bum was lit up like a belisha beacon! Anyway, I said 'I think I'm ready to push now', MW had a look and went 'ah yes, there's the baby's head' - 20 minutes of pushing (which all made sense this time around) and out popped baby - quite a cone head as he had been pretty high, but in great shape. I was incredibly thankful as I was sure as soon as induction and epidural became part of it, the birth was going to end up with lots more intervention, but it worked out well and in the end I was very glad of what I did have.

Alfie is Perfect Baby., breastfeeding like a pro and really showing me the way. He's quite a windy peg but sleeps well (although also NOISILY, and makes a noise like a squeaky gate when he feeds). I've been pretty blue but within normal boundaries I think, and am keeping an eye on it... DH is brilliant with him but more experienced than me and we've had a few spats where he's criticised my nappy changing / baby wrangling techniques - I'll work it out if he'd just leave me to it! At the moment I am contemplating my lovely sleeping boy and very happy.

I'll try and keep up a little more, happy birthday Nkweto, and really sorry your DH was such an inconsiderate eejit today dinkystinky, love the new name SMS, I'll pay more attention from now on!

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 21:44:20

It's because am so fed up with idiot H SMS... still am sure will be back to my usual self by tomorrow... right, get you over to the postnatal thread "Fab Feb 2009: attack of the zombie mums"...

SomeMightSay Thu 05-Mar-09 21:21:27

dinky Think that's the first time I've seen you swear, old potty mouth you! grin
Make sure you do get that early night tomorrow, sounds like you really need it. Sorry you're all unwell, hope you get better soon.

Luke is being a little fidget, the hiccups have bben and gone, he is making the strangest sounds, won't/can't keep his dummy in, drifts into sleep then all limbs go flying waking him up, I've tried winding but don't think there's anything in there hmm

Play group tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it. Then we're driving into London to visit my little bro for his birthday but have to get home early, dp wants to drive to warwickshire early saturday to visit his family, so up at 6am to make sure we're all ready by about 8ish. I will bet now £100,000 that I will have to get myself and both boys washed, fed and dressed and dp will stay in bed til the last possible moment and then ask me why it always takes me so long to get ready hmm grin

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 21:16:27

sorry new thread under postnatal in becoming a parent section - name the same as in previous post ( bit of baby brain episode there)

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 21:12:44

Ok ladies, while am up under cranky baby thought I'd start our post natal thread. Look out under parenting section (under post natal) for fab feb 2009: attack of the zombie mums..... see you all over on the dark side wink

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 21:03:09

Rosie - DH's punishment will be dealing with Danny and DS1 all tomorrow night as I will be fucking of to bed at 7.15 like him tonight and leaving him to deal with both boys and he can only bring Danny in to me for feeds - he can share a room with Danny all night too. I wouldnt have minded if he'd given me some warning but its just the lack of even any consideration that has me really fucked off.

Herb - glad you had a nice day with the little ones.

lardybump Thu 05-Mar-09 21:00:52

Just quickly popping on to say hi. Struggling at the moment so I have not been on as much as i would like.... DS is just waking up again now so will be demanding another feed.... Well it has been an hour dont you know!!!!!!

Will be back later...

herbgarden Thu 05-Mar-09 20:51:37

dinky - you have my utmost sympathy on the DH front although generally your DH sounds pretty good on the helping out front. Hope you gave him a suitably withering look and told him that dinner was in the dog.

DH and I had a huge row (although I think this consisted of me yelling at him) last night as I just wanted him to acknowledge that after nearly 6 weeks of being awake pretty much from 2am - 7am that perhaps I was a bit tired and fed up and maybe if last night he could have got off work earlier he could have come home and done bath bed etc, cooked me dinner instead of buggering off to the driving range. He was very silent as I was yelling at him. He then arrived home at 6.30pm tonight and did bath and bed for DS (DD in bed at 6.30pm after passing out in a milk induced coma)....we haven't discussed last night but he knows wink.

rosie I love that word "wally"...made me chuckle. It's kind of inoffensive really isn't it.

Had quite a nice day today with DS and DD. Went to soft play and then pottered around locally this afternoon going to library and coffee shop although DS lost it in the coffee shop whilst DD was also screaming and I very nearly lost it too. Managed to pull it together and finish my coffee before I embarassed myself in front of this very sympathetic lady of a certain age blush.

DD is finally getting to a stage where maybe some simple clothes might be a nice idea (if she stayed awake long enough to be vaguely sociable) - she just drifts from one babygro to the next depending on how much sick/poo she's covered herself in. I've been looking online tonight - god there are some cute things for girls ! I feel a splurge coming on....

DD Is NOISY too...but I was also just thinking at 3am this morning that during the day she is so peaceful I have to lean in to see if she's still breathing so why does this happen at night. I have spent enough nights in with her now to know that the grunts don't amount to much but I just wonder how she can possibly get a restful sleep with that noise and writhing going on. I'm glad they're all doing it - DS did but I didn't think it was this bad. I shove the earplugs in and try to switch off - I can then usually only hear the crying.

Off to bed now. Back tomorrow !

rosieposey Thu 05-Mar-09 20:20:53

Aww Dinky sorry that DH is being a wally - wait till the morning and hide all of the resolve and paracetamols - Milo is a bit of a grizzlebum too - it accompanys all of the other noises he makes but sometimes he just grizzles and cries till hes picked up and even then sometimes carries on. Hope you feel better soon - dont know if you can take cold remedies with bfing?

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 20:00:10

Hmm, mini rant coming up - am furious at not so DH who rolled in steaming drunk at 7 today (from a day at work in Manchester which was clearly spent mostly drinking) - he KNOWS DS1 is ill, I've got DS1's bloody cold (which both he and DS1 gave to me) and am not sleeping much at night due to DS2 so could really do with him pulling his weight in the evening with DS1's storytime and helping with grizzly DS2 (who tends to grizzle until 10ish) and it was his turn to cook tonight but decided to get steaming drunk instead. He will not be getting any bloody sympathy in the morning angry

Rosie - forgot Milo was a definite snow baby too!

Right, off to deal with cranky Danny...

rosieposey Thu 05-Mar-09 19:42:58

Hello everyone - apologies for not posting for ages have been super tired like everyone else and have had a bit of a saga with cs wound too.

Congrats to everyone ( spotty )(Kazzal - did you deliver at Swindon GW? ) (littlesez ) whom ive missed whilst not being here who have had their babies Milo is 4 weeks tomorrow and i cannot believe how fast its gone.

Lol at description of boy babies making all that fuss just to let one rip - Milo is exactly like that too. He is the noisiest baby ive ever had with his grunting and groaning! Know exactly what you mean Dinky as Milo stirs and makes a sound a bit like a goat infact DH and i say 'oh the babys goating again, lol - it really must just be a boy thing.

Can definately nominate Milo as a snow baby - DH had to be dug out of snow drifts twice to get the the hospital and there were no doctors or midwives till midday as they all needed 4x4ing and air ambulancing in to the hospital it was so bad hence him being born so late in the afternoon - Feb 6th was a very snowy day grin

PinkTulips Thu 05-Mar-09 18:49:55

aaron slept all afternoon! was very bizarre, he kept half heartedly squaking and i'd run around getting changing gear organised and he went back to sleep! of course then he woke up just as dp came in the door and dinner needed doing, lol.

dinky, i do find that aaron copes far better with my milk spraying right boob if i'm on the couch leaning back so i tend to let him cluster feed from that side all evening on the couch and then use the other side mostly at night. he still has alot of difficulty during the day when he's on the right side though although seems to be gradually getting more efficient at just swallowing what he can and letting the rest pour all over the pair of us, we both end up soaked but at least he's not spluttering and choking and ending up screaming in fright!

off to do baths now... so incredibly not in the mood sad

SomeMightSay Thu 05-Mar-09 18:31:01

PT A pound a week? That's great news, the little porker! grin
Agree with the not notice certain stuff all over clothes and not caring. I was with a friend the other day feeding the baby and when I rested him over my shoulder to wind, she went into a bit of a panic saying she'd get me a cloth or napkin to put under him incase he's sick, my reply "I have a 3 week old baby, I'm supposed to smell of baby sick" grin
dinky Didn't really go too well in the end, well it wasn't bad I suppose, ds1 got up from his nap so we read some books together, did a bit of colouring and a puzzle, Luke woke for his feed but I left him for a bit and carried on with ds1 and the puzzle, ds started saying "bubba" so I said, "come on then, lets go see what's the matter" I picked Luke up for a hug and told ds1 to kiss him better, then put Luke down to get his bottle. I put some dry pasta in a plastic bowl for ds1 and gave him the egg whisk, he loved that while I was feeding baby, I started a nappy change after on the sofa, ds1 came over and started hitting him (softly), so I said we don't hit blah blah blah, but he carried on and in the end I gave ds a tap on the wrist, he threw himself on the floor crying sad felt so awful. When Luke's nappy was secure I got on the floor and gave ds a hug and then he was fine. He hasn't hit baby since though. I am not proud of myself......nevermind, will try again tomorrow. Dp thinks that is how I should be letting ds know he's done wrong as that's the only way he'll learn but I said to him surely that's like ds breaking dp's watch and then dp breaking ds's favourite toy to teach him a lesson, just doesn't make sense! Dp is from a completely different school of thought than me, it must be an age thing.
Calico Fantastic news about Lilian putting weight on, sure you'll be off the top-ups soon.
dinky Yes on the night noises! It is very weird, I kept picking him up thinking it must be wind, but after a few nights I actually realised that he didn't look uncomfortable so I just leave him. Ds1 is a loud sleeper too, but so is dp and me (apparently, but I think not)

I was told by mw at the hospital that if my boobs started feeling uncomfortable while the milk was coming in and drying up that I should hand express some to relieve the pain hmm. I just kind of nodded and said ok, then muttered, idiot as she left!

MS grin at baby lifting leg to fart!

Luke is now 1 month old, and it seems that he sleeps all the time. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, it's just odd because ds1 never slept, and I mean ever!

MarkStretch Thu 05-Mar-09 18:04:36

Dinky I have a baby who grunts, squeaks, squeals, belches and lifts one leg to fart. Seriously.

I think it's because they're male wink

swampster Thu 05-Mar-09 17:07:45

dinky, that sounds like the position I often feed in at night when he wants to feed but needs to burp and I can't be arsed am too tired to burp him. It has the added benefit that he will usually burp himself and carry on feeding grin.

spotty, I had exactly the same re: weight and midwives... A friend who is a GP thinks I should report her - they are supposed to be supporting breastfeeding, not undermining your confidence completely.

The good news is Jacob's weight is picking up. But he is still a scrawny chicken.

mcdreamy Thu 05-Mar-09 17:04:18

Yes Dinky I have a noisy night time sleeper but a silent day time napper -lol at Beavis and Butthead but that's exactly what she sounds like!

mcdreamy Thu 05-Mar-09 17:01:39

calico you must be so relieved - well done Lilian!

Congrats Spotty welcome to the world Ben! Lovely name (I have a Ben and he's scrummy grin)

Can I nominate the registrar who examined me when I turned up to delivery on the day Abi was born for the most ridiculous advice reward - he said he didn't think I needed to be sectioned that day as my contractions weren't strong enough, to go home (in the snow) and come back in when I was contracting 1 in 3 mins - at that point he would section me! shock The midwife was stood behind him frantically shaking her head mouthing "Please come in earlier than that"!!

He discharged me but the midwives stopped me from going as they weren't happy with his advice. They kept me in and Abi was born a few hours later - by his consultant!!!!! hmm

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 16:53:41

P.s. anybody else's baby making bizarre noises for most of the night (but absolutely silent for their daytime naps)? Remember DS1 was pretty noisy sleeper but Danny is even noisier - its like sharing a bedroom with a misfunctioning percolator or a Beavis and Butthead convention...grin

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 16:51:37

Hurray Calico for Lilian putting on weight - must be a relief. And if you've found something that works for you and L then definitely stick with it - particularly if it puts your mind to rest (happy mum, happy baby etc.).

And Spotty - well done you on telling the MW to put it where the sun doesnt shine grin Had a similar experience with Danny not getting on with sushi flavoured milk (kept telling him all the omega 3 oils were good for him but he wasnt buying it) - these babies are pesky little people arent they? But lovely with it of course...

Made it to bf clinic today to see if the counsellors could suggest anything to help Danny with my vicious let down - they've suggested biological nursing position (basically you lie back at 45 degrees and lie the baby on you with their head on your boob and let them go to it) which have used several times today and Danny seems to be getting the hang of it though does feel v odd. Anyone else tried this position for breast feeding?

spottypushedherbabyout Thu 05-Mar-09 16:45:14

Yes, good thread title yet again Dinky. Very apt - I discovered Sam doesn't get on with garlic flavoured to bed at 5.45 this morning shock

PT what is it with supposed HP's and the need to make mums feel like shite/obsession with weight? Glad you and Aaron have been discharged now.

A MW has been out this morning and Sam is 7lbs 4oz. Supposedly losing 8% (I'm not convinced his birth weight was right tbh as MW support lady was a bit dim) She made tutting noises at me and said we needed to work on a feeding planangry I shouted at her politely told her to ram it. I've fed DS1 for nearly 23 mths, Sam has wet and dirty nappies, feeds on demand and is happy. Stupid cow.

Birth saga (yes my lead up did feel like one wink) I would have to say TBM, Laidback of course gets the fastest. Will have to think about the others.

Was just about to do the ironing but S is up and demanding a feed (poor scrawny underfed mite hmm) A much welcomed diversion methinks!!

Calico1 Thu 05-Mar-09 16:43:08

Finally DD is putting on weight - 4oz in 2 days - hurrah! Though probably due to formula top ups......but until she is back up to birth weight I'll continue with both as it seems to be working.

Finally think I am producing a bit more milk - I was expressing some last night but had not screwed the bottle onto the pump properly and ended up with most of it in my lap - doh!

PT Glad Aaron's doing so well - a pound in a week is impressive!

KazzaL sounds like a pretty good birth story despite the last bits.

dinkystinky Thu 05-Mar-09 15:18:47

KazzaL - nice to see you online and glad Ben is doing well. Nice birth story (except for the third stage and meconium bit - hope neither of those were too scary for you) and great you got to chill out in the MLU while the ensuite was getting finished!

Pinktulips -great that Aaron has put on so much weight - you must have uber-milk!

SMS - glad today is a better day in your household; hope the new regime lasts grin

PinkTulips Thu 05-Mar-09 14:17:28

buggerin internet ate my post again angry

aaron was weighed today, he's gained a pound in the last week and is now 9lbs 7 oz so the PHN is happy with him and we won't have to see her again.... thank the gods!

dinky, love the thread title grin

my nominations would be
(i) best birth saga ... dunno, a fair few had epic births but my heart really went out to spotty with her 3 weeks of contractions

(ii) funniest birth story ... i had to laugh reading nkweto's birth story when she told about having to get a cab to the hospital in hard labour as i can just imagine the milage the cabbie is going to get out of that story for the next 20 years!

(iii) quickest birth in the west ... no contest there i think... laidback has it in the bag

(iv) most ridiculous bit of advice received from a HV/Midwife ... feel obliged to nominate my PHN for this one for giving out to me for bringing aaoron to the docs with his manky cord stump as 'we wouldn't be worried unless it smelled bad' hmm never mind that it was oozing green gunk and wasn't healing... it smelled alright

aaron wasn't a snow baby but he was an ice baby, we drove on sheet ice to the hospital and my mother barely made it here to mind the kids due to the ice... was great fun walking out to the car having monstor contractions and skating on the ice... not!

littlesez.... one of the joys of motherhood is realising halfway round the shops that you have vomit/poo/miscellaneous gunk on your top. by your second you no longer care and by your third you don't even notice halfway round the shops... you spot it as it gets taken off that night and think 'i wonder how long that was there?'

SomeMightSay Thu 05-Mar-09 12:30:36

herb Isn't it funny how they learn to do these things all of a sudden. Good job it was enclosed!
littlesez If you think talking through your birth will help you get the closure from a traumatic experience and think it will help you deal with all that happened and get over it, then make sure you do get the counselling or birth reflections. Don't let them brush you off, a traumatic birth is one of the hardest things to accept and recover from and deal with. It is not something that you have to go through on your own.
I'm sure I've said it before but when I look back on the months after ds1 was born I am sure I had a mild case of PND, but at the time thought I had valid reasons for doing/acting in the way I was, and I put that wholly down to a difficult delivery and a complete lack of care and support from hospital staff. Not saying that this will happen to you, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I actually accepted that I may have suffered from this condition which is why I'm trying to keep a check on my emotions and everything now.
Oh dear re poo story. Lovely!! I've been very lucky so far, poo no further than over my hands and only been pee'd on twice! yay
Kaz That all sounds pretty good apart from the cutting of the cord and the placenta, but all in all not too bad at all. Well done. I love the name, I wanted Benjamin for this one.
Dinky Nominations for our group awards. Will have to think about that one, and probably skim read the past 400 threads! Read so many birth stories, they're all starting to merge into one!

Not been too bad this morning. Ds hit Luke so I told him that we don't hit because it hurts and it would upset Luke, then took ds1's hand and stroked it across baby's belly and told ds that baby likes to be stroked and touched gently, and when I let go, ds carried on for a bit so I told him what a good big brother he is and how much Luke looked like he was enjoying it. Ds1 soon lost interest and went back to his puzzles.
They are both asleep so going to hang some washing (inside for me Kaz) and sit and read my book I think.

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